Best Compound Bow Under $500 Review & Buying Guide

People have used bows for a long time either for food hunting or sport. Even with the advent of firearms, a lot of people still prefer to use bows. Many versions of bows have proliferated the world right now and for the most part, people tend to use compound bows when target shooting and hunting. Archery beginners often choose compound bows to learn the ropes of archery so they search for the best compound bow under $500.

In choosing the best compound bow under $500, one must know first if it’s for hunting or target shooting or sports competitions. The user needs to determine the correct draw weight that would fit them comfortably. Take note that if the draw weight is too heavy, the user may lose control of the bow and make highly inaccurate shots. Typical draw weights for children starts at 15 lbs. to 40 lbs. while beginners or teenagers start at 50 lbs. to 60 lbs. and hunters, 70 lbs. to 80 lbs.

Another factor is the draw length. Draw lengths vary from person to person and depend on that person’s height. To find your draw length, add a half-inch to every inch after 5 ft. Keep in mind that for a person that is 5 ft. in height, the recommended draw length is 24” so if the person is 5”4, his or her draw length is 26”.

This buying guide would help beginners and veterans find the best compound bow under $500. Here, you will see the specifications of the bows and their determining features. Please bear in mind that this list is in no particular order.

Best Compound Bow Under $500 Review & Buying Guide

Best Compound Bow Under $500 Review

  1. TOPOINT Archery Trigon Compound Bow

One important detail to remember when choosing the best compound bow under $500 is if the belongs to a package; meaning aside from the bow, you will get accessories like the bow sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quivers, bow slings, and a lot more. TOPOINT understands the need for accessories so these items and more are included when you buy this compound bow. This a lightweight bow that weighs only 3.95 lbs. and has a draw length between 19” to 30”. Also, its draw weight is 19 lbs. to 70 lbs.

Because of the bow’s adjustable draw length, draw weight and overall weight, beginners would have a great time practicing using this bow. Not only that, the very essence that it comes with a complete package makes it worth to buy. It comes with a release aid that helps with accurate shooting. The package also includes 12 arrows for practice shooting and a quiver to hold those arrows down.


  • Comes in a package
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable draw length and weight


  • Right-handed users only
  1. XGEEK Compound Bow

Another contender for the best compound bow for the money category is the XGEEK Compound Bow. This is another bow that comes with a package full of accessories. As for the bow itself, it weighs 3.95 lbs. has a draw weight of 19 to 70 lbs. and draw length of 19 to 30”. The package includes a release aid, stabilizer, quivers, 24 pcs of different colored carbon arrows, bow stand, peep sight and many more.

This is a bow that beginners would feel at home because of its simplicity and ease of usage. Having 24 training arrows is a great addition to the package since it removed the necessity of purchasing arrows separately. Adjusting its draw weights is very easy and its accuracy rate is impressive. This bow is a great option not only for target practice but for hunting as well.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Have training arrows


  • No assembly instructions
  1. XGEEK MOMENTOUS Compound Bow

One of the best compound bows in the market right now is the XGEEK MOMENTOUS Compound Bow. XGEEK released different versions of compound bows to cater to the different needs of the people; beginners and veterans alike. The bow’s draw weight is 19 to 70 lbs. and the draw length is 19 to 30”. One can adjust these numbers without the use of the bow press. It’s much lighter than most compound bows having a weight of 3.91 lbs.

Like its other versions, the bow comes with a package that includes a bow sight, bow sling, quivers, 12 arrows, 12 broadheads, and many more. Aluminum comprises the bow’s riser which makes it lightweight. The bowstring is strong and durable as well. Of course, the bow comes with a release aid for more accurate shooting.


  • Lighter than most compound bows
  • Comes with accessories
  • Strong and durable


  • None so far
  1. Vidagoods Pro Tactical Compound Bow

A worthy addition to this list is the Vidagoods Pro Tactical Compound Bow. It has a draw length of 19 to 30” and draw weight of 15 to 70 lbs. While some of the aforementioned bows only have a draw weight of 19 to 70 lbs. and this one starts at 15 lbs. children will have an easier time using this bow for target practice. Also, like the other bows, the user can adjust the draw length and weight of the bow without the bow press.

It is also much lighter due to its weight of 3.85 lbs. It comes with some of its accessories already installed like the bow sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, and many more. Of course, this bow has a package of its own including 12 arrows, the same number of broadheads, release aid, quivers, and a lot more. All these will fit in its accompanying hard bow case.


  • Lighter than most bows
  • Accessories already installed
  • Has a lower draw weight option


  • None found so far
  1. Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package

The good thing about some of the best compound bows under $500 is that they always come in packages which include many useful accessories. This compound bow from Topoint has these dimensions: draw weight of 19 to 70 lbs. and draw length of 19 to 30” and weighs 3.31 lbs. This is by far the lightest among all the bows in this list. This bow also has the feature of being adjustable without the bow press.

The bow’s package includes the D-loop, bow sight, bow sling, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, bow release, quivers, release aid, 18 arrows and a lot more. Imagine the money that you could save as opposed to buying these accessories separately. All the more reason that this bow is one of the best compound bows under $500. In addition, the bow’s riser is made of aluminum which contributes to its light weight.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with accessories
  • Adjustable draw weight and length


  • Carbon arrows need to be stiffer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best compound bow for the money?

The answer is pretty relative because it will entirely depend on the person’s needs and the bow’s purpose. In any case, it is safe to say that this list provided some of the best compound bows under $500. All of the bows listed here are the best in each of its own and provides a lot of accessories included with the bow. This gives high value for your money.

Also, these bows on the list almost have the same draw lengths and weights which makes it pretty much easy to use. People of all ages can use any of the bows listed here so it will all depend on their preferences. The bows’ light weight makes it easy to handle even for young children.

  1. How much does a good hunting bow cost?

A good hunting bow does not necessarily need to be expensive. Sure, people tend to believe that the most expensive ones are the best. However, this buyer’s guide provided some of the best compound bows under $500 which means hunting does not need to be an expensive hobby. In connection to that, target practicing and archery as a sport also do not need to be expensive as well.

  1. How long does a compound bow last?

Normally, compound bows can last for about 15 to 20 years. Surprisingly, the bow would not lose any of its ability to properly shoot an arrow. The thing is, there is no telling how long is a compound bow’s life expectancy since it will depend on the material used to make it. It also depends on the user; how well it’s maintained and how often it was used. Read: Best Recurve Bow for Target Shooting Review & Buying Guide


So there you have it; a comprehensive buyer’s guide to purchasing a compound bow. All of these entries look promising and can provide what you hope to look for in a compound bow. The absolute value of purchasing any of the bows is great since they all provide a package that is worth at least $200 of accessories when bought separately. You also escaped the hassle of going to different archery shops to buy these accessories one by one. That said, these are the best compound bows under $500 that have the most benefits. Have you made your decision now?