Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up Review & Buying Guide

Vomiting is a common problem in cats and does not always mean that your cat is sick. Most of the causes are minor, but some are life-threatening. Cats are carnivores with high protein and low carbohydrate requirements. A balanced diet is important for a happy and healthy kitten. But you should know that it is good to tailor your kitten’s diet to its specific needs. Especially when there is a problem like vomiting. However, you are probably wondering how to choose the best cat food for cats that throw up and what it depends on. We are here to answer you.

Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up Review & Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up?

Before you rush to the pet store to buy food, we should consider and take into account several key factors that will help us in the search for the best and would facilitate both our choice and the life of our pet.

  1. What caused the vomiting?

Today, cat foods are highly specialized, which is good – so if we can identify the causes of the vomiting, or at least its forms of manifestation, we will be able to choose the cat throwing up food accordingly. Usually, if we use the best cat food for cats that throw up, we can save our pet even a visit to the vet.

Keep in mind that cats vomit mainly swallowed hair and other contaminants from fur or non-ground food. If this happens more often, granules should be given to assist the breakdown of the hairs in the stomach or we just have to choose the best-wet cat food to prevent vomiting.

Inappropriate food also causes vomiting. Such foods are, for example, the spicy and salty ones. Crude fatty tissue snippets given in large quantities at one time will almost always lead to vomiting. Certain foods or the preservatives in them can even trigger allergic reactions in your kitten. So keep track of what you feed your pet with.

  1. Age of the cat

Food labels usually indicate the age of the cat the food is intended for. Most often, the first age group includes kittens up to 1 year old. The food for them should be well balanced with high-quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats, have minerals and vitamins, and of course – be delicious and be as close to natural food as possible.

Cats over one-year-old have other needs. Very often the cat foods for sensitive stomachs are for them and have an overall approach to the health of your pet – the so-called holistic approach that involves taking care of the five proven needs of each cat: care for the immune system, urinary tract, digestion, weight, and hair.

With age, a cat needs special support to reduce the risk of kidney, motor, and other age problems. For this reason, adult cats are recommended to eat foods with a lot of chicken, which, in addition to being nutritious, are also very beneficial for the health of the urinary tract, as well as for the good condition of the coat.

  1. Nutritional needs

One of the easiest ways to protect your cat from digestive problems and upset stomach is to feed it with complete and balanced food. If your cat has a more sensitive digestive system, your veterinarian may recommend specific foods with nutrients to maintain its health.

These foods contain sources of easily digestible proteins that facilitate digestion and absorption by the cat’s body. Your veterinarian may recommend high-calorie foods, which means your cat can take smaller portions to get the nutrients and calories it needs from its diet.

Foods that were designed to improve the health of your cat’s gastrointestinal tract should also contain prebiotics. They stimulate the development of “beneficial” bacteria in your cat’s digestive tract.

  1. Type of food

Dry foods are a very popular alternative because of their easy storage. Bits of dry food contains the right nutrient balance and have a crisp texture that can help keep your cat’s teeth healthy. They are also more nutrient-dense than wet foods and small portions need to be served.

Wet or juicy food should always be served at room temperature to allow your cat to enjoy the most consistency and aroma of the food. Some cats prefer the taste and smell of wet food. It allows you to distribute the portions properly and deliver them fresh and tasty every time.

Whether you feed your cat dry or wet food, read the label to see if it is a full-fledged whole food or a complementary food. Otherwise, you may find yourself buying snacks/treats rather than a balanced meal.

Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw up Review

Having already understood what to consider when buying cat food, we can also look at products of this type. With many selection criteria and even more types and brands of foods available on the market, you are very likely to feel lost. That is why we present you with a range of the best cat food for cats that throw up.

  1. Purina ONE

Cats are known to be picky about their food. Sometimes this can be associated with sensitive digestion and poor appetite. Purina ONE cat food for sensitive stomach provides all the nutrients cats need to stay healthy.

The quality ingredients that manufacturers use in sensitive cat foods are selected for their digestibility. Prepared with delicious ingredients to stimulate appetite, this cat food for sensitive stomachs is rich in turkey meat, which is its main ingredient. Moreover, it is full of seductive flavors to enjoy your cat on a healthy diet without affecting the taste. Due to its excellent taste and protein content, this formula helps to both improve food intake and tolerance It also nourishes problematic skin in cats and builds a better muscle system.

  1. Blue Buffalo

Genuine meat is the first ingredient in all Blue Buffalo foods, whether it’s fish, chicken or lamb. For cats who throw up after eating wet foods, this dry one with FOS prebiotics formula will help support the cat’s digestive health and promote nutrient absorption. Plus, it contains fatty acids to promote shiny fur and healthy skin.

