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You may have not noticed until recently that you’re starting to see 111 in the places you often go. Perhaps by accident, you have encountered the number 111 while riding on a bus, or you had a lunch break at around 1:11 pm. Whatever situation you are in, you need to believe that this hasn’t happened unexpectedly. So, in this article, we will try to explain the 111 meaning and why often it keeps reappearing. We will explore the 111 numerology and all the aspects related to it.

What Does 111 Mean? The True 111 Meaning

If you were to come across the number 111 quite frequently, it has several layers of meaning. As an angel number 111, it means the presence of angels you may be aware of will guide you profoundly and provide some insights.

So, let’s look deeper into the spiritual significance of 111 and why you keep seeing such a number. If you keep seeing 111 from anywhere, like the time on a clock, the number of times you’ve been liked on Facebook, the number liking on your YouTube channels, on a receipt or license plate, or as an address, it has happened for a purpose.

The number sequence is angel numbers which you need to be aware of on a regular basis. The reason why angels communicate with us through the 111 meaning is getting us more aware of what’s happening around. The normal awareness needs to be anchored with physical reality. This way you can relate your physical senses to the real world using your logical mind.

However, angels are outside the real world. This is where you need to be aware to utilize your psychic senses through extrasensory perception, so you can hear clairaudiently and identify the angelic world in a realistic way.

Some people may misconstrue this reality, and they view the angelic world without using their physical senses. Rather, they see it as a subtle psychic awareness. So, the angel numbers 111 need to find ways to grab their attention.

When you know and realize the 111 meaning, you need to be attentive as the angels are next to you and are willing to make you see the truth and the significance of what it really means.

What You Need to Know About the 111 Meaning?

  1. Embracing New Beginnings

The meaning of 111 is unveiled through the nature of number one. 1 means a new beginning, especially when counting up from zero as it’s the very first number to start with. So, if you keep seeing 111, it brings a message that you’re starting a new life along with your mind, body, and spirit.

The number 111 may mean setting a new path for yourself. You may be presented with a wonderful opportunity, which you need to take step by step to make you more knowledgeable and master it in the future. In other words, you’re stepping into a new chapter of your life.

So, when you encounter the real 111 meaning, it’s a reminder that you need to let go of your past, doubts, fears, and insecurities, and embrace with open arms the reality you’re currently experiencing. This then makes you feel like a child where you are happy and willing to explore. What does 111 mean will need you to follow the next steps to move onwards and try new possibilities that will manifest in your life?

  1. Connecting Heaven and Earth

The second meaning of 111 will still need you to consider the nature of number 1. When you write number one, it will simply look like a pillar or column that is purely standing straight.

Here, 1 stands for the connection of the higher realms of spirit, the Divine and higher dimensions of awareness with you and the physical reality. So, 111 meaning brings up the awareness between heaven and earth and how you relate it with your mind, body, and spirit.

This will make you ask yourself, how are you with your mind, body, and spirit in relation to the physical and spiritual opportunities? You are then reminded of your relationship with the Spirit, the guidance of angels and the need to let go of certain judgments happening around you.

Here, you allow yourself to be more open to the bridge of Heaven and Earth, rather than complaining, reacting or judging. You tend to be willing and accept the guidance and insight of angel number 111 once you see it.

111 Meaning: What You Should Know About the 111 Meaning?

  1. The Need to Be Aware

If you see the number 111, you need to be aware and reminded that there are angels guiding and supporting you, so you know what’s going on with reality, and why you need to go beyond the normal senses.

So, when you see the number 111, you need to use and access your senses by slowing down, being open and getting clear. You can also pray in your mind that your angels will provide you with the right message and guidance to show where you’re directing now. You don’t need to do anything but observe, be open and accept.

You’re simply trying to be receptive without creating or visualizing anything. Try to focus on the core of your being, so you can gather insights, guidance, and knowledge of the current situation. You’ll also realize that angel numbers 111 are around.

This is the true 111 meaning especially when you connect with your angels. They simply want to communicate with you by using your subtle senses. The 111 you see quite often may mean a wake up call to be conscious of what’s happening within and around you.

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What Does 111 Mean in Numerology?

Seeing 111 or 1:11 quite often can mean a lot in your life. It may seem unsurprising as there are others too who encounter such numbers at one point in their lives. If you keep seeing the number 111, just stay positive as it means your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides are around to help you with life.

If you don’t believe in them, consider the message you get from your subconscious mind. So, if you see 111 once again, consider it a new person, new career, house move or new goal that will soon happen in your life. Here are two questions to ask yourself if you keep seeing that number to know what does 111 mean in numerology?

