Best Preservative-Free Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Review

Have you been wondering what are the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes? Well, finally the end has come to your pain and all your worries since these eye drops can solve your problem instantly.

Do you have a problem with dry eyes when you wake up in the morning or during the day when the work gets the best of you so you feel tired and sleepy? There will be no more worries about that because with eye drops for dry eyes your worries and pain of having dry eyes will be gone.

We’ve assembled a list of some of the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes so that you can figure out which ones are right for your needs. If you decide to get one of these 5 preservative free eye drops for dry eyes, we can assure you that you won’t make a mistake.

Best Preservative-Free Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Review

Factors to Consider Before Buying Preservative-Free Eye Drops

  1. Contact lens friendly

Not all eye drops are made equal, especially if you are a contact lens user. Be sure that the eye drop you are using is compatible with the lens. The reason is, certain eye drops may contain ingredients that will interact with the lens. If you happen to be prescribed with eye drops and it is not stated if it is contact lens compatible, then chances are it isn’t. It is better to avoid wearing a lens at all when using the eye drops.

  1. Causes of dry eyes

The cause of a patient’s dry eyes is one of the most important considerations to be discussed with a doctor. Dry eyes can have many causes. These causes may be environmental, an underlying medical problem, or as a result of medication.

Several environmental factors can cause dry eyes, and some of them are dust, prolonged periods of staring at a screen, dry air and other irritants. If environmental factors are directly responsible for the dry eyes, you can simply take over-the-counter eye drops or, in more severe cases, prescription drops.

  1. Possible side effects

Eye drops can lead to some side effects, and some common ones are increased sensitivity of eyes to light, blurred vision, watering of eyes, redness, discomfort or other irritation as a result of the medication, matting or stickiness of eyelashes, swelling of the eyelid.

As with any medication, if a person experiences side effects from using drops, they should immediately consult a doctor and stop using them. In general, eye drops don’t lead to any serious health issues.

  1. When to see a doctor

In cases where the symptoms of dry eyes persist for longer than a week or over-the-counter eye drops have had little effect, a person may want to see a doctor. In prolonged or serious cases of dry eye, consulting a doctor can prove beneficial.

Best Preservative-Free Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Review

  1. Systane Ultra

These lubricant eye drops are also well-known as the number 1 brand of artificial tears that every doctor recommends, especially because they are sterile. They work fast, and offer extended protection. It’s created with breakthrough comfort technology and it’s designed to protect the ocular surface. While being provided as a drop, it acts like a gel, providing enhanced lubrication for the eye.

These eye drops reduce signs and symptoms of dry eyes, which makes them a reliable option to go with. They are designed to provide relief against mild dry eye symptoms, including, eye dryness, eye irritation, scratchy eyes, gritty eyes, burning or stinging eyes, and blurry vision.


  • They are eye drops but act like a gel which gives enhanced lubrication for the eye
  • Doctor recommended
  • Helps your eyes feel lubricated and refreshed


  • They leave crusty residue on eyelashes, so you might need to pull your lashes to remove paper sheaths from them
  1. Oasis TEARS PLUS

These are one of the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes because they coat, lubricate, and moisten delicate eye tissue. With your every blink, a special substance in these eye drops combines with the active ingredient, glycerin to keep tears on the eye surface for a long period of time.

This simple and unique combination coats and recoats the surface of the eye for continued relief of dry, irritated eyes. They are convenient for either during the day or for night time use. Because they are preservative-free, these eye drops for dry eyes are recommended for the relief of moderate to severe dry eye symptoms.


  • For day or night time use
  • Great for people who use contact lenses
  • People with allergies for eye drops can use them


  • They can give you blurry vision after you apply them for a few minutes
  1. Clear Eyes Pure Relief

It’s hard not to mention right away that these eye drops are number 1 selling brand of eye drops. These preservative free eye drops in a bottle are specially formulated to soothe a range of conditions including red, itchy, burning, gritty, irritated, and dry eyes. Have in mind that they are mostly used for redness relief.

They will provide you fast-acting relief, moisturize your dry eyes right away, and give you up to 12 hours of long-lasting soothing comfort. Furthermore, as many other preservative free eye drops in a bottle, these also contain ingredients like glycerin which is used in many lubricating drops.


  • Reduces redness
  • From the number 1 selling brand of eye drops
  • Great price


  • The bottle is harder to squeeze than the most other eye drops
  • Minor burning sensation for a few seconds after application, which is probably a reaction to the anti-redness vasoconstrictor
  1. TheraTears

TheraTears eye drops become preservative free instantly when they come in contact with the eye. They are sterile and provide the eye with lubrication. They are a highly popular type of drop that uses a patented electrolyte balance. With its electrolyte formula, these eye drops correct the salt imbalance that can cause dry eye symptoms.

Furthermore, it is considered that these are one of the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes because they were created by an Ophthalmologist after 18 years of research. That also makes them highly recommended by doctors.


  • Highly recommended by doctors
  • These eye drops provide long lasting relief


  • Bad package, once you open the top cap, you can’t close it anymore, and in one bottle you have enough drops for two uses during the day
  1. Similasan

The biggest advantage of this eye drops is that they use natural active ingredients like eyebright instead of harsh chemicals, to stimulate your body’s natural defenses. They will provide you with temporary relief from dry eye symptoms like red eyes, itching eyes, burning eyes, stinging eyes, irritated eyes, and watering eyes. You can use them as often as needed with no known side effects.

Unlike many other preservative free eye drops, these do not contain vasoconstrictors, a chemical that can cause a rebound effect. You should also have in mind that Similasan is a leading Swiss brand of homeopathic remedies that uses natural active ingredients to create their products which will keep you healthy throughout the year.


  • Great natural eye relief
  • Doesn’t burn your eyes when you apply it


  • They are not for longer-lasting relief

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best eye drops for severe dry eyes?

Your doctor might recommend you Restasis instead of artificial tears. Restasis does more than simply lubricate the surface of your eye, unlike many other eye drops.

  1. How long do preservative free eye drops last?

Before using a preservative-free eye drop, you should check the marked expiration date. The expiration dates are marked, but most of the available drops in this category have a shelf life of several years, as long as they are stored at the recommended temperatures.

  1. What does preservative free eye drops mean?

Preservative-free eye drops have fewer additives and are generally recommended if you apply artificial tears more than four times a day, or if you have moderate or severe dry eyes. Preservative-free eyedrops may come in single-dose vials.

  1. How often can I use preservative free eye drops?

You can use preservative free eye drops whenever you feel like you need them, but it’s not recommended to use them more than four times a day.


Looking for the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes can be quite stressful until you find the product that is perfect for you and your needs. These 5 preservative free eye drops are specially created to provide you the healthiest resolution for your dry eyes, so if you decide to get yourself one of these, you won’t regret your decision. With our extensive guide, we are only here to help you choose the best preservative free eye drops for dry eyes and to keep you informed about all the details of these excellent eye drops.