Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees Review & Buying Guide

Whether you have recently started cross-training or you are a pro athlete, you would surely know the importance of a good pair of shoes especially if you are battling with knee issues. There are a ton of options available on the market which can make it difficult to find the right pair. That’s why we took the time to find and review some great options for you. So here is a detailed review of some of the best cross training shoes for bad knees to help you through the purchase.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees Review & Buying Guide

Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees for Men Review

  1. Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano

Reebok has an international clientele of distinguished athletes for a reason. That’s because they prioritize quality in their products and this Crossfit Nano pair is an example of that.

This pair is made of 100% textile and synthetic material to give your foot the flexibility it needs while you’re training hard. It has a strong supportive sole made out of rubber.


  • Its synthetic material makes it flexible and lightweight
  • It is highly durable


  • It does not provide enough support during high impact workouts
  1. Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0

Skechers has always managed to impress us with their training and workout shoes. This one is one of the Skechers most comfortable footwear that you can get in less than 80 dollars.

These shoes are made of 75% mesh and 25% leather making them featherweight. Not only that but they also feature a perforated Dual-Lite footbed that ensures maximum breathability. The gel-infused memory foam is high-rebound and provides impressive pressure relief.


  • It has an Air Cool memory foam insole
  • The design is such that it contours to most foot shapes


  • It is not very durable
  1. PUMA Men’s Enzo

When looking for shoes, it’s almost impossible to not think of PUMA. So here is a lovely cross-trainer men’s shoe by PUMA with a clamshell construction that’s sure to win your heart.

This product comes with 100% mesh fabric in its toe and heel region to give your feet room to breathe. The midfoot strap is there to provide support and maximize comfort. It also comes with a sock liner made out of soft foam that ensures that your feet remain cushioned.


  • These shoes are feather-light
  • They hug the feet securely and provide maximum support


  • This pair is prone to wear and tear within a few months of use

Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees for Women Review

  1. PUMA Women’s Fierce Core

If you are looking for women’s pair of cross-training shoes, here is one that you need to try. This gorgeous pair by PUMA is made out of 100% ariaprene and is one of the best cross training shoes for bad knees.

These are lace-less and come with pivot points at the outsole, heels, and toes for movement up to 360 degrees. This pair is designed to have padded tongue and collar with pull loops that make it look super chic. Apart from that, they have got breathable mesh inserts to keep your feet dry.


  • It has a gripping outsole that provides traction
  • It provides medial and lateral support for 360-degree movement


  • These shoes do not fit true to size
  1. NIKE Women’s In-Season TR 6

Let’s check out a pair by our all-time favorite brand, Nike. These TR 6 cross training shoes by Nike are contemporary in design and modern in their performance.

They come with an internal strap that delivers support to your feet for multidirectional movement. They feature dual-density foam at the midsole that maximizes comfort as well as durability. As far as zonal support and breathability are concerned, that is taken care of by the engineered mesh upper. Their molded collar design gives you a locked-down fit.


  • It has rubber outsole pods for a better grip
  • It has a memory foam sock liner for resilient support


  • The fabric at the back of the heel of these shoes is prone to easy wear and tear
  1. Skechers Women’s Summits Sneaker

Are you looking for a pair that’s easy on your wallet? Look no more because Skechers has the right product for you. In less than 50 dollars, you can get these Summits sneakers that are great for cross-training.

These shoes are made of 100% textile material and come with a synthetic sole. They are extremely lightweight and contain air-cooled memory foam.


  • It is featherlight
  • It is available in a number of colors and designs


  • The memory foam of these shoes is extremely porous and tends to become smelly

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a good cross training shoe?

A pair of good cross-training shoes would always be the one that has a breathable material. Good airflow is not only important for keeping your feet odor-free but also preventing blisters that are common in sweaty feet. The best cross training shoes for bad knees should also have good flexibility to keep your feet from getting fatigued as you train for long hours. Related: Best Walking Shoes for Women With High Arches Review

  1. Why do my knees hurt when I wear flat shoes?

Flat shoes usually don’t have any arch support or shock-absorbing material. Lack of these important features leads to the development of a lot of friction on the heel and toes. This not only develops blisters and callouses on the heels but also puts a lot of pressure on the knees, causing knee pain.

  1. What are the best shoes for gym workouts?

The best gym shoes are those that are made of quick-drying fabrics for efficient heat dissipation. They also come with a solid sole that is resistant to wear and tear. Your workout shoes must also have a low drop rate to reduce impact on your feet, back, and legs. Related: Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Walking All Day Review


Buying the right type of cross-training shoes is very important for your fitness. Cross-training in ill-fitting shoes can cause your bad knees to flare up or lead to the development of new joint issues. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully consider all the important factors before making the purchase. If you are looking for the best cross training shoes for bad knees, this buying guide will definitely come in handy. Happy shopping!