  • Am I a 1 Lifepath Pioneer or Action Hero?

Consider this as your life path. You can stay on top in your chosen field after exerting much effort. If this is your life path, you can focus your efforts productively, rather than comparing yourself with others. If this is the 111 meaning of your life path in numerology, you can find certain 1s in your name and birthdates. When there is a 111 in your birth month, then it’s a probability you’re a born leader.

  • Are You in a Relationship with a 1 Lifepath?

They can be your spouse, parent, boss, colleague or your child. Using numerology is interesting especially if it makes you understand other people. Maybe the Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel is telling you to give your 1 Lifepath partner some independence.

What the 111 meaning is that they take control of whatever they want to do, so you need to provide them with choices and not ultimatums. They need to find some place in society even if they’re shy, bullied, insecure or addicted. If you give them the willpower, they become successful in their endeavors. So, teach them to be inspired to improve one day.

What Does 111 Mean Spiritually?

In this world, you need to follow mysterious ways so you can draw your attention and direct it to a destined path. The 111 meaning is a significant stage in your spiritual development, where angels are trying to communicate messages to awaken your consciousness. So, you know what does 111 mean spiritually, if you keep seeing the numbers 111 here are the reasons why you keep seeing 111 or 1:11 everywhere you go:

  • Attracting Everything That Suits Your Energetic Vibration

You’re simply manifesting what you have tried to focus on. Whether your past thoughts, feelings, and actions were positive or negative, you’ve made yourself to attract people and situations that match your energetic vibration. It’s all about the law of attraction.

Always remember that you’re creating a physical reality without you realizing it. You don’t even need to say a word but just feel that emotion where the Universe can make you experience some ideas, scenarios, and people that match your vibration of emotion.

The 111 meaning cites an example by remembering a mistake you did in the past. If your emotional vibration keeps initiating such thoughts, you’ll end up making the same mistake in your current life. But if you try to spend most of your time to be happy, then you’ll be experiencing happiness in your present life. So, always remember that your subconscious thoughts will create what would happen consciously.

  • Let Your True Identity Wake Up

When 111 angel number love shows up repeatedly, you need to embrace the message that you need to be different and express the oneness of your true self. How you have been in the past will result in how you will become in the future. You are constantly changing your pathway by telling yourself who you really are.

So, what does 111 mean spiritually is making you move on with your life, what you aspire and being inspired in everything that you do currently. If you’re working hard for something you love, then it means that you have the passion and don’t feel any stress. Otherwise, you simply don’t care about it, and you end up stressed out.

When you direct your energy on something you care about, your outer appearance shows how you truly feel. It’s like an awakening of your real nature that you are a child of the Creator. You make yourself a good companion to make the world better and to provide a good future. You acknowledge that the Creator is doing something as planned for you.

111 Meaning - What You Should Know About the 111 Meaning and what to do

  • You’re Ready to Start Something Brand-New

The spiritual aspect of the 111 meaning will make you feel that you’re ready to start something new. It’s actually a life event like developing a new relationship, starting a new job, moving to a new home, or having a new baby.

Even if you have experienced a loss in the past, the setback has made you moved on to spiritual growth. Then you realize you need to experience a new opportunity in your life. This will make you understand that the Universe has something to offer as a fresh start and it wants to make better things for you. So, if you observe any 111 repetitively, you need to do an appropriate action and take some steps to start all over.

If you know what the Creator wants for you, your life will be patterned according to who you are and what you were born to do. As you have a purpose to be discovered, you’ll eventually offer some talents that the world needs to see. At the right time, you’ll learn the real purpose why you’re here in this world. As a saying goes, “You don’t need to start out great, but you can begin to look great.”

  • Be Ready for a Soul Friendship

The 111 meaning will let you realize when is the right time for a relationship to expand your horizon. Whatever the relationship you intend to get into, your intention is to grow. This will be an opportunity to advance so you won’t be alone. This journey will somehow fulfill the purpose of your soul.

When you see 111, you have a new beginning to find a true soul friendship. They can nurture, encourage you with your dreams and support you in every way. The quality of the friendship will depend on how you bond with them. So, choose who you want to be your friend to help you with your fulfillment. You also need to establish a good relationship with your Creator, so you know everything good and bad for you.


So, you don’t need to fear nor doubt if you encounter and want to know the real 111 meaning. The 111 numerology is something that can teach you about your life. So, learn to control your thoughts and handle your emotions to make positive things happen to you. Then you can improve your life.