Best Coolster 125cc ATV Review & Buying Guide 2020 🥇

ATVs never go out of style; they are affordable, fast, and cool. What else kid needs, right? But there a ton of products available in the market. And, you might get confused about which vehicle you should invest your money in. You can find various ATVs on the market, and they all have their pros and cons. That being said, today, we will be helping you out in buying the best Coolster 125cc ATV.

But before that, there are a few things that you should know about buying them. From, what are Coolsters to what oil you should use in a Coolster 125cc ATV. In simple words, we will provide a detailed buying guide and Coolster 125cc ATV review to choose the best among the best Coolster 125cc ATVs. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with our Coolster 125cc ATV review.

What is Coolster?

Well, before buying any product you must know the details about that, right? So, before starting the actual Coolster 125cc ATV review let’s get to know about the brand. That being said, Coolster is a Chinese brand that makes off-road vehicles. From ATVs to dirt bikes, you can find every product related to the off-road industry on their official website. Today, our topic for discussion is the Coolster ATVs, so let’s learn in brief about ATVs.

ATV is abbreviated for the all-terrain vehicle, and as the name suggests, you can ride them on any terrain of your choice. They are popularly known as Quad bikes around the world. You can buy them for your kids, friends, or relatives who love offroading. As they are designed to ride on any terrain, they are not your traditional bikes, but yes, they are definitely not the slowest either.

Best Coolster 125cc ATV Review Buying Guide 2019

Things to Consider Before Buying an ATV

Just like buying any other product, you should research well about it before investing your money in it. And, there are many important things to consider before you should buy an ATV such as design, safety features, etc. Here are the most essential things to keep in mind while buying an ATV:

  • Size of the Engine

An ATV’s engine size changes significantly, relying upon who it’s bought for (i.e., kids or grown-ups), its motivation (for recreation or hustling), and it is capacity. For the most part, they run between 50-110cc engines. The littlest engine size points towards youngsters, while the 1100cc territory is perfect for adrenaline searchers. For an ATV with more power for teenagers, engine size in the field of 125-150cc is fitting, while at the same time, much else is increasingly proper exclusively for grown-ups and certain drivers. Thus, think about the age of the driver, just as their capacity levels.

  • Design Pattern

Nobody likes an ATV with a boring design. There are several beautiful and cool designs to choose from for your Quad bike. However, if you don’t like any of them, there is always the option to go for a customized design. And, if you are buying this for your kids or friends, then make sure you have a good idea about there taste in the design of vehicles.

  • Transmission System

ATVs have various transmissions – which are normally manual and automatic. Prior to acquiring an ATV, you ought to think about which kind of transmission works best for your needs. First, automatic is a lot simpler to explore, as you don’t have gears to change. This sort of transmission is likewise extraordinarily practical as the vehicle changes its gears according to your speed and slope. Automatic transmissions make an all the more restful drive as you as don’t need to concentrate as much on working the vehicle.

In any case, on the off chance that you’d like more control and to procure a genuine vibe of driving, at that point manual causes you to accomplish that. Manual driving expects to figure out how to shift gears, so this alternative is prescribed more to cutting edge drivers than passage level. ATVs with manual transmissions include a throttle, shift lever, and clutch.

  • Features of Safety

Driving ought to be fun. However, your main need is obtaining an ATV with various safety highlights. For instance, does the ATV include a brake wear pointer? This component informs you, by means of the dashboard, when it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the brakes. Without this notice light, you possibly realize when it’s past the point of no return.

On the off chance that you plan to buy an ATV for a youngster, at that point, we profoundly prescribe searching for a speed limiter. This component empowers you to diminish the speed all of a sudden should the driver become in threat. Investigate the other safety highlights noted on the ATV, which premiums you. On the off chance that you don’t discover any, proceed onward.

Best Coolster 125cc ATV Buying Guide

Why Coolster ATVs?

When you’ve thought about the above things, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate an ATV that particularly fits you. On the off chance that you have pretty much nothing(or no) involvement in riding an ATV, search for youth models that are simpler to ride and frequently have automatic transmissions.

These are additionally extraordinary for an easygoing ride and will, in general, adhere to a restricted speed. On the other hand, utility ATVs are perfect for uncompromising work, for example, on a ranch or a building site. They aren’t apprehensive about soil and can rapidly move over rocks or head tough without slithering. Utility ATVs likewise accompany extra highlights, for example, a back suspension and storage choices.

For more power, a sports ATV is perfect for dashing and highlights numerous sports attributes. They can travel quicker than past models and move rapidly. These are typically the most well-known kind of ATVs and are reasonable for grown-ups who like to have some good times through landscape and uneven surfaces. In any case, how about we not reject that they’re likewise unfathomably useful and can assist you with mowing the grass, just as have a smaller than normal experience.

At last, sports ATVs target individuals who love fun and speed. You can utilize a sports ATV for hopping over harsh territory and voyaging quick around corners. Surely not for apprentices, they utilize a five-speed, manual transmission, so the rider is altogether in charge.

