Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Beginners | Buying Guide

A fishing rod is a flexible long rod used for fishing. Traditionally, bamboo was used to make a fishing rod, but today, cotton fibre or fiberglass fishing rods are a common sight. There are many varieties of fishing rods available in the market that are specifically designed to suit different types of fishing. If you need the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners then read on.

Are you lately been considering buying a fishing rod? Are you unaware of what kind of fishing rod to buy? Surely with so many different types of fishing rod available, it must be hard to choose your purchase. After all, you need to be sure of your required specifications before you invest in a fishing rod.

On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide on the best fishing rods. We will tell you how to go about buying a fishing rod and even provide a review of some popular fishing rods available in the market. Let’s find out!

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Beginners Buying Guide

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Fishing Rod

There are several factors you need to consider before buying a fishing rod; it is even tougher if you are a beginner and are purchasing a fishing rod for the first time. This article will not only help you define your requirements but also help in shortlisting the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. Keep in mind the following factors before buying.

  1. The length of the rod

This is the primary factor to be considered before buying a fishing rod. This is because a short rod is used when you are catching fish in close combat, whereas a long rod is used when you have to cast at a distance.

The length of a fishing rod can range anywhere between 4 ft. to 18 ft. The only rule you should remember is that a short fishing rod casts a short distance, whereas a long fishing rod casts a long distance.

  1. The material of the rod

As mentioned above, a modern fishing rod is made of wood. But you can also find a fishing rod that is a combination of graphite and fiberglass. Graphite is lightweight but brittle, whereas fiberglass is heaver, flexible, and durable. A combination of both these materials is the ideal rod.

  1. Power of the rod

The power of a fishing rod signifies its flexibility. It is the force necessary for a fishing rod to bend. It ensures that your bait works well while fishing.

The power of a fishing rod ranges from ultra-light to ultra-heavy. The Ultra-light fishing rod is bendable and is used for fishing small species of fish, whereas the ultra-heavy one is quite rigid and is used for larger species.

  1. The action of the rod

The action of a fishing rod helps to know along which end of the blank the fishing rod will bend; it can be characterized by slow, medium, and fast. A slow-action fishing rod is suitable for slower baits, whereas a fast-action fishing rod is more useful in heavier lures.

A rod with slow action bends easily at the handle of the fishing rod and is more flexible. A rod with fast action bends more towards the tip or at the top-third end of the fishing blank. Fast action rods give a stiffer backbone to the rod and can handle tackling a big fish.

  1. Handle of the rod

You can choose the handle based on your personal preference. With the help of a long handle, you can have a better grip using both your hands. In the case of a short stem, you can hold the fishing rod with one hand or cast with a single hand. Long handles in fishing or help in longer casting. Short handles help in shorter casts.

  1. Reel Seat

The reel seat is found if you move up the fishing rod. It is that area of the fishing rod where you will mount your reel. While buying a fishing rod, you must choose your reel in such a way that the angler setup of the rod is solid or tight at all ends.

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Beginners Review

To buy the best fishing rod, you will have to look for the best fishing rod and reel combo. To make the job easier for you, we have compiled some reviews of popular products in the market that will help you shortlist your fishing rod and reel:

  1. Bluefire Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

This fishing rod is a great option when it comes to buying the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. This fishing rod is made from a carbon fibre of high-density and it’s durable, light, and sturdy. The fishing reel has high-speed spinning reels that help in fighting and catching large fishes.

This is a telescopic rod and has small stores, too. It is anti-corrosive and is made of the best quality stainless steel. This fishing rod provides a great fishing experience to its buyer and is very convenient for both experienced and novices.

  1. SANLIKE Fishing Rod

This is an all in one fishing kit that is provided with a carrier’s case. It comes with a telescopic rod and has a spinning reel with anti-corrosive qualities. It is portable and very convenient to carry and is suitable for various kinds of fishing. This fishing rod is usually taken on hikes and camping trips.

  1. ShinePick Fishing Rod Kit

This fishing rod comes with a kit. A telescopic design and rod pole comes with a robust and sturdy spinning reel. This fishing rod is portable and has storage pockets in it. The fishing rod is retractable and has anti-reverse qualities. This fishing rod is quite famous among beginners. You can easily shortlist this as the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners.

  1. SupsShop Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This fishing rod is available with a telescopic pole for fishing and comes with a spinning reel and carrier’s bag. This fishing rod is immune to corrosion and has a smooth exterior. It is durable and can accommodate quite a large capacity for fishing requirements. You can choose this fishing rod if you wish to fish in places like the sea, lake, reservoir, etc.

  1. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos

This telescopic fishing rod is made from carbon fiber and comes with six different variations of the fishing kit. This product is suitable if you have to fish in saltwater or freshwater. It is ideal for traveling and is convenient to carry. This fishing rod is also non-corrosive and has precise control of power.

The afore-mentioned reviews bring forward to you the best fishing rods available in the market today. All these products offer the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners.

Benefits of Using a Fishing Rod

Fishing rods offer several benefits to a person who enjoys fishing. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Convenience

Fishing rods provide a lot of conveniences; they are portable and can easily be carried, even to remote locations. Traveling with a fishing rod is also easy. The material from which a fishing rod is made makes it sturdy and light to carry.

  1. Can cast to long distances

All fishermen prefer a fishing rod that can easily cast far. This way, the rod can easily handle heavy fishes, which are mostly found a bit away from the shore. Such rods offer storage pockets and are easy to work with.

  1. Flexible

A fishing rod is typically adjustable. It works in both short and long distances. The flexibility feature of a fishing rod makes it easy to fish during the day or night time.

  1. Strong ability to lure fish

The luring ability is quite powerful in a fishing rod. It makes sure that the fish does not get away from the bait and provides a fisher with a better chance of catching a fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best fishing rod for beginners?

A fishing rod with telescopic design and rod is an excellent option for beginners. Such a rod has proper storage and also gives reel combo. Overall, a beginner should choose a telescopic rod with a spinning reel when it comes to the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners.

  1. What are the best spinning rod and reel combo?

The Bluefire fishing rod and reel combo is a good option for fishers when it comes to choosing a fishing rod. Read: Best Polarized Sunglasses for Sight Fishing | Buying Guide 🥇

  1. What size and reel do I need?

It is preferable to buy a medium-sized reel that ranges between 3000-4000 for the best fishing experience.


We have managed to offer you the best available options for buyers who are looking for the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. All in all, for a great fishing experience, you should decide upon your required specifics in a fishing rod and only then shop for it along with keeping in mind the kind of fishes you would like to catch.

Buying a fishing rod will provide you with convenience, flexibility, and more chances of catching a fish. This article serves as a guide when it comes to buying the best fishing rod that suits all the needs of a potential customer.