Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin 🥇

Since the domination of the beard style among men, there has been a great need to identify the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin. However, there are some tricky points in that market that all beard supporters should be aware of.

Not to mention, that the electric shaver for sensitive skin has been the greatest evolution in men styling. If you like beards, then you should always have the best equipment to take care of its length and shape. People love symmetrical beards that are well-shaped and can give points to your overall appearance.

On the other hand, tough beard and sensitive skin electric shavers have been ineffective to some persons. This is due to the hardness of the beard or the special form of the hair that is growing abnormally.

These problems and far more than that are going to be discussed in this review. Check the most important electric shavers and opt for your best one!

Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin:

  1. Panasonic ARC5

Panasonic has managed to give you one of the most prominent shavers. Not only does it give you the chance to regulate the length of your beard, but it can also precise cut all the abnormally grown hair.

This shaver has a long power cord to give you remote access no matter how big your bathroom cabinet maybe. Additionally, it can work both in AC and DC by adjusting a simple transformer.

It is extremely lightweight, and you can always have it with you on short trips and journeys. You can also be sure for the skincare treatment it gives you since its blades are not irritating the superficial layers of your face.

The reality is that this is one of the best electric shavers for tough beard and sensitive skin thanks to its special blade characteristics. The round-shaped edges are always protective for the skin since they gently cut the extra hair length without emerging to the root.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Perfect handle to touch even when your hands are wet
  • Easy dilution of the shaving cream
  • Longer power cord for your ease
  • Deeper protection from cuts and bruises
  • Doesn’t come with a limited guarantee

  1. Philips Norelco Shaver 8900

Virtually one of the most technologically advanced shavers that you can possibly find online. It is readily available in all regions and can give you a precise cut of your beard in the less possible time.

Philips has managed to make this shaver operable both with electric power network as well as with batteries. In other words, there is no need to be anxious about its functioning when you are getting remote.

Not to mention, it has a unique set of blades which are rotating clockwise to gently cut the growing hair. This feature offers you unique protection against skin irritations and can also give you the most stylish beard shapes that you have ever wished for.

Finally, this is called one of the best electric shavers for tough beard and sensitive skin you can possibly buy online. It offers you unique abilities to run the shaver directly to your beard with no prior preparation.

  • Battery and power cord mode for your convenience
  • Comes with a perfect set of brushes and bladed
  • Hardtop cover to protect the device from mild impacts
  • Works with batteries as well as with power cord
  • Less noisy than others in the same category
  • Creates some issues with red spots on turning hair

  1. Braun Series 7 7865cc

Braun has always been the company to bring innovation to the house appliances. This specific electric shaver for men can give you a quality beard treatment in the less available time.

Has set the trends for others and considers to be one of the best electric shaver for sensitive skin now available on the market. Can give you the perfect grip even from the initial touch and help you find the right angles for the most efficient shaving you have ever experienced.

Being tough with beards and gentle with your underlying skin, this razor has more benefits for your skin than others do. The blades rotate symmetrically so that they can even cut the hair you want to shorten.

Not to mention, that it consumes a lot less energy than other opponents in class. It is by far the most energy-efficient device you have ever tried at home. There is the chance of internal balsam secretion that can moisturize the area which is shaved. This creates a perfect protective environment for you, offering a holistic approach to the everyday saving procedure.

  • Synchronized shaving elements for better shaving quality
  • Less time needed to shave large areas
  • Irritations are no longer an issue
  • Beard lovers can easily trim the angles on them
  • Comes with a wonderful and stylish protective case
  • Hard to find spare parts in case of malfunction

  1. Philips Norelco Shaver 6800

This has been the bright star of Philips that has made the manufacturers proud of their creation. The initial adoption of this device by the public has been a tremendous success for the company that has seen the sales skyrocketing.

First, the razor has a triple blade system that helps you have a smoother shaving effect. You can easily synchronize the blades to become a lot more efficient when you need precise cut to your beard.

This has been one of the electric shaver for sensitive skin offering a unique ability to heal the corrupted part of the facial skin that constantly irritates you.

