Best Driver for Beginners | Top 5 Picks | Buying Guide

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world and one of the most exciting ones as well. For enjoying golf to the fullest, it is imperative to have the right type of equipment. This equipment includes golf clubs, golf tees, golf shoes, and so on. The most important, however, is the golf club. The golf club includes the fairway woods, drivers, wedges, irons, and putter, which is used to hit the ball in the game. The driver is the longest of all the clubs that are used to keep the ball airborne. Drivers are always used to make the first shot in golf in order to hit the ball to the farthest range. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golf player, a driver is a must-have club. As a beginner, you would want to consider buying the best driver for beginners so you can shoot the ball as far as possible. But how do you know which one is the best when you are starting out? Well, let us help you with this.

We have broken down the factors that you need to look for when scrolling through the list of drivers. Also, we have reviewed the top five golf sets with great drivers, so you don’t have to sweat it at all. Let’s dive into the review together!

Best Driver for Beginners | Top 5 Picks | Buying Guide

Factors to Be Considered While Buying a Golf Club

  1. The weight

The normal driver weight range is around 250 to 350 grams. The lesser the weight of the driver, the more will be the clubhead speed. The weight of the driver depends on the driver shaft material. The driver shafts are usually made of materials like titanium, steel, and graphite. Steel is the cheapest among all but is also heavier. On the other hand, titanium and graphite ones are weightless due to which they improve the clubhead speed and hence improve distance.

  1. The length

As per the norms, the driver is essentially the longest club in one’s bag. The drivers for men usually range between 45 to 48 inches when it comes to length. Whereas women’s drivers are 43 to 45 inches long. You are going to have to try different sizes of drivers to be able to pick the one that suits you the best.

  1. The loft

In the golf lingo, the loft is basically the angle of the clubface. The loft is responsible for affecting the trajectory as well as distance when playing golf. You can get drivers in several lofts. The higher the loft of your club, the higher will be the flight of the ball. So if you are a beginner, it is always a good idea to go with a loft that is higher.

  1. The customizability

There are certain types of drivers that can be adjusted for various features. In these drivers, you can change the loft to come up with more suitable launch angles. There are drivers that allow you to adjust their center of gravity by adjusting the movable weights present at the base of the club. These customizations can greatly improve your game and enhance your learning as well if you are just starting out.

The Best Driver for Beginners

  1. Aspire XD 1 Men’s Set

Aspire is said to have the best game improvement set of clubs for a golfer looking for accuracy and distance. This set proves to be of great value and is just the perfect fit for beginners. As a beginner, you might not want to spend too much and Aspire takes care of that with its reasonable price range.

The Aspire golf set offers a 460cc titanium driver making it more strong, durable and easy to swing. They are said to have the best driver for beginners due to the weightlessness and a firm grip. This makes the driver the best driver to improve your game if you are new to the world of golf. Apart from the driver, this set also includes stainless steel woods and iron with graphite shaft on them. This provides great strength and durability to the irons.

  1. Precise M5 Men’s Set

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, the Precise Golf club will surely be of use to you. The drivers in this one are oversized allowing the golfer to get the ball in the air with ease. The clubs in this set don’t only function great, but also are very stylish.

The Precise set includes a 460cc titanium driver head. This helps in providing a huge sweet spot so that you don’t struggle while taking a shot. These are the best budget drivers for long-term use. The set further includes stainless steel woods and iron to make them long-lasting and convenient to use. Also, the iron and woods it provides are for people who have a slower swing. So there is something for everyone.

  1. Precise S7 Men’s Golf Set

The Precise S7 is a limited-edition golf set designed for increased performance. It has amazing build quality. And it is updated with the latest golf technology to offer you the ultimate golfing experience. The product is a little on the higher side of the price spectrum, but it is surely worth it.

The Precise S7 has a full titanium driver and that means a feather-light golfing experience. The driver is considered as one of the best drivers for handicaps because of its increased performance. Moving further, the M7 also has forgiving fairway woods, specially built for long flying shots. Other than that, it also offers irons that are made for long and controlled shots. The grips offered are midsized to provide extra comfort. After all, what is the point if you can’t enjoy the game?

  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Set

This complete golf set by Callaway is packed with the golf gear that enhances your distance and performance. You can expect longer shots with great ease and in a more controlled manner at a very reasonable value.

The full titanium driver it provides gives you more forgiveness when compared with other drivers. Due to its low pricing, the Callaway is said to have the best driver for the buck. The set also has very forgiving woods which has an aerodynamic head shape for long and high-flying shots. Along with the woods comes the stainless-steel irons to deliver good control and more distance.

  1. Wilson Golf men’s Package Set

If you are looking for a set that would not burn a hole through your wallet, then this is just the perfect choice. The Wilson golf set is an ultra-complete pack containing all the necessary clubs that are just top-notch. The clubs are light in weight and easy to carry anywhere. These clubs are highly recommended for beginners.

The set has a large 460cc titanium matrix driver that has a low center of gravity to launch the ball off the tee. This, in turn, makes the driver the best degree driver for beginners. The Wilson men’s set has the lightest driver which makes it the best drivers for the beginners to use. The golf set also comes with high quality and durable woods made of graphite for longer shots. The complete set of Wilson has a very good grip, making it gentle and comfortable in the hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the easiest driver to hit for beginners?

The easiest driver to hit for the beginner is the Callaway Men’s Strata, the ultimate driver. This driver is made of full titanium 460cc that will give you a great sweet spot and much forgiveness and will also help you hit the ball the furthest. The Callaway driver has been rated as the best driver for beginners by many customers.

  1. What loft driver should a beginner use?

Are you a beginner with a swing speed of around 100-110 mph? If yes, then the driver loft ranging between 10.5°- 11.5° will be a good starting point for you. Men’s loft may vary between 8°-11° and women’s drivers are between 10°-13°. Related: Best Golf Clubs for Beginners | Top 10 Picks 🥇 | Buying Guide

  1. What is the best driver for the money?

The Wilson golf men’s driver is the best driver for beginners as well as for an intermediate at a considerably low price. It is one of the best golf drivers for the buck. The Wilson men’s ultra-set has a large 460cc titanium matrix driver. This helps the driver in a low center of gravity to launch the ball easily off the tee. This golf driver is very light in weight and durable to use.


Golf can be a comparatively tough sport. Your arms should have enough strength to hit the ball as far as possible and also you need to keep a track of the direction of where the golf ball is going. For hitting the ball with great strength, you need to have the best clubs. The driver is the main factor of consideration for hitting the ball to the furthest place. To get help in choosing the best driver for beginners, our guide is what you should read up on. Happy golfing!