Best All Terrain Tire for Snow and Ice Review

The simple act of driving can get potentially dangerous when it snows or even during extreme cold. Snow and ice reduce traction to dangerously low levels, leading to hydroplaning. Breaks might make matters worse. What you need is the best all terrain tire for snow and mud. The differentiating factor is the rubber compound. The rubber in regular tires gets very stiff due to a drop in temperature thus reducing traction. The best all terrain tires are made of special rubber compound to counter this effect.

High-quality snow tires have an intricate pattern of sips and deep grooves. This helps the tires expel any extra snow to make for a better grip. If conditions are more extreme where you live, the option of studdable tires is welcome. The best all terrain tire for snow and ice will get you safely through the winter. So, allow us to help you choose wisely with our recommendations.

Best All Terrain Tire for Snow and Ice Review Buying Guide

Best All Terrain Tire for Snow and Ice

  1. Goodyear Ultra Grip

The snowflake designed on the Ultra Grip is in itself, a testament to its winter capabilities. The best all terrain tire for snow and ice boils down to the rubber compound. The special winter compound stays flexible yet stiff enough to cut through the snow. The tire is covered with deep grooves all over. These directional grooves push out the snow to dig in for a greater grip. This comes in handy during initial pick up, slow traffic and stop-signs.

It has multi-directional sipping for additional traction control. The option to attach studs further fortifies its winter capabilities. This makes it a very good fit for heavy snow and uphill rides. To top it all it can be used in a variety of vehicles. From sedans to crossover to SUVs, the Ultra Grip will keep you firmly grounded through the winter.


  • Option to attach studs
  • Affordable
  • Directional groove patterns


  • Not ideal for dry roads
  1. Dunlop Winter Maxx Winter

This tire is all about ‘Maxx-imising’ traction. The razed block tread pattern plants a very firm grip. Traction while picking up in packed ice or heaps of fresh snow is exceptional. It easily ploughs through 8 to 10 inches of untouched snow. Best all terrain tire for snow and ice has to deliver quality with durability. These Japanese made tires are just that. The lightning bolt patterns in the deep grooves coupled with open shoulder design push the snow out of the way.

Even during harsh winters, the winter max provides top of the line acceleration and stopping distance. They maintain their grip on black ice like conditions with an impressive stopping time of just over 35 secs. Though not the cheapest, the quality still makes them the best all terrain tire for the money.


  • Great stopping power
  • Good on snow and ice


  • Not ideal for wet roads
  1. Nokian WRG3 SUV All-Season Tire

The WRG3 is a dependable all-weather friend for your car. What this means is, unlike other winter tires, this will not wear out during dry summer weather. It also performs wonderfully on wet roads thanks to the heavy sipping on the tires. The snow claw grooves punch through the loose snow, on to the hard surface, for greater traction. The central channel for flawless dry weather traction is equally effective. This versatility makes it the best all terrain tire for snow and mud.

This after-market brand fares well against most of its company fitted rivals. To seal in that faith among the customers, these SUV tires come with a 55000-mile warranty. When you decide to switch your stock tires, check them out.


  • Good for all weather conditions
  • 55000-mile warranty


  • Only for SUVs
  1. Toyo H09 Performance

This one is for the pro. Those in the delivery business spend a lot of time on the roads. Roads that get even more dangerous during winters. Don’t worry, Toyo has you covered. The snowflake marked winter delivery van tires are the best all terrain tire for daily driving. The abundant sipping pattern prevents skidding in icy roads and keeps you and your packages safe.

Wide shoulders and deep grooves provide great traction in the snow

These might not be the best all terrain tire for snow and ice but they are perfect for city drivingThey also provide for much-needed durability for a commercial vehicle with a lot of miles on it.


  • Durable for commercial use
  • Good grip in icy roads
  • Snowflake mark for winter performance


  • Limited to delivery vans
  1. Cooper Discoverer Tire

These tires are made for the off-roader. These made in USA tires come with a mountain and snowflake symbol (M+S). That means that this is the best all terrain tire for snow and ice. The deep grooves assisted with the open shoulders help push out the snow. They do the same thing with mud or icy slush towards the end of the season. The fine sipping pattern adds extra traction with loose snow. These tires are made for light trucks and SUVs and contribute greatly to their winter performance.

These are also perfect for hilly terrain. If the conditions demand, you can attach studs to these tires very easily. This makes them very efficient on slopes. Whether you are climbing them or just parked on a slope.


  • M+S marking
  • All-weather tires
  • All-terrain tires


  • Only made for SUVs and light trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best all terrain tire for snow?

There are quite a few, as you read on further. The roads are not the same throughout the city and the level of snow and ice also fluctuates. Best all season tires should be able to tackle both snow and ice proficiently. The combination of the right type of rubber compound coupled with superior groove technology will do the trick.

  1. Are all terrain tires good on ice?

This was not the case in the past. Earlier different tires specialized in snow or ice. But the modern tires have overcome that hurdle. The new breed of tires is just plain and simple, winter tires. The option of attaching studs gives an added advantage in extreme climatic conditions.


Our suggested tires have varying capabilities. Maybe you don’t need the best all terrain tire for snow and ice. Maybe you just drive in the cites or you have a delivery business or commute to work. There is something for everyone. All the information available will assist with your decision-making process. Choose wisely.