When it comes to the quality Philips makes no compromises. The batteries are there to last for a lot longer. Another set of power cords also accompanies the device to keep it working both in 110V as well as 220V in European and American destinations.

Finally, you can enjoy the deepest shaving by selecting the optimum power. This rotates the blades in higher RPM and gives you a smooth cut for your facial hair in a fraction of time needed with other counterparts.

  • Smart size can be carried on with you
  • Lightweight design helps you work overhead
  • Batteries can last longer and recharge in less time
  • You can easily remove and replace the blades
  • Easy on and off switch/buttons
  • Comes only in black color

  1. Marske

A really trustworthy machine that can give you one of the best shaving experiences ever felt. Belonging to the most competent electric shaver for tough beard this device has a lot to give you when you are searching for the perfect touch.

First, it has a multiple head trimmer and shaver to cover all your facial needs. Your ears and nose can be cleaned from any growing hair that looks disgusting on you.

Then you can choose among many variations of rotational speed for the blades. This feature can give you a more precise cut for your beard and irritate your skin a lot less compared to other brands.

Not to mention, that this device comes with a hard case that helps you carry it with you on trips. This is very convenient since the same case can actually protect it from impacts or accidental water spills on it.

Finally, this electric shaver can work in any environment no matter what is the power voltage there. You can feel free to use it as its insulation guarantees that no electrical hazard can affect your well-being. A really amazing machine under any conditions and circumstances.

  • Battery mode is on when needed
  • Lightweight design to carry it with you all the time
  • Best handle to keep a perfect grip
  • Easily removable heads to change between various functions
  • Less noisy motor than other brands
  • Needs a lengthier power cord to give you extreme remote abilities

Electric Shavers Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to think about when you are buying electric shaver for tough beard. This is a serious purchase that needs not to be left in its fate. You are responsible for the well being of your beard as well as the hygiene of your facial skin.

First, you need to know the battery life of the product you are buying for. Electric razors are having both a power cord and an integrated battery to give you enough freedom when travelling. However, some of them lack a consistent battery.

This situation may limit your ability to efficient shaving when being remote. Think about it twice before you opt for a new electric shaver that is recommended for you without any battery inside. The most efficient electric shavers for sensitive skin are always having both power cord and batteries to serve you either way.

Additionally, you have to be extra cautious to the ability you may have to remove the blades when necessary. This is an important aspect of your daily life with an electric razor. Most of the times blades are getting corrupted with residues from saving. This could affect the quality of shaving the next time you are about to use it.

That is why it is a wise choice to learn more information about the removal process for the blades. The electric shaver is a rather simple machine that can easily be cleaned with no special process or chemicals. Only soap and water should do, and you are the one to benefit from all this situation.

Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin 🥇

Other Features That May Affect Your Decision

Moreover, the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin should always provide you with the best available grip. Since you are using your hands to touch the device, it should have an extra cushioned holder to give you efficient grip. This is important when you want to have the perfect trimming on your beard. Angles are always counting for this situation and you should be able to provide them on a daily basis.

To add on, your important electric shaver for sensitive skin needs to have a limited guarantee. All modern devices are accompanied by a generous money-back guarantee to attract a loyal public. That means people who are buying for razors are having in mind the case of malfunction. This is where the guarantee should get in and put them out of the difficult situation.

This has also another aspect of the spare parts. Most of the devices are not having a great maintenance schedule, so when the malfunction occurs everything goes wrong. Especially in the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin sector of the market the spare parts are an undeniable need.

Most people hate to wait when they have to perform service activities to their electric shavers. That is why to have many spare parts for the device you are buying is a crucial buying factor that may radically change your decision to opt for the one or the other.

Affordability Isn’t Always the Key Point

Lately, we have seen many people buying the less affordable electric shavers just because they know that nothing can go wrong with them. The quality assurance that goes alongside with the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin is a great booster for sales.

Marketers know no advertisement is better than the word of mouth between customers. All brands have later influenced the creation of certain online boards and forums where people that care about their beard trimming and shaving gather together. Exchanging opinions about the electric shavers that people are using is a crucial factor for the final decision.

