Best Cross Country Shoes for Youth Review & Buying Guide

With 19 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 150 ligaments, the human foot is a complex engineering system with an infinite number of sizes and shapes. This makes the task of choosing the best cross country shoes for youth extremely important, but sometimes quite time-consuming.

Therefore, we recommend that you take the necessary time, as with the right shoes you can enjoy climbing, trekking and outdoor weather to the maximum, but with the wrong shoes for you, every step of the way will be accompanied by inconvenience. Poorly fitted shoes, foot pain, and poor foot maintenance will inevitably lead to early fatigue, lack of concentration, poor performance, and risk of injury.

Best Cross Country Shoes for Youth Review & Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Cross Country Shoes for Youth

There is no such thing as universal best cross country shoes. Everyone has different running techniques, weights, biomechanics and foot type. Each person has a different purpose, different distance and different surfaces of running. Therefore, the shoes must meet many requirements to be called comfortable for the person.

  1. Stability

Running is an activity with a huge impact on the feet, ankles, and knees, which means that you need a running shoe that will not only take the impact of touching the ground but will also provide you with optimal stability. Our stability, on the other hand, depends on the type of our foot.

The most common type of step is the one with a normal arch, with half of the arch visible. An arch is called the part between the heel and the toes that touches the ground when stepping. In reality, this anatomical curve absorbs the tension. People with such feet can wear almost any shoe. However, those with moderate foot support are most suitable for wearing.

In a flat arch step, a flat step is observed due to the foot stepping with almost all its surface on the ground. In this case, the arch narrows too much, the leg is overloaded and the risk of injury is increased. It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes with double-density insoles that support the flatness of the foot.

In steps with high arches, the foot can step almost only with heels and toes. It is the least common type of walker. The arch does not shrink enough, which increases stress on the legs. Wearing neutral-softened sneakers is recommended. This is because the soft insoles encourage the arch of the sole to shrink.

  1. Protection and softening

The more risk factors for a runner’s foot, the higher the level of protection should be. Beginners, older and heavier people are at greatest risk. Consideration should also be given to what kind of pronation support will be needed. As mentioned above, pronation is a natural movement in which the foot tilts inward when stepping, and the arch of the foot absorbs the pressure.

For people with over-penetration with a low arch, the heel should be denser and rigid. There should also be additional support in the arch area. Those who are prone to mid-foot piercing should select shoes with sealed cushions in the front of the sole. In this way, they will be able to successfully avoid the stress that the soles receive on contact with the surface and transmit upwards throughout the leg.

  1. Design

The best running shoes are comfortable even after a long exercise session. Each shoe is different depending on the person wearing it, but its design, starting from the inner lining and the way it wraps your ankle, will have a decisive effect on the level of comfort offered.

The latest trends among leading running shoe brands are that they produce cross country shoes that are very lightweight and breathable, looking almost like sports shoes for leisure. These shoes give extra comfort to the feet while having a softening effect similar to normal running shoes.

On the other hand, the appearance of running shoes has nothing to do with the ankle support, comfort or other important features. However, if you find cross country shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, why not use a pair that pleases the eye. Your sports shoes talk about you, so it is important to have a beautiful look in addition to being useful.

  1. Price and wear

Just as many different cross country shoe models can be found, so do their prices. These shoes can be purchased at prices ranging from $ 20 to over $ 400. The price is determined by the brand of the shoe, its quality, and its characteristics. Anyone can find what they are looking for. However, never forget the ultimate goal, namely a pleasant and comfortable run.

Always pay attention to the wear of the shoes. The depreciation of a shoe is intended to complement the way you land on the ground. If your foot rotates inward, the extra stabilized running shoe will help you correct your problem.

On the other hand, if you are landing on the outside of the foot, you need running shoes with extra softening to absorb the impact. The best way to identify the style of running (pronation) is to see which part of the running shoe is the thinnest.

Best Cross Country Shoes for Youth Review

The best cross country shoes for youth will help you run more and better. They are designed to provide the support and comfort needed while running to reduce the side effects of this sport on muscles and joints.

Since the choice is made following the runner’s body, the design of the shoes, and their stability, we will divide the best cross country shoes for youth into men’s and women’s.

Best Cross Country Shoes for Men

  1. Аdidas Performance Men’s XCS

One example of best cross country shoes for youth that offers comfort for the whole foot. With their ventilation through the air network of matter, asymmetric tethering system, and a rubber sole, these are some of the most durable and lightweight cross country shoes on the market.