Best Coolster 125cc ATV Reviews

So, we hope now you know what some of the basic things to know about ATVs before buying them are. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best products to buy on Amazon. Let’s have a look at some of the best products for our Coolster 125cc ATV review. Here are the top 3 best Coolster 125cc ATV products:

  1. Coolster 125cc 3125C

The Coolster 3125C2 ATV is stacked with incredible highlights like a powerful, 125cc 4-stroke engine with electric beginning and a simple shifting self-loader 3-speed transmission with a turnaround. The 3125C2 likewise sports huge, 8-inch haggles full front and back suspension with more than 5 creeps of ground leeway. That is incredibly useful in taking care of rough terrain and mobility on even the most unpleasant territory. Also, with a child benevolent seat tallness of just 28 inches, this little Coolster ATV is estimated consummately for youthful and amateur riders. Also, the smooth, racer quad styling is the most loved one with kids. It comes in a few lively hues.


  • Engine Air-cooled single
  • Torque 8.0N.m/5000-5500r/min
  • Transmission Semi-Automatic With Reverse Hydraulic Disc
  • Battery: 12V
  • Electric start Tires Front 19×7-8
  1. Coolster 125cc 3125CX

This is one of the best products in our Coolster 125cc ATV review. The Coolster 125cc 3125CX Ultimate Mid-Size ATV is a completely automatic ATV for a little grown-up or teenager. Completely automatic methods, the Ultimate has an electric beginning 125cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine, and an automatic transmission. This makes it an incredible four-wheeler on which to learn. The front wheels have center point brakes with 19″ tires, while the back wheels have 18″ tires with plate brakes and are chain-driven. The quad would be simple for a little grown-up or youngster to move with its low 24″ seat tallness and low weight of 260 pounds. The Coolster 125cc 3125CX Ultimate Mid-Size ATV comes in different paint plots and is truly moderate.


  • Full Automatic
  • Torque 8.0N.m/5500r/min
  • Air-cooled
  • Battery: 12V
  • Automated back and front brakes
  1. Coolster 125cc 3125XR8

Another great product in our Coolster 125cc ATV review is this four-wheeler which accompanies gloves, goggles, and handgrips, which makes it altogether different from others that are purchased that would not accompany those. For being an electric four-wheeler, it can arrive at entirely high speeds, and it can hold a lot of weight. It accompanies lights for included insurance, and it is made with a cooling highlighting so as to shield the engine from overheating. One of the best things about this ATV is that it can be used by both adults and kids. So, you can save a lot of money and buy a single Quad bike for multiple uses. Also, there are plenty of color options available with this ATV. So, you can bike the best one according to your needs.


  • Max Speed of 35mph
  • Battery: 12V
  • Max Speed of 35mph
  • Extra accessories included
  • LED lights

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to adjust the clutch on Coolster ATVs?

On the off chance that you have to modify the clutch on your Coolster ATV yet can’t find your manual, don’t freeze. Right off the bat, evacuate the engine spread. At that point, unscrew the clutch top – through the four screws. Discharge the washer lock utilizing the level screwdriver. You can then effectively evacuate the nut and two washers and expel the clutch. Introduce the new clutch by adhering to these guidelines in reverse.

  • How to start a Coolster 125cc ATV?

To start an ATV, you need gas, sparkle, and chamber pressure. In the event that your Coolster ATV neglects to start, that is generally a sign that there’s a major issue with both of these components. Right off the bat, pull the fuel line by experiencing the left half of the fuel tank. At that point, check the flash at the sparkle fitting and expel the first attachment. Buy another one and supplant this. Be that as it may, if the starter engine isn’t drawing, under control the breaker. The circuit is close to the battery association where the principle battery links are.

  • How fast does a Coolster 125cc ATV go?

Usually, the 125cc ATVs are not that fast as there is only a 125cc engine. So, your average Coolster 125cc ATV can clock a speed of 40-45mph with ease. If you need a faster ATV, you will have to splash a lot of cash as the ones with an 1100-1200cc engine usually clock at near about 200mph. Make sure you don’t go out of your budget just for speed. Keep other things in mind too. However, if you have no budget constraints, then the story is different.

  • What is the weight limit on a Coolster 125cc ATV?

It is unquestionably an incredible sports ride for the greater grown-ups with the most extreme weight limit of 400 pounds. ATVs are an extraordinary purchase and give unending fun on a wide range of landscapes. As in the Coolster 125cc ATV review, we already discussed that they have reliable engines so they can easily handle a healthy person too. So, if you are worried that your Coolster 125c ATV won’t be able to handle your weight, then worry no more. As we said earlier, it can handle the maximum weight of 400 pounds with no problems at all.

  • What age is a Coolster 125cc ATV for?

Well, according to the brand, the Coolster 125cc ATV is recommended for older teens and adults. That means it is for the people with the age of 16 or more. However, if you want to buy an ATV for a smaller kid, you can always go for the ones with 90 to 110cc engines.

  • What kind of oil does a Coolster 125cc ATV take?

When you buy a brand new Coolster 125cc, make sure to drain the previously filled oil and fill it with fresh oil. Your ATV utilizes normal 4-Stroke oil 10w30, 10w40 or 15w40. When it is poured in, after about an hour of utilization, you can replace the oil again over to synthetic oil.

Conclusion – Is It Worth the Money?

We trust you delighted in reading the Coolster 125cc ATV review. This brand sells an immense assortment of vehicles that are altogether intended to an exclusive requirement. It very well may challenge to limit your decisions, yet the most basic factor to consider is the engine size that interests you. You’ll be happy with the superb client assistance Coolster offers for the majority of their items. In the end, we would like to say that these products are definitely worthy of investments. And, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the products. We hope all your doubts have been cleared after reading this Coolster 125cc ATV review.