Best 1-4x Scope for the Money Review & Buying Guide

If you are someone who hunts wild game for a hobby, you should invest in a good, long-range firearm. You also need to brush up your shooting skills so that you can hit your target on your first shot. Besides, investing in a riflescope is a good idea as well because it will greatly improve your accuracy rate. People that hunt for food should also follow the same example. That said, you should begin searching for the best 1-4x scope for the money. This means you don’t need to purchase expensive riflescopes since you can acquire cheap but very powerful ones. It goes without saying that you will need to research certain factors when buying a riflescope. These factors would help you in deciding on the best one to buy.

When planning on a hunt, you have to ascertain your hunting grounds and your target animal. Once decided on this, you can search for riflescopes based on its magnification, reticles, how it was constructed, lenses, adjusters and many more. So much to take in, right? No worries because with this buyer’s guide, you will see some of the best 1-4x scopes for the money and will help you decide on what to get.

Best 1-4x Scope for the Money Review & Buying Guide

Best 1-4x Scope for the Money Review

  1. S2Delta 1-4X24 Carbine Scope, Red Dot Scope

The usage of riflescopes provides an air of confidence with regards to a hunter’s accuracy. This scope just made aiming easier due to its red dot sight that allows the hunter to place a marker on the target for a precise shot. Clarity is also the name of the game when it comes to riflescopes and the S2Delta 1-4X24 delivers big-time. The scope has a throw lever that makes changes in the magnification level easier.

The scope is made from aluminium which makes it lightweight. It also has various magnification levels that fit any hunting situation. One does not even need to use batteries on the scope since the reticle is etched on the glass itself. It also has great illumination that allows precise shooting even in low-light conditions. Finally, the scope has different settings that you can use to adapt in any scenario.


  • Lightweight
  • Clear sights
  • Batteries not needed


  • Small reticle numbers
  1. Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope

When hunting, you want to make sure that you can hit your target in one shot because if it runs away, you might not have another chance to see it again. Employing the use of this scope would help you with your accuracy issues. It was made to enhance accuracy whether it’s a close or mid-range target. The scope works well with the AR rifle series but also adapts with other rifle models as well.

The riflescope’s reticle uses 2 different colors; red and green, to provide more accurate results. Its illumination feature also solves the issue of low-light or any light conditions that may hamper your aim. The multicoated lenses decrease glare but improve illumination at the same time. An adjuster dial is available at the side of the scope to help you make changes to the brightness and color of the reticle.


  • Great illumination
  • Different colored reticles
  • Fog, water and shockproof


  • Off zero at times
  1. Bushnell AR Optics, Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope

When participating in hunting sports, accuracy needs to be flawless. After all, scores are calculated based on the A$ card’s numbers in the rings that you managed to hit. So if you want to get those high scores, train, practice and use a riflescope to improve your aim. A mid-range scope would suit your needs, like the Bushnell AR Optics, Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope.

Known as one of the best 1-4x scopes for the money, this scope can bring out the competitive hunting spirit in you. With its multicolored lenses, you don’t need to worry about low-light scenarios or if the light is too bright. Not only that, the accuracy of the scope is impressive even though you only use a low magnitude level. Its materials made the scope built to last and can withstand different weather conditions.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Lenses improve illumination
  • Sturdy build


  • Slightly heavy
  1. Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4×24

Getting a riflescope can be a pain especially if you don’t know exactly what you want from a scope. Most people get scopes to improve their hit rate but of course, it has other uses. Take for instance the Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4×24. Despite it being labelled as an entry-level type of scope, it continues to amaze people with its specifications.

One of these specifications is the reticle. It offers great illumination and detailed pictures. The scope has an adjustable knob at its side which handles the level of illumination that the reticle uses. Even the lenses are adjustable. All you need to do is to choose a setting that is easy on your eyes and off you go.


  • Adjustable illumination levels
  • Good for starting hunters
  • Fog and waterproof


  • End caps might not hold up well
  1. Monstrum 1-4×20 Riflescope

There you are, trying to get yourself some venison by shooting a deer. However, you missed your shot and the deer got away. If only you had a riflescope mounted on your gun then that venison would have become a feast for your family. Before going out to hunt again, get yourself one of the best 1-4x scope for the money.

That scope is the Monstrum 1-4×20 Riflescope. When mounted on your rifle, this scope helps increase your accuracy rate for close and mid-range distances. The throw lever installed in the scope allows easy adjustments for its settings. The main feature of this scope is its Rangefinder reticle. It makes range estimations a lot faster.

On top of that, the reticle is etched on the glass itself and can be seen under normal light situations. Now, if you find yourself in a low-light condition or hunting at night, you can use the green or red color illumination that the scope has.


  • The Rangefinder reticle
  • Colored illumination
  • Water and fog proof


  • Some screws tend to go loose

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying the Best 1-4x Scope

  1. Design

Research more about the materials used for the riflescope. As you may well know, a heavy scope can disrupt your accuracy. Sure, it’s just a small additional weight but that can still throw you off. Also, you have to understand that the main tube of the scope comes in different sizes.

These difference in size serves a purpose. Bigger tubes would allow the installation of more components for the scope and also heightens its adjustment range. This is why larger tubed scopes are used for long-distance shooting. However, a bigger tube means a custom-built mounting ring. Related: Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting | Buying Guide 🥇

This also limits your options. On that note, you should get the best 1-4x scope for the money. This means you can check out scopes priced under $500 and still get the best results.

  1. Reticles

These things ultimately help you in properly aiming at your target. Depending on your skill level, you can get scopes that use the normal duplex ones. However, if you want to shoot at a farther distance, you will need a better crosshair. Tactical shooting demands a more special reticle as well.

You also need to check the reticle’s positioning in the scope. You need to know if you prefer the reticle’s position on either the first or second focal plane. Long-distance shooters prefer the first focal plane position of the reticle because the target’s size does not change even after magnification. On the other hand, the second focal plane reticle positioning changes the target’s size by making it bigger while zooming on to it and the reticle does not exhibit any changes in its size.

  1. Magnification

That is basically the main use of a riflescope. Of course, when the target appears closer, it makes it easier to hit. You also need to know what and where to hunt as this places magnification in the hunting equation. Older scopes with lower magnification levels are fine to use if you hunt normal targets like deer.

Newer scopes still have the low magnification levels but it also has to option to up and beyond those levels. A versatile scope should have low and high magnification settings. This is especially true if you prefer long-ranged shooting because it needs a higher magnification level.

  1. Your eye’s safety

One does not need to place the scope directly to their eyes. It has to have at least 4 inches of eye-relief to protect your eye from the recoil. A higher eye-relief is needed if your rifle is too powerful.


There are so many riflescopes in the market right now and choosing the one for you all goes down to your preferences. It goes without saying that safety and comfort are your priorities. Also, knowing what scope would raise your accuracy more would help in making your decision. Through research, you can make a 1-4x scope comparison.

Lastly, this list of the best 1-4x scope for the money is by no means complete. However, it should help you in choosing the right riflescope for you. So, do you have any favorites on this list?