Adidas XCS offers a superb grip on any surface thanks to its six-studded rubber outsole. They improve traction on difficult terrain. These shoes are comfortable, durable and offer great stability. The upper part is made of air netting to provide sufficient airflow.

  1. Saucony Men’s Kilkenny XC7

The extremely light Saucony Men’s Kilkenny is designed to move on a variety of surfaces, ranging from flat, maintained fields to uneven and rough paths. Cross country competitions often use a variety of surfaces and this versatility of Saucony makes them one of the best cross country shoes for youth. They also offer the opportunity to change spikes of different lengths depending on the weather and the condition of the cross.

Additional benefits include lightweight FLEXFILM layers that provide structure and support as well as the emphasis on comfort, versatility, and durability. The soft, breathable mesh forefoot and well-padded tongue will give you extra solace.

Best Cross Country Shoes for Women

  1. Ifrich Spikes for Youth

When we talk about the best cross country shoes for youth, we should not neglect the appearance, especially when it comes to women’s shoes. Ifrich Spikes are made of shiny reflective mirror leather. This not only makes them comfortable but also turns you into the center of attention while running. And a little dissipation of your opponents is never superfluous, right?

At the same time, your stability is ensured through eight spikes with a full traction rubber outsole. And the comfort of your feet will come from the honeycomb insole, soft, air-free, releasing the feet stress while running.

  1. Health Spike

The best cross country shoes for youth are the ones that will lead you to victory and protect you until you reach it. Health Spike is designed to help keep your feet comfortable and keep you safe from injuries and injuries. The sturdy rubber outsole is made with maximum abrasion resistance. And provides anti-slip, high grip. All this effectively improves overall speed and control.

The lightweight, breathable mesh upper improves the durability of the shoes and fits in perfectly with the feet. And in addition to the 7 pre-installed spikes, you’ll also get extra spikes, as well as tools to replace the old ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do cross country runners wear spikes?

Most often cross-country competitions take place on mountain trails, in rough terrain, where participants are subjected to many ascents and descents. This requires runners to use specially designed shoes that are with more aggressive soles and are generally stiffer than running shoes, such as these for marathons. And the best cross country shoes for youth are necessarily equipped with spikes that provide better stability on rough terrain. Read: Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day

  1. Is cross country better than track?

Cross country running is the most affordable and practiced running among amateur and beginner athletes. It is suitable for all types of people and ages to strengthen the basic motor functions of the human body. Cross country running is most commonly used in places such as parks, gardens, mountains and various other terrains.

Each of the listed cross-country practice places helps us differently and favorably since we have rough terrain running, which leads to an improvement in our technique as well as our workload. We can run on an incline, decline, an obstacle course, on an alley or the beach. It is this diversity that makes it better than track running.

  1. Do you run faster with spikes?

The main advantage of spikes is that they better grip the track, providing you grip even in wet or other harsh conditions. Spike shoes make you faster because you are more flexible with them. This is especially true of cross country running. These runners can get the speed they need by spreading spikes at the bottom of the shoe. Related: Best Shoes for Knee Pain Relief

In addition to the above, spikes are usually lighter than other sports shoes. Lighter weight means you can lift your legs faster without so much fatigue. However, keep in mind that lightweight shoes depreciate faster and need more frequent change.

  1. How should cross country shoes fit?

Always choose your running shoe carefully, and do not neglect the trying. If you opt for a small and/or tight shoe, it is more likely to tear it down much faster than it will “relax” and become yours. If it is too large and/or wide, you run the risk of tearing the shoe earlier where it is caused by “dialing” and bending of textiles.

Choose shoes that provide enough space for the toes to move freely. Tight shoes lead to calluses, black nails, and injuries. When running, the fingers need to have freedom of movement, both sideways, upwards, and downwards. The distance between the thumb and the tip of the shoe should be at least half a centimeter.


Cross country shoes – have you ever wondered why they are designed specifically for this purpose? The reason, of course, is related to the comfort and convenience of people. More importantly, they protect us from running injuries.

Why is it nice to use these types of shoes while running? They provide movement control and more stability. They improve traction on paths and soften footsteps to keep feet from getting clogged. The shoes are breathable because of the mesh fabric they are covered with. They keep the feet in one place so that there is no unnecessary movement inside the shoe. However, you would only get all these advantages if you choose from the best cross country shoes for youth.