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Best Electric Wall Heaters | Top 5 Picks | Review & Buying Guide

If you want consistent heating in the room, an efficient wall heater can help you. These are the best electric wall heaters that can make your life simpler. A wall heater must be active and should match the modern decor of your home. Such a wall heater can be tedious to find.

Electric wall heaters are readily available on Amazon. A variety of models are available to choose from depending on your requirements. But one must read the review before purchasing any of the best electric wall heaters. It will help you in deciding whether the electric wall heater is suitable or not.

Often, you need to dig through the website deep to find the right model. But this review of the five best electric wall heaters is here to assist you. It consists of the electric wall heaters differing in price points, features, and efficiencies. It is essential to read each review carefully before making a choice. The model that fulfills most of the criteria is the best choice for you.

Best Electric Wall Heaters Top 5 Picks Buying Guide 2019

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Electric Wall Heaters

As mentioned above, electric heaters have become a necessity, especially during peak winters. The portable electric heaters find themselves to be of use quite often. One significant variant of portable heaters is the electric wall heaters. There are various other features available such as electric heaters with timers.

However, choosing the right kind of portable heater may be difficult at times. There are specific criteria that you need to follow to make your life simpler. The requirements that you need to consider are as follows:

  1. Electric usage

The most crucial factor while buying an electric wall heater is the amount of money and energy that you will save. The wall heater is specific to the place of installation. So, you get the amount of heat at the place that you want. Wall heaters are known to be efficient and energy-saving. And this invariably helps in saving money. By using a wall heater, you will certainly save both money and energy.

  1. Cost for the installation

Electric wall heaters are available at a variety of prices. They range from $50 to $300, containing numerous models to choose from. The cost of the wall heaters depends on multiple factors. These include the manufacturer involved, the material used, and the actual make of the heater. Here, the trick lies in choosing the wall heater that fits best into your budget. It is important to note that higher-priced heaters contain more features. Check out: Best Electric Wall Heaters for Bathrooms

  1. Cost to run an electric wall heater

The cost of running the wall heater depends on the efficiency of the heater. It also depends on how powerful the heater is and the method of heating used. In the best electric heaters, the energy-efficient factor is more. It is important to note that powerful heaters usually cost more. The cost to run an electric heater also depends on the size of the room that you want to heat. Hence, it is essential to choose a heater that saves time and money.

  1. Power

The ability of the wall heater solely depends on the size of the room that you want to heat. Larger rooms require more heat compared to the smaller ones. Another factor to be considered is the efficiency of the heater. A heater of lower power may not have the right efficiency to deliver. Hence, it is mandatory to check the efficiency of the water heater. Heaters with higher efficiency also save both money and energy.

Best Electric Wall Heaters Review

Based on the criteria mentioned above, the following list contains the best electric wall heaters:

  1. Broan Wall Heater with Built-In Adjustable Thermostat

This particular wall heater is included in the list of the best electric wall heaters. This is because of its energy-saving ability at higher power. The wall heater works at 1500W and 120VAC. It can also be converted to a lower power supply to save energy. It has a simple design consisting of baked enamel finish to provide maximum durability.

This model is easy to use with a thermostat that is reliable and safe.  It can be easily installed or mounted on the wall of your choice. The cost maybe a little steep. But the number of features surely justifies the cost of the heater.


  • The heater is energy-saving even while operating at higher power.
  • It can be installed or mounted easily, without any additional requirements.
  • The heater has a subtle design and is simple to operate.


  • The metal grate may click off the thermostat easily due to the fast-heating of the metal.
  • The price range may not be affordable by many people.
  1. KING W2415-W W Series

The King W2415-W W Series wall heater is mentioned in the list of the best electric wall heaters. This is because of its compact size and powerful heating capacity. The structure, design, and efficiency of the heater can quickly satisfy the user.

It provides quick heat transfer due to the Nichrome open coil element present. It also has the feature of dual wattage, i.e., working at different power quantities. Hence, according to the amount of heat required, the customer can easily change the setting. It can help in saving both money as well as energy.


  • The electric wall-heater is small, compact, and economically viable for the customers.
  • The cost of the wall heater is easily affordable in comparison to specific other models.
  • It provides effective heating and dual-wattage working facility.


  • The fan provided in the wall-heater may lose its efficiency after a short period.
  • Even though the wall-heater is useful, it may produce a lot of sounds, especially during winters.
  1. Fahrenheat FZL3004F

The Fahrenheat FZL3004F wall heater is considered as one of the best electric wall heaters. The heater can heat large spaces efficiently. This model is especially useful in places such as basements, playrooms, and other mechanical locations. The main feature of this model is its fast-heating ability.

It has the power of approximately 3000W, which provides it with a fast-acting ability. To prevent the chances of overheating, it contains an auto switch-off feature. The wall heater also can sustain the heat for a considerable amount of time. It also includes a thermostat with an on/off switch and is simple to install.


  • The wall heater can heat large rooms efficiently.
  • The heater works at higher power and sustains the heat in the room for a more extended period.
  • The process of installing this electric wall heater is quick and straightforward.


  • This wall heater is not recommended for smaller rooms and spaces.
  • Even though it works at higher power, its price point may suggest its low efficiency.
  1. QMark CZ2048T

QMark CZ2048T Electric Wall Heater included in the list of the best electric wall heaters. It is because of its simple design and compact structure to fit into thin spaces. It can warm the room at a faster pace due to its fast-response feature. The flow of heat is also consistent, not leaving out any cold patches in the place.

The wall heater is provided with a self-hold limit and an extra thermal-fuse back-up. It prevents overheating. The electric wall heater also contains a thermostat as well as a clip-and-fit design. This helps to heat the room efficiently.


  • The electric wall heater has a subtle design, abiding by the modern decor.
  • It can be accommodated into any space or area due to its compact structure.
  • The electric heater heats the space uniformly without leaving cold patches.


  • Due to its low-price range, the heater may not contain many features.
  • The efficiency of such a low-priced heater may also be questionable.
  1. Martin Direct Vent

This particular model is included in the list of the best electric wall heaters but it’s not electric. It’s included because it’s efficient. It also enables the user to monitor the temperature quickly. It contains a direct vent-wall along with a built-in thermostat to regulate the heat dispersion. This electric wall heater has a subtle and simple design.

The heater produces heat quickly without any significant energy-loss and can be installed easily. Also, the heater is low-maintenance with a grill made of die-cast aluminum for safety purposes.


  • The heater installs easily without any extra efforts.
  • The efficiency of the heater is high, which leads to less loss of energy.
  • The temperature can be easily regulated due to the built-in thermostat.


  • The price-point may be a little hefty for the people to afford.
  • The heater may emit sound, especially during peak winters.


Wall heaters have become a necessity in every household, especially during winters. However, the process of purchasing the right kind of heater can often be tedious. One needs to consider various factors such as efficiency, power while buying a wall heater. The review of the best electric wall heaters aims to assist you and can make your life easier.