Best Golf Clubs for Beginners | Top 10 Picks 🥇 | Buying Guide

Deciding to buy the best golf clubs for beginners to start playing or replace an old one is not a simple decision. To help you know which one of the best golf clubs for beginners to choose, we have this review and guide with several quality products and practical advice on this sport. This is to help you purchase the right golf club for whatever your level of play. So choose wisely when picking your club set.

What Are the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners?

When searching the market it is not uncommon to find a vast selection of Cleveland golf clubs, Rising Star, Nike and more. If it is costing you to decide on the best of all, you are not alone in this task. To simplify your choice, we have several quality recommendations with excellent price.

What Is a Golf Club?

Those who plan to start in this sport, need to know how a golf club for beginners, its classification and the parts of a golf club. In essence, they are a fundamental part of your kit to play and hit the ball. The most common are woods, irons, putters and hybrid versions.

Any of the golf clubs for beginners has 3 main parts: the head to hit the ball, the grip to grab it and the rod (shaft), which connects to the previous 2. There are also other elements that differentiate Callaway, Cobra etc and other brands of the best golf club for beginners.

Types of Golf Clubs

To understand the different types of golf clubs it is important to know that, according to the regulations, a player is authorized to carry 14 golf clubs in his bag. However, if you are just starting out and you do not have much experience you will be able to do without some and focus on those that are more versatile. Also, as a prior concept, it is also important to be aware that the purpose of the different clubs is to carry the ball at different distances, always applying the same force. That is to say, it is necessary to try to be homogeneous in the blows, indifferently of the distance that we want to reach, because for that there are different styles.

In each particular circumstance, a golf club for beginners must be used. The woods are used for long shots, the irons in intermediate hits, unfavorable or approach and the putter to introduce the ball into the hole.
The woods are used to achieve greater distances. The most used at present are 3 and 5.

The irons are classified from 1 to 9. The Iron one is the most difficult to handle and allows us to reach a distance of about 180 meters. On the opposite side is the nine iron, which is the easiest, and allows to reach 100 meters. Regarding their difficulty, they can be organized as follows: irons 1 and 2 are the most difficult to handle, irons 4 and 5 have medium-high difficulty, medium difficulty 5 and 6 and finally the number 7, 8 and 9 which are the easiest to use.

Short Game Clubs

The wedges are used mainly to leave the bunker because they print the ball a curved path that allows overcoming the obstacle. Finally, there is the putter, which is the most accurate of all and is used to introduce the ball into the hole once the player is in the green or in its vicinity.

How to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners?

When choosing which golf club to use for beginners there are a number of factors to consider. Here is what you should be paying to when shopping for one.

  • Size

A golf club for a child is not the same as one for a teenager or an adult. A good stroke mechanic is subject to your handling of the golf club dimensions. This includes a firm grip, control, coordination and angle of attack.

  • Number

As a reference, there is a classification for golf clubs and their distances. In the drivers, the number tells you the power increasing from lower to higher. As the irons go from 1 to 9, what varies is the angle, which defines the distance and height. For example, the golf club number 9 has an angle of 41 ° and the one of 14 °.

  • Material

As for the manufacture of these sporting goods, you can find graphite or steel golf clubs. Titanium or alloys with space resistance are also common for the golf clubs for beginners. The graphite ones give you more power in the blow, but less control. For their part, the steel ones have more control, but they are heavier and require more strength.

  • Weight

The balance of your swing when hitting the ball is conditioned by the weight and length of the golf club. The products that present greater lightness are recommended to achieve greater distance and height. In contrast, the heavier ones favor a faster movement for the control and flight of the ball. So choose wisely the weight when picking out the best golf clubs for beginners.

  • Level of Difficulty

In addition to the training club, there are specific models for children, women, men and older adults. As you progress, you can incorporate other canes to complement other facets of your game. The golf clubs for beginners should be easy to use. So if you are a lady then you may want to get the women golf clubs for beginners.

  • Brand

When you search for these items, you will find a wide selection of golf clubs Cobra, Boomerang, Chipper, Karsten, Miura, among others. There are many recognized brands that have different benefits. In our recommendations, you can take note of the ones we like the most. The brands on this review list all have the best golf clubs for beginners.

  • Design

As with recognized brands, golf club designs for men, women, and children vary. Most have similar qualities in terms of quality, colors, materials, technology, and sweet spot. When they have similar conditions, you can choose the cheapest one.

Criteria When Choosing the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners


In this case the brand matters. Betting on Callaway or Wilson is synonymous with buying a set of golf clubs with guarantees of a quality brand. We do not recommend unknown brands, even if it is your first set, because we do not know the manufacturing processes nor can we make sure you last a long time. The best golf clubs for beginners always come from the best brands.

