Best Dog Food for Pitbulls | Top 5 Picks | Buying Guide

Dog parents of any breed are well aware of the significance of diet in their dog’s health and well-being. This becomes even more important when you have a high-performing breed like Pitbull. Pitbulls expel a high amount of energy each day and hence, they require the best dog food for Pitbulls to recover as well.

How do you choose between so many options available in the market? You do that by reading up on our extensive guide before buying dry food for your dog. Below is all the information that you need along with the five best dog food reviews.

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls - Top 5 Picks - Buying Guide

Factors to Consider Before Buying Dog Food for Pitbulls

  1. Puppy nutrition for Pitbulls

The pit bull diet profile of our dog is largely based on the age of the dog. Whether it’s a small breed or a large breed, the proper nutrition varies a little depending on their age. But there may be other considerations as well depending upon your dog in their own unique situation. For the most part, the best dog food for Pitbulls that have puppy formulas will have already done the work for you. So you can simply feed your dog the right formula for their age.

  1. Food allergies

Pitbulls do have some food allergies that you need to be careful about. Generally, an allergy will manifest in a couple of specific ways. Your dog may experience gastrointestinal distress when they eat or they may have symptoms that appear on their skin. For example, itching or red, inflamed areas can alert you to a problem stemming from your dog’s food. The allergies can be even more prominent and detrimental when they are in the puppy stage. So you must do extensive research on the best wet food for Pitbull puppies before feeding them anything.

  1. Ingredients

There are definitely some ingredients that are a no-no when it comes to Pitbull food.  Some of the ingredients that you want to avoid include wheat, barley, and other similar grains. You also want to avoid any artificial flavorings, artificial colors or preservatives. Remember, you want to get closer to giving your dog the same diet that they would’ve eaten out in the wild. That’s what is going to keep your dog in the best health.

  1. Macronutrient profile

First, protein is the most important macronutrient that should be in abundance in the dog food for Pitbulls. In some cases, you may have to go with low-protein dog food if your dog has trouble processing protein. The second macronutrient is fat. There are certain nutrients in fats that dogs need to keep their systems running well, especially when they’re puppies.

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

  1. Bully Max High-Performance

Have you been looking for a super-premium dog food brand for your lovely Pitbull? Bully Max is here to grant your wish with their best dog food for Pitbulls in less than 150 dollars.

We know that Pitbulls need plenty of protein in their diet and plant protein is just not enough at times. Bully Max also knows that and have introduced real meat-based formula in this product. This dog food is great for any dog who is 4 weeks and older.

You get a whopping amount of 535 calories in each cup. This requires you to feed your dog less on a daily basis. This product is free from corn, wheat, or soy and uses human-grade ingredients only. This product is tested a minimum of three times before it leaves the Bully Max’s manufacturing facility. Therefore, you can buy it without thinking twice.

  1. Zignature Limited

If you are looking for a specific dog food that contains lamb, Zignature is your best bet. In a 60-dollar price range, you get high-quality lamb dog food that is sure to keep your Pitbull healthy.

Lamb meat has been known to cover the complete protein profile which is exactly what Pitbulls need in their diet. Other than that, this product also contains an assortment of various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

There are no unnecessary fillers in food since it is 100% grain-free. Hence, there is no high-glycemic carbs present in it. The food is also chicken-free, so this hypoallergenic formula is great for your dog’s sensitive tummy. This is the best dog food for Pitbulls in regard to its specific and intelligent formula.

  1. Victor Classic – Hi-Pro Plus

Are you searching for premium-quality dry dog food in a budget of 50 dollars or less? If yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the right choice for your Pitbull. Victor Classic is a high-protein dog food option for high-performing breeds like Pitbull.

Their recipe consists of protein from sources including fish, beef, pork, and chicken. A fortified blend of essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids makes it highly nutritious. The base formula is made from gluten-free grains which is always a good thing.

This dog food is highly digestible and offers great pound-for-pound value since the feeding quantity is less. The Hi-Pro meets the nutritional levels of AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for dogs of all ages.

  1. Crave Grain-Free

This product by Crave is the best dog food for Pitbulls in the range of 30 dollars. At a highly reasonable cost, you get a protein-rich dry dog food bag of 12 lbs, which is practically a steal deal.

This product uses protein from real lamb meat for its base formula and is good for dogs of all sizes. Their recipe is inspired by the diets of dog’s wolf ancestors and hence contains 34% protein. They use high-quality carbohydrates instead of cheap grains to fill your pup with energy. Crave doesn’t believe in include artificial coloring and flavoring or preservatives in their dog food.

  1. Eukanuba

Do you have a grown-up Pitbull? Then you must be aware of their high-end nutritional requirements. Eukanuba has rolled out a product that is focused on fulfilling the nutritional needs of your adult large breed dog.

In less than 50 dollars, you get the best dog food for Pitbulls who have grown past their puppy stage and weigh over 55 lbs. This dry dog food derives its animal protein from chicken, which is a favorite of almost all dogs on the planet. The formula also contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine which promotes joint health in your active Pitbull.

Your Pitbull not only needs to be powerful physically but also mentally, which happens by the DHA in this food. Eukanuba’s 3D DentaDefense formula reduces tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth, hence promoting better oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What dry dog food is best for Pitbulls?

Crave grain-free adult dry dog food with protein is the best dog food for Pitbulls. It contains 34% of the high-protein nutrient profile, which provides the dog with a lean, healthy body and energy to chase. Each batch of this food is made with genuine and high-quality animal protein, minus any cheap carbohydrates. It includes a grain-free carbohydrate source of energy. This dog food is made with real lamb so you get the best nutrients one dog can be fed. The premium quality makes it the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls in this class of dry foods.

  1. What should Pitbulls eat?

Your Pitbull’s food should contain two or three animal proteins in the first several ingredients. The protein can come from sources like chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. These meat cuts are also an amazing source of healthy fats. These fats consist of the necessary nutrients that your dog needs for healthy skin and coat. The energy your dog needs to run and play comes from the carbohydrates. Adding grain-free carbs to a recipe is a healthy way to balance out protein and fat levels.

  1. How do I keep my Pitbull healthy?

The Pitbull breed is known for its big appetite, so keeping them healthy is not a challenge since they love to eat. One way to regulate how much your dog is eating is to avoid free-feeding. Always take measurements of each meal and only leave the food for 30 minutes.

Other than that, make sure your beloved dog is getting plenty of exercise through playing and running. Pitbulls have a lot of energy and it is important for them to be able to release that energy. This keeps them healthy both physically as well as mentally.

  1. How can I make my Pitbull big?

Wondering how to build muscle on a dog with food? A proper diet plays a major role in helping your Pitbull develop faster and healthier. Dogs’ diets should be consistent with 40% of protein, 40% of carbs, and 20% of fats. Along with a well-balanced diet, you must exercise your dog with zeal. You want your Pitbull to be full of lean muscle and not fatty tissue.


Once we bring a dog to our home, it is not just a pet anymore. It is a family member and taking care of our family should always be a priority. So make sure you research well before buying food for your Pitbull. And hopefully, our carefully curated guide will help you find the best dog for Pitbulls.