Best Fixed Power Scope for Long Range Shooting Review

Before one starts to go on hunting or participate in shooting competitions, they need to decide first on the firearm to focus on. Most people prefer rifles since it has multiple accessories to increase their accuracy rate. Upon deciding on a rifle to use, the next item to search for is the riflescope. Again, the shooter needs to decide if he would acquire a close to mid-range riflescopes or a long-range one. The riflescope to use will depend on the situation. If the shooter prefers long range shooting, of course, he would get a long range riflescope. There are 2 types of long range scopes: the fixed power and variable tactical scope. This buyer’s guide will list the best fixed power scope for long range shooting. Before anything else, a fixed powered scope uses only one specific magnifying power.

Even though this setting could not be changed, the scope provides the shooter with a clearer and brighter image of the target. This is because the scope has a limited number of lenses for the light to pass through the scope. In any case, you will learn about the things to consider when buying the best fixed power scope for long range shooting for your firearm. Please note that the scopes listed here are in no particular order.

Best Fixed Power Scope for Long Range Shooting Review

Best Fixed Power Scope for Long Range Shooting Review

  1. Mueller Target Rifle Scope

First on the list is the Mueller Target Rifle Scope. This scope is fairly light; only 1.63 lbs. This is important because as you may well know, a heavy scope can lower your accuracy rate. It also has an eye-relief of 4″.

If you are trying to find a long range scope on a budget, this is the one for you. The tube size of the scope is just 30 mm which helps the shooter to focus fast on the target. Its fixed magnification level is 8-32×44 and it utilizes a target dot embedded on a micro-fine crosshair. It also boasts of image clarity that is on par with other high-quality scopes.

Besides, having a good eye-relief is important in a riflescope since it will protect the shooter’s eyes from the rifle’s recoil so the 4′ eye relief is tailor-made for this scope.


  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient eye relief
  • Clear imagery


  • Turrets do not have external locks
  1. SWFA SS 12×42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope

This riflescope is on a league all its own because it uses a patented reticle. This reticle is called the Mil-Quad reticle wherein the distance to the target is measured in meters instead of yards. This reticle is different from the standard mildot since half-mil hashes were added to the reticle. Also, the outline is diamond-shaped instead of dots.

This fixed powered scope for long range is colored matte-black and has a rear focus. It sports a 30 mm tube that can withstand multiple rifle recoils. One can mount this on a .50 caliber rifle and it would still hold zero even after using it multiple times. The image clarity does not change as well after multiple shooting sessions.

It is important to note that the performance of the lenses is on par with other higher quality scopes. It offers the same, if not better, field of view and its 10x magnification can hold its own even with moving targets. This is certainly one of the best fixed power scopes for long range shooting.


  • Uses a patented reticle
  • Can withstand multiple recoils
  • Clear images


  • Does not have a manual
  1. Leupold Competition Series 45x45mm Fixed Power Riflescope

Leupold is known to make some of the best fixed power scopes for long range and with the Competition Series, it continues to provide a vast array of features like crisp image quality, exceptional brightness levels, and the ability to perform well even in low-light condition. This is because of the multicoated lenses that the scope has. The scope uses a 1/8 MOA dot reticle and has a generous amount of eye-relief to protect the shooter’s eyes from the gun’s recoil. It is also water, fog and shockproof.

The scope itself is very durable and lightweight due to it being made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It also has an adjustment knob installed to change the side focus parallax. This allows the shooter to have an easy time focusing on his target from any position. Finally, it has a matte-black finish for a sleek look.


  • Produces images of high clarity
  • Made from durable materials
  • Fog, water and shockproof


  • None so far
  1. BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope

Trying to find versatile fixed power target scopes? You might want to check out this rifle especially if you are out in the woods trying to hunt some varmints and other animals. The riflescope has 5 versions with different magnifying power, reticles, and crosshairs. Its versatility comes from the fact that it can be used to hunt varmints and animals, target practice and long range shooting.

It has adjustable knobs to improve accuracy and make precise shots. Its lenses are multicoated and are larger than normal scope lenses which enhances the scope’s brightness level and image quality. It has a 1/8 MOA dot reticle and is fog, water and shockproof. The scope has a matte-black finish that makes it look sleek and sophisticated. Finally, it is easy to mount on the firearm.


  • Water, fog and shockproof
  • Easy to install
  • Different versions to choose from


  • Does not include mounting stands
  1. WEAVER Adjustable Objective Riflescope

Now, this scope is specifically made for hunting rifles. One of the best fixed power scopes for long range shooting in this list, the WEAVER riflescope has multicoated lenses that enhance the brightness level of the scope by at least 94%. This scope even has a built-in sunshade alongside an excellent eyepiece focus. It also has various adjustment knobs used for any changes needed with regards to the brightness level and other features.

The scope boasts of having the Micro-Trac adjustment system which helps the shooter by increasing his accuracy rate. It uses a crosshair instead of a reticle to aim at targets accurately. If used for target shooting, it also performs well, especially at specific distances. The lenses also perform well and provide a good field of view.


  • Can adjust brightness levels
  • Has a built-in sunshade
  • Equipped with the Micro-Trac system


  • None so far

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What scope is best for long range shooting?

This actually depends on the shooter since most riflescopes provide the same specifications. However, some scopes have specific systems added to them like the Micro- Trac system and the Mil-Quad reticle. Checking each specification of the scope would allow the shooter to choose the better scope over the other ones. The user should also check if the scope’s performance justifies its price. Read: Best Night Vision Scope Attachment

Finding the best fixed power scope for long range shooting can be daunting which is why this buyer’s guide was made. In any case, a fixed power scope would fare better in long range shooting than the variable tactical scope mainly because of its fixed magnification levels. The image produced by a fixed power scope is clearer because of its limited number of lenses.

  1. What distance is a 10x scope good for?

To better answer this question, please take note first that in most hunting scenarios, the recommended magnification level of a long range scope is 10x. In these hunting scenarios, the average distance is 300 yards. This means that a 10x magnified scope works best at the aforementioned distance. Now, if you plan to shoot at a farther distance, the 10x magnification level is still recommended since using a lower level of magnification will allow the shooter to aim faster at the target.

Another hunting scenario is if your target is moving; especially those small and fast targets. The 10x magnification level is still suitable in this case even at a distance of 500 yards. Hitting the target is made possible since this magnification level is low enough for the shooter to react and aim faster at the target.

  1. What is the best scope for 1000 yard shooting?

The best fixed power scope for long range shooting at this distance should have a magnification level of 8-32 x 44mm. The riflescopes mentioned in this buyer’s guide have that specification; albeit at different starting levels. As long as that requirement is met, hitting targets at a distance of 1000 yards would not pose any problems.

  1. What power scope is best for long range shooting?

The fixed power scope is much better to use for long range shooting than with the variable tactical scope. As mentioned earlier, its fixed magnification levels and the limited number of lenses makes it the obvious choice.


After reading the information in this buyer’s guide, you should now ascertain which brand to choose when purchasing a fixed power scope. This might be a short list but the best fixed power scopes for long range shooting have been listed here. Check out the magnification level that you are comfortable with then try to find the scope that has this requirement. So, ready to take your pick?