Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls Review & Buying Guide

Do you want to play golf at night? After a busy and hectic day, everyone would like to relax and enjoy playing a game of golf. Night golf is played in the golf courses that are lit by floodlights. By playing golf at night you need not have to search for the golf ball or lose sight of it. There is a wonderful glow in the dark golf ball sets available in the stores. This will make your golf balls visible to you and it will add excitement to the game.

There are different types of glow in the dark golf balls to choose from. So we have compared them based on the factors like colors, recharging ability, time taken to glow, and how easy it is to play night golf with the glow in the dark golf balls.

Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls | Buying Guide 2019

Factors to Consider Before Buying Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

  • Types of glow in the dark golf balls

Glow in the night golf balls are of two types. Some of them operate on a battery and others are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light and thus they are made to glow at night. The battery-operated golf balls cannot be recharged while the other type can be recharged. So you might want to choose the ones based your preferred use and availability of charging options. The LED glow in the dark golf balls is brighter than the UV types.

  • Size and Weight

All of the night golf balls have the same size and weight that is approved for professional play. The night golf balls that are recharged by a UV light source have a urethane cover. And they are similar to the golf balls that are played during the daytime.

The night golf balls that are battery-driven with LED lights are of the same size and weight as the daytime balls. But they are made out of a harder plastic. So you are likely to have a different experience while hitting them. You might have to try them out to see if you like playing with them.

  • Color

The UV light charged night golf balls are white before being charged and glows green when charged. The LED light-up golf balls come in various colors like blue, red, white, green, pink, and orange. This adds an aesthetic angle to your golfing experience.

  • Recharge Time

The LED light-up golf balls are not rechargeable. The UV type glow in the dark golf balls is recharged when exposed to flashlight for about one minute. So make sure you choose the golf balls carefully.

The Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

  1. R&L Glow Golf Balls for Night Sports

R&L Glow Golf Balls make it possible for you and your friends to enjoy a game of golf as they light-up at night. These golf balls have two fluorescent layers that enable them to shine brighter for a longer period of time and you can easily locate them wherever they are.

These night golf balls can be recharged easily with any flashlight. Moreover, when you buy the R&L Glow Golf Balls you get a 24 LED UV flashlight. The LED light-up golf balls give you a feel of hardness while hitting them and you have a short drive in comparison to regular day time balls.

On the contrary, the R&L fluorescent golf balls have a design like a tournament ball. Moreover, their performance is equal to the regular golf ball. The fluorescent ball with its low compression center and a soft urethane skin give a wonderful golfing experience. You can gift this R&L Glow Golf ball to your close friend, father, or business partner on their birthday, father’s day, Christmas, or other occasions.

Although these fluorescent golf balls glow the maximum in the dark they are less brighter than LED balls. These glow golf balls take 10 seconds to charge and the glow continues for about 10 minutes and not hours. You will have to charge them for every hit of the glow golf ball in order to make it stay lit.

  1. GlowV1 Night Golf Balls

GlowV1 Night Golf Balls are one of the best choices for glow golf balls. GlowV1 golf balls manufactured by GlowGear are one of the strongest night golf balls. The tournament ball design of these fluorescent golf balls allows them to play well. When you play with GlowV1 glow golf balls you can have longer drives in comparison to others.

GlowV1 fluorescent golf balls have the best hit as they have a regular central compression and the glow golf ball is made of urethane skin that has the glowing substance.

Golfers prefer the GlowV1 because they give the same feel and performance that is found in the daytime play. The GlowV1 night golf ball is superior to the LED type of golf balls that are battery-driven.


  • GlowV1 fluorescent golf balls are of the UV type.
  • In terms of size and weight, they meet professional standards.
  • They come in pack sizes of 12-count, six-count, and two-count.
  • The color of the night golf balls is green.
  • These glow golf balls have an afterglow for six hours and are bright for 15 minutes.
  • The glow in the dark golf balls can be recharged in 60 seconds on exposure to a UV flashlight.
  • The degree of brightness of this night golf ball is medium.
  1. QBOSO Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

QBOSO Glow in the Dark Golf Balls is best suited for an avid golf player. You can get the best golf experience at night with this glow in the dark golf ball. QBOSO Glow in the Dark Golf Balls has double layers of fluorescence that provide a bright neon glow at night.

You can easily recharge the best glow in the dark golf balls by using a UV flashlight. You have to charge every side of the golf ball. You should not hold onto one side of the ball while charging. The glow golf balls are far above the ordinary balls. They are visible during nighttime even from a distance. Each pack contains 12 glow golf balls.

  1. ILYSPORT LED Light-up Golf Balls

ILYSPORT LED light-up golf balls have a wonderful bright glow in the golf ball. They are available in different colors such as red, green, white, orange, blue, and pink colors. It is a very enjoyable experience while playing at night.

It can be lit up for 8 minutes after being hit by the golf shaft. The battery within the LED light-up golf balls will last for 40 hours. In other words, you can hit the ball for over 800 times.

There is no need for battery or charger. You just need to hit the golf ball and it will light-up automatically and it will give up a beautiful and colorful shot in the sky. You can give it as a gift to a golfer or people who like to play with LED light-up balls at night and have fun with it. The neon golf balls are packed well. The balls do not come in contact with each other during transit. The battery inside is safe and can be used for a longer time.

  1. GlowCity LED neon balls

GlowCity LED light-up golf balls are activated on impact and they are powered by a battery. These best glow in the dark golf balls are of the official size and weight. They are very bright for 8 minutes and they have a longer afterglow once they are hit. This you can have a great time and enjoy a night game of golf with these LED light-up golf balls.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a glow golf ball last?

The glow golf balls are rechargeable and they have wonderful charge retention. After a 60 seconds charge they can last for 15 minutes. Related: Best Drivers for a Slice | Top 10 Picks 🥇 | Buying Guide

  • How do glow in the dark balls work?

When you charge a glow in the dark golf ball under UV flashlight these golf balls get activated. The UV flashlight comes with each set. This will light-up the balls and make them as bright as possible in the air and it will be easier to locate them when they are on the ground.

  • Can you play golf at night?

Why not? You can play night golf which means playing golf at night time where the golf course is lit up by floodlights. And you can use glow in the dark golf balls to have an amazing golfing experience.


Those who want to purchase the glow in the dark golf balls they have two options. One is LED light-up golf balls and the other is UV rechargeable golf balls. For golf enthusiasts who like to have a similar feel of the daytime games and have long drives, the clear choice is a style that is UV-charged. They are truly superior to LED styles. There are a lot of factors you need to take into account before deciding which glow in the dark balls to purchase. So, go through our guide on best glow in the dark golf balls and choose the right fit for your night time golf.