The Number of Clubs

You will see that there are some sets that come with more than 10 clubs, very complete, but that has a higher price. The reality is that as you play, you will have specific needs and end up buying clubs. Our recommendation is that if it is your first set and you do not know if you are going to like it, buy a set with a good quality/price ratio.


There is a very wide price range accordingly. The sets can be between 200 dollars and can reach up to 1000 dollars. Make sure that the golf clubs for beginners are affordable for you.

Best Golf Club for Beginners Review

Here is our review list for the best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate. You may want to pick these brands when you are shopping for your very first set. These golf clubs will suit any skill level.

  1. Wilson Profile VF

Wilson Profile VF - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideThe variety is one of the main characteristics of this set golf clubs for beginners for women; this will allow you to perform different types of shots with only one set. You can count on fairway woods and hybrids, for greater reach and the material is made of very light graphite iron, for greater distance, in addition, that the putter golf of this model allows you to make short blows, but quite precise. This golf game equipment is designed for right-handed women and has a transport bag that can also be fit into the car. It has covers to protect the rods and keep them in optimal condition.

It is also important to bear in mind that the total weight of the product, including the different clubs, the bag, and the covers, is only 4 kilograms. In this way, you will be able to get an idea of the reduced weight they have, for their material of confection, graphite.

  1. Ben Sayers M1i

Ben Sayers M1i - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideAmong the best golf clubs for beginners especially children, this model is one of the most popular for bringing as a set to start the little ones of the family in this fascinating sport. Their clubs are made of graphite, which makes them lighter and easier to use by the child, but they can also learn to have more control of each of their shots.

Between its clubs, it has the well-known like wood of street of armored form and according to its manufacturers, this causes that the point of gravity is low, for greater precision and distance. It also includes a support bag and light transport included with the purchase. So they can take their game equipment wherever they want with comfort and security. Bring a protective mesh, so that each of the clubs is sheltered. If you wonder what is the best golf clubs for beginners for kids this year, this model is one of the recommended options.

  1. Wilson WGD602000

Wilson WGD602000 - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideThis putter is made especially for right-handed golf players, is made of highly resistant steel, to make the shots with the strength you need without fear of causing damage to the equipment and reaching relatively long distances. It has a total weight of 399 grams, so it is quite light. You can use it as you wish and you can have great control of the club. The length of the shaft is 34 inches, which makes it a conventional type when compared to other models.

This product could be the best golf club in relation quality-price because it uses quality materials and is worth less than the other models. With the use of this club, you can play as a professional or improve your blow technique. This is one of the best golf clubs intermediate players.

  1. Precise M5

Precise M5 - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideIt is a set of the best golf clubs for beginners, or intermediate players, mostly for right-handed men, with an H / C 3. In addition, they offer de-centering, which not only facilitates its use and overall performance but also allows have more control over the ball.

This equipment is made up of Driver manufactured in 460 cc titanium, Fairway SS wood and SS 5PW irons made of stainless steel, Hybrid SS and Putter. Also, the wood has a material of graphite and the irons have tempered steel rods, so they are light and strong at the same time.

On the other hand, they have a bag with multiple compartments and pockets to store their accessories. In addition, the package includes support to support the floor, double strap to carry type backpack and protective covers for heads of different sizes.

  1. Taylor Made M2

Taylormade M2 - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideThis is golf clubs for beginners with a design in black and modern style, this option from the manufacturer Taylor Made meets high-quality standards, which position it as one of the favorites of the users, being catalogued by many as the best golf clubs in the market.

They are designed for left-handed men, with a low center of gravity, providing long and deep trajectories without superior efforts. Being hybrids combine street woods with long irons, so they are suitable for beginners. It is the best golf driver for intermediate players as well.

In addition, they are equipped with advanced technology, ultra-light, and thin titanium properties that release volume, balancing the center of gravity, being more rigid and reducing vibrations on impact. They also have a 4-degree aluminum loft sleeve that can be adjusted, as well as an axle for high releases.

  1. Aspire XD1

Aspire XD1 - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideThis model sports manufacturer Aspire is hybrid properties, has pieces of wood, iron, among others, as well as being a complete kit for women’s game. These are some of the characteristics that position it among the best golf clubs of 2019.

This is one of the best golf clubs for beginners is designed for right-handed women, the clubs are black and silver with details in purple. Even the transport bag incorporates the same tones. The rods of all the clubs are made in light graphite, being suitable for players looking to improve performance, as they provide confidence.
The kit includes a 460 cc titanium driver, as well as wood, iron, putter, and support to keep the bag upright and facilitate the transport of the clubs. Its size is the ladies grip. This is definitely the best golf clubs for
beginners women.

