Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 Review & Buying Guide

The market place is riddled with bike helmets. But not all helmets are made equally. Many bikers get carried away with the design and overlook the more practical applications when buying mountain biking helmets. The most relevant factor for many budding bikers is the price point. But when you looking for best mountain bike helmets under $100, quality might be compromised. Fit and finish of an mtb helmet are paramount for carefree riding experience. An ill-fitting helmet can potentially distract a biker from the course.

Quality and materials are what separates the best mountain bike helmet from the clutter. A good helmet needs both cushion and durability in case of an impact. CPSE Bicycle or DOT certification is a reliable indicator of safety. Full face mountain bike helmets are all the rage these days. The bikers prefer them because of the additional safety they provide. Based on many such factors we have enlisted 5 of the best mountain bike helmets under $100.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 Review & Buying Guide

Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 Review

  1. Demon United Podium

Protection and comfort are prioritized with the Podium. A CPSE Bicycle certification makes it a top contender for best mountain bike helmets under 100 dollars. The combination of light yet tough is the true mark of a great fullface mountain bike helmet. The Polycarbonate shell has high impact resistance and weighs in at just over 2 lbs.

Some might consider this on the tighter end but if you follow the size chart correctly, you will be fine. The snug fit also prevents the helmet from dislodging. The 13 carefully placed vents in the helmet provide for much-needed cooling in extreme biking conditions. The good news is that the functionality of the Podium does not overshadow its looks. With a wide selection of styles, picking one that will pair up well with your bike is quite easy. At under $100, the Demon has all the features one looks for in the best full face mtb helmet.

Top features

  • Lightweight
  • CPSE Bicycle certified
  • Styling option galore
  1. O’Neal 3 Series Helmet

The combination of styling, comfort and price point make O’Neal a preferred option for beginners or budget buyers. This DOT certified helmet is made of polycarbonate material making it light and sturdy. There are ample well-placed vents to keep the rider cool. The easily adjustable visor makes it customizable to the biker’s needs. The padding is also very well crafted with room left at the top. This gives the head breathing space for fit and ventilation.

Maintaining an mtb helmet can sometimes be a nightmare. Regular use can leave the helmet with an unpleasant smell after some time. The EPS Liner can be easily removed and washed. Once dried it can be snapped right back on to the helmet in no time. Even the best mountain bike helmets can sometimes overlook such details. The minimal styling with matt finish sets it apart from the crowd. If you are browsing for best mountain bike helmets under $100, 3 Series should make it to the shortlist.

Top features

  • DOT certified
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Fit and ventilation
  1. Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmets

Minimal is the word that will define this full face mountain bike helmet the best. Minimal in styling and pricing. When it comes to styling, cluttered is a word that often comes up with all the excessive graphics. The clean black design is a breath of fresh air and sets it apart from the rest. The strategically placed air vents add just a smidge of styling to bring the design seamlessly together. Of course, it keeps the rider comfortable during extreme conditions often associated with adventure biking.

The mesh on the mouth guard is made of lightweight metal instead of cheap plastic. The EPS foam padding keeps the head in place and the ABS shell absorbs the shock of impact. This is vital in avoiding internal injuries. These helmets have all the markers that make an affordable yet durable protective gear.

Top features

  • CPSE Bicycle certified
  • Minimal styling
  • Durable metal mesh
  1. DYM 258 Bike Helmet

Versatility is what sets this headgear apart from the competition. Unlike the rest, the DYM is a two-part helmet. The mouth cover comes off very easily for those casual riding days. You can snap it on in no time when you decide to hit that rough trail. The adjustable headlock system is customizable to the rider’s head for optimal fit and support. Not all bikers ride in the wilderness. Bikes are becoming a popular mode for daily commute. The warning taillight at the back of the helmet makes it the best helmet for road and mountain biking.

The lightweight fused polycarbonate outer shell keeps impact resistance as its priority. Coupled with dual-density EPS liners, the DYM is a top of the line budget pick. These helmets are fit for riding both on and off the road. Motocross is not off-limits either. The best mountain bike helmet under $100 needs a little extra and this has got it and then some more.

Top features

  • Detachable face mask
  • Multipurpose use
  • Back warning light
  1. Bell Sanctions 

Finding this particular helmet was like striking gold when looking for best mountain bike helmets under $100. This is the most pocket-friendly head protection on this list. The helmet’s material and structure makes it great at absorbing impact. The padding is snug and some find it to be a bit tight. But with some use, it eases around the head to give perfect stability.

The visor is adjustable and the front opening provides a good field of vision. Despite its fit, the front guard area has enough room. You can easily slip in a sipper under the chin with the helmet still on. The finish is matt and there are many colour choices for everyone’s liking. All in all the Bell Sanction provides you with quality protection at a great price point.

Top features

  • Good fit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Minimal design


A good quality helmet need not be the exorbitantly priced. The key purpose of a helmet is protection. The styling is just the cherry on top. Looking for the best mountain bike helmets under $100 can be a tedious task. But if you understand your biking needs it can be rather simple. We have hand-picked the most feature-packed mtb helmets. Off-road or on-road, whether you are BMX biker or motocross athlete. The bike helmets enumerated above have something for all budget buyers.