Vegetables and fruits naturally provide a rich range of vitamins and minerals to your pet just like they do for you. Blue Buffalo has an exclusive ingredient in their food known as “LifeSource Bits.” These small, colored pieces are cold-formed vitamins and antioxidants and replace cooked vitamins and minerals used in many other foods. When subjected to heat treatment, some vitamins lose many of their healthy, beneficial properties. It is also an advantage that this cat food does not contain any harmful to the cat preservatives, corn, wheat, soybeans, and artificial sweeteners.

  1. Purina Pro

Nourishing dry food, scientifically formulated for adult cats with sensitive digestion. Nutritional sensitivity can affect the cat in many different ways. It can upset the stomach, irritate the skin or its appetite. But with the proper diet and ingredients of Purina Pro’s food, you can minimize negative reactions and make its life better.

PURINA PRO combines all essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, in a high-quality diet for cats. It contains natural prebiotic fiber that helps promote digestive health. It maintains the health of the immune system through high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, including vitamins C and E, and the skin and hair of the cat are supported by Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin A and zinc. At the same time, this dry food will be more than tasty for your cat, as its main ingredient is lamb and good digestion is aided by the addition of digestible rice and oatmeal.

  1. Hill’s Science

Hill’s experts study the biology of pets to determine how nutrition affects the stomach and skin. It is because of this science-based approach that the dry cat food for cats with sensitive digestive systems and skin was created. The product contains prebiotic fibers to nourish the beneficial gut bacteria and maintain a balanced microbiome.

An additional advantage of this food is the high standards of purity and nutrient content set by the manufacturer, whose requirements exceed the industry standards. High levels of Vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and other nutrients contribute to protecting and maintaining the skin of your pet, while easily digestible ingredients and fiber help promote healthy digestion and easier cleansing of feces. Also keep in mind that there are no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colorants added to this food, and the main ingredients – chicken and rice – will make your cat love its taste.

  1. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a high quality and balanced cat food for adult cats and helps digestion. Thanks to its excellent digestible proteins and a mixture of prebiotics and dietary fiber, this dry cat food contributes to a balanced gut microflora and regulates digestion. In doing so, the prebiotic substance FOS promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut and counteracts the spread of pathological bacteria.

As ring croquettes optimize the chewing process of your animal, Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion promotes more intense chewing and slows down the absorption of food. Product efficacy has been scientifically proven: through improved digestion and optimized nutrient uptake, eating exclusively with this dry food results in 49% fewer feces after 10 days. Another advantage of this cat food for sensitive stomachs is the fact that it has a balanced mineral formula to promote urinary health for cats in adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my cat throwing up undigested food?

Vomiting caused by undigested food is not dangerous and is usually one-off. Mostly it happens to adult cats. The solution is to provide food that is easy to chew and break down. It is good to avoid non-specialized foods. In most cases, such vomiting occurs in cats with a sensitive stomach. Such cats throw up after eating even wet food. The solution here is to opt for one of the recommended best cat food for cats that throw up, as they contain the optimal amount of formula ingredients specifically designed for easy digestion and slower chewing.

  1. What should I feed my vomiting cat?

Do not rush to fill the cat with a full bowl of food. After a pause, the food should start to be given in small portions in order not to damage the gastrointestinal tract. Better less, but more often. Read: Best Large Breed Puppy Food | Top 5 Picks | Buying Guide

For the first two or three days, you should give your cat a meal with rice water, low-fat cooked chicken or special medical foods. For normal food fermentation and therefore for good digestion, a cat’s diet should contain protein in large quantities as well as prebiotic substances. Be sure to use foods that specialize in cats with sensitive digestion.

  1. What causes a cat to vomit frequently?

The causes of vomiting in cats can be various but they are usually related to the sensitivity of your pet’s digestive system. Swallowed hair, unsightly or inappropriate food, overeating, changing diets – all these causes of vomiting necessitate feeding cats with specific foods. Because the problem is common, experts have taken care to solve it – many manufacturing companies have created protein-rich and other nutrient-rich products that we can define as the best cat food for cats that throw up.

  1. What is good cat food for cats with sensitive stomachs?

The cat’s digestive system effectively absorbs all the nutrients needed to maintain the cat’s health. Therefore, its food, including its digestibility and nutrient content, directly promotes the health of the digestive system and its entire body.

Unlike other mammals, cats are unable to synthesize certain nutrients in their body that are required for effective functioning. This includes taurine – contained in proteins – some fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin A. To be ranked among the best cat food for cats that throw up, the food you choose must include these essential components, along with the prebiotics that supports the development of “useful” gut bacteria.


The cat’s digestive tract is a sensitive and complex system that needs proper care to stay healthy and efficient. It must be delicately balanced with the right levels of bacteria to maintain good functioning. Changes in nutrition, excessive maintenance of the coat or systemic diseases can disturb this balance and cause common – and treatable – problems with the digestive system that most often lead to vomiting. If you are not sure what is the best way to promote your cat’s digestive health, be sure to familiarize yourself with the factors that affect it, or just check out our list of best cat food for cats that throw up with recommendations and descriptions in it.