Another key point that bypasses the affordability is the chance to adjust more than one type of head on it. This is crucial for all the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin as long as you want it for extended use. Modern electric shavers should cover more than one need to remove hair from your face. Nose and ear growing hair is good to be cut by the same razor and should you have it available in your closet it would be a great advantage.

Not to mention, that the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin needs to be energy efficient. Not only when it is operating but also while it is recharging. Modern devices are having an inverter motor that consumes energy only when it is necessary. Environmentally considerable devices are the ones that thrive in the world market these days.

tough beard and sensitive skin electric shavers

Advantages of the Best Electric Shavers

Most of the buyers want to see the advantages of their electric shavers that they are about to buy. The best electric shaver for tough beard is the ones that give their public a vast amount of choices in beard trimming and facial hair removal.

  • Efficient Use

In other words, people want electric shavers that take less time to prepare and their operation costs a lot less. This is the goal for all modern manufacturers that are trying to reduce the daily cost of the use of these machines.

The initial investment is always needed to get some of the best electric shavers for tough beard and sensitive skin, but you have to be aware of the special product characteristics before you proceed to purchase.

  • Easy to Remove and Change Blades

Blades are the moving parts of the electric shaver. You should easily change them in a matter of seconds and replace them with the right ones for the desired task. Modern brands are offering different blades for different parts of your face. This is because of the sensitivity of the underlying skin changes due to several factors. Your beard needs more power than the ear and nose areas and manufacturers know about it.

  • Variety of Charging Options

Since you all travel frequently the power source may not always be an option. Then you need to have your device charging in various power stations or even work with alkaline batteries. This is the ultimate portability feature that all brands are struggling to obtain.

Only the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin are currently having such a service, which is highly appreciated by the public.

  • Great Maintenance Plan

When you buy a certain electric shaver, you are aware of the special characteristics. But how about the maintenance plan? Sometimes this plan doesn’t even exist. That is why many people are opting for the brands that offer a viable maintenance and service plan with special milestones.

This removes the anxiety from the customers and lets them choose the best matching device for their individual needs.

  • Vivid Online Forums and Supporters’ Portal

This is a great advantage offered by the electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin. Most of the companies are trying to create a permanent engagement between them and their customers.

By creating the best available forums online, they have a permanent channel of communication with them. This advantage gives them the chance to easily answer any post-sales question or inquiry and increases customers satisfaction.

electric shavers tough beard and sensitive skin


Now that we have checked all the latest models of the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin you must be ready to choose the one that better fits to you. We have opted for the best shaving machine which is:

Philips Norelco Shaver 8900

An innovative shaver that comes with a great guarantee. You can use it in any electrical system and can give you extreme and precise shaving results. Even when you have a tough beard this device can help you trim it the exact way you want.

Using its perfect handle, you can find the right angle to take care of your growing hair. The underlying sensitive skin can be less irritated by the whole procedure. This machine is perfect for everyday shaving and can even provide adequate moisturizing on your face.

Another key aspect is that this electric razor has more waterproof abilities than any other in the class. It can cover the internal electrical circuits and insulate them to the point where no danger is apparent. This is important since people are using the electric shavers in their bathrooms where the water is always dominant.

Not to mention, that it is nearly unbreakable. Made from high-quality plastic components it can withstand mild impacts that can occur during intense use. This has been the premium advantage when using this kind of electric razor. It is widely available in many regions and has always the most affordable spare parts in case something goes wrong with it. You are adequately protected from any electrical hazard when using it in the bathroom.

A Final Word

Keep in mind that the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin are not always the most affordable ones. You should carefully check for the devices that better match your individual needs which may vary from person to person.

Even your needs would change in a matter of years should you change your mind about retaining your beard or not. That is why you should opt for the devices that have removable parts and can be your companion to your everyday facial treatments.

Hair removal is a great task for men that need to look neat at work. The greatest part of the shaving procedure is fun and only the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin can easily claim to provide it. Make sure that you choose the right shaver for you in terms of quality and ability to withstand pressure. After all, you will be the one to using the same machine for a longer period of time. Get the one that better pleases you and makes up your mood anytime you want to enter the bathroom and shave!