  1. Callaway Rogue

Callaway Rogue - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideIf you are wondering what are the best golf clubs that can be obtained in the market, you should review the characteristics of this design marketed by the manufacturer Callaway. This model is available in black with details in blue, having a modern style and last generation.

Its shape and size are versatile clubs, being recommended for men, since the drivers have a suitable design that fits professional or amateur players, providing trajectories of high balls.

In addition, it incorporates lightweight but rigid body titanium bars, providing greater impact and speed loading. Also, the design is equipped with SpeedStep technology redefining the geometry of the edge, improving airflow and providing greater speed in the blows.

  1. Ben Sayers Junior M1i

Ben Sayers Junior M1i - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideIf you are interested in your son starting in golf, you will need a team that allows him to develop skills, this model being one of the cheapest and suitable for children between 13 and 18 years old.

It is about the best golf clubs of value for money, considering the attributes they offer. They are made with armored street wood that provides a low center of gravity, for controlled launch angles in distance and precision.

This golf club for beginners kit consists of wood of 1, a putter, two irons and a support bar with a tripod that has been equipped with soft mesh to protect the graphite rods. The clubs have a black design, with details in silver and orange.

  1. Wilson WS D200 FW R MLH

Wilson WS D200 FW R MLH - Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Top 10 Picks Buying GuideThis best golf clubs for beginners from the manufacturer Wilson is one of the most popular among the community of users because they are golf clubs made with high-quality standards, which provide accurate, balanced and speed shots. The clubs have a thin face, which provides speed for longer travel over long distances. In addition, they are made for players who want to improve their shots through fast and closed swings without any effort.

They are made of dense but light steel so that they get more meters of flight and increase forgiveness for deviant blows. The manufacturer has equipped this model with a modern design in silver with details and wine finishes, being appropriate for left-handed players.

  1. Wilson Profile XD

The Wilson Profile XD golf set has the best value for money that we show you in this post. As previously mentioned, Wilson is a brand with extensive experience in the world of golf, so despite buying a set of cheap golf clubs, you will have the assurance that it is a guarantee mark. While you may need to supplement this set at some time with other clubs, it will not be immediately, as the clubs that come cover most of the distances you need in the field.

The bag is included and has 7 upper individual covers to protect your golf clubs. In addition, you can use it in the golf cart or if you like to carry it and walk the field since it has straps to carry it on the shoulders and retractable legs to support it on the ground.

Finally, we think that the price for this set of the best golf clubs for beginners is excellent since it is in the low range of prices of golf clubs and you get a guarantee mark with a large number of clubs, in addition to the bag. Wilson has always been known for being one of the best golf brands in terms of price-quality.

Why Buy the Best Golf Club for Beginners?

To Play Better

When you do not have the golf clubs for beginners, you notice that others are playing better than you, they have more control and distance. Getting the best golf clubs for beginners can reduce a few hits to your handicap. Of course, the improvement of your performance has to be accompanied by a lot of practice, dedication and a swing according to your strengths.

The Comfort

Whatever your level of expertise in the game, you need the right equipment to develop your swing, technique and other aspects. By using an inappropriate club, you can hurt your joints, back or wrists. If you need the golf clubs for beginners for lefties or are ambidextrous, look for a product with which you feel comfortable.

How to Use a Golf Club?

While this purchase guide is not intended to be a manual for learning to play golf if we want to give you some valuable advice. The essential thing is how to take the best golf clubs for beginners if you are right or left-handed. In each case, the grip should favor your dominant hand so you can better control the strength of the swing.

Between the options of grip, accounts with one of 10 fingers, the interlaced ones. As you know, golf is a game of precision that requires a refined technique. The fundamentals related to posture, power, angle of attack and types of clubs are what will improve your performance in the field.

What Is the Price of a Golf Club?

Given a large number of designs, sizes, and styles, choosing the golf clubs for beginners, well can be reduced to the investment cost it represents. Take into account the recognized brands, opinions of experts and friends who also play, it is essential to decide on one model or another.

When reviewing the prices of golf clubs in the most famous e-commerce, you can get a junior putter starting at around 20 to 25 dollars. If you are thinking about giving seriousness to the matter and buying the best golf clubs for beginners, get one with benefits for professionals can cost you about a few thousand dollars.

How to Clean a Golf Club?

Regarding the maintenance of the golf clubs for beginners, the main options are: do it yourself or entrust it to a professional service. If it is the first option, buy a cleaning kit that usually includes anti-skid products, waxes, and special brushes. If someone else is going to clean your golf club, we recommend the ultrasound, which is very effective against any dirt.