Best Running Shoes for Teenage Girls | Buying Guide

Choosing the right footwear for running can be a hassle. Everyone wants their shoes to be comfortable, durable and stylish. For some, being fashionable is the main concern, while others tend to prioritize coziness above everything else. If you’re on a budget, your main concern may be to find a pair of shoes that are reliable and able handle anything you throw at them. The best running shoes for teenage girls should balance these things in a way that suits you just right.

Plenty of features are offered by most brands to try and turn a good shoe into something great. Many of them are successful at making the experience of running in their shoes feel great. Nonetheless, we’re not looking for great, but for the very best experience a running shoe for teenage girls can offer, so we’re only taking into consideration the characteristics that we find actually useful and relevant.

Different Uses for Running Shoes

Nowadays, the best running shoes have the looks, strength and support to accommodate your needs. Most likely, choosing between them will come down to which one seems like the best to your particular taste and it’s a better fit for the use you intend to give them. For example, you might want to have different sets of running shoes for:

  • Training at the gym, going for a walk and jogging,
  • Doing hiking, playing sports and other rough physical activities and
  • Matching your casual clothing

Once you have decided what’s the need that you want your shoes to fulfill, we’ll go through different options at different price ranges. Each one of them will offer a variety of features that may tip the scales one way or another for you. When you’ve read all about them, you should be ready to make a smart choice.

Best Running Shoes for Teenage Girls Buying Guide

What Should You Be Looking At?

There are many details to consider if you want to find the best running shoes for teenage girls. Some of the main characteristics to take into consideration are:

  • Stack height

The term refers to the size of the piece that stands between your feet and the ground. A higher stack height means a larger amount of material preventing your feet to feel the ground or any laying object that could hurt your feet when you’re walking or running. But, if the stack is too high, it will be harder to maintain balance.

  • Heel-toe drop

It’s the difference that exists in the amount of material that’s under the heel and the amount present in the front side of the shoe, under the toes. It reduces the impact your body receives when your heel hit the ground, especially when you’re running and It helps to give you better grip and control on the front of your feet to push yourself onward.

  • Upper

It can be made of textile material, which will give you more breathability. Could also be made of leather or synthetic material, so instead it will be more durable and protective, or a mix of both. Read: Best Shoes for Knee Pain Relief | Top 5 Picks | Buying Guide

  • Sole

Rubber soles are able to last longer than other materials, but not very good at absorbing the impact your feet receive in every step. They also provide better grip for hiking and such. Soles made of synthetic material are better for absorbing the impact, but don’t last as much nor provide a strong grip on the terrain.

  • Pronation control

Means that the shoe is designed to help with overpronation and supination, which causes discomfort due to poor shock absorption while running. It does so by correcting the stride so your ankles don’t roll at the moment of impact.

Style vs. Comfort

It’s not easy to make that call. Trying to find a running shoe that’s comfortable and looks good on you can be tricky. Too many times we’re forced to give up on the aesthetic value of our footwear in order to maintain a minimum level of comfort.

Shoes are, for some people, the most important part of any outfit, as they can turn almost any set of clothing into an astounding attire. Wearing a pair that feels like you’re walking on clouds can greatly improve your day. Buying them can be a satisfying experience when you find a pair that’s a perfect match for you. But, sometimes, finding the perfect shoes becomes a tedious process. We know, we’ve been there too.

Knowing that, we compiled this list detailing the best picks we found while browsing through every single store we could find. We tried our best to give you a variety of options that won’t have you making that impossible choice of deciding between being comfy and looking great.

Best Running Shoes for Teenage Girls Review

To help you make the choice that’s right for you, these are the ones we thought should be considered the best running shoes for teenage girls:

  1. adidas Cloudfoam Pure

The first spot on this list goes to adidas’ Cloudfoam Pure. This ones are the most balanced running shoes we could find, and a worthy candidate for best running shoes for teenage girls. These pair of adidas are fashion, lightweight and really comfortable. These are the ones you want to buy if you intend to use them on a daily basis.

This pair offers a modern design, a very soft sole and a knit textile upper. The best part of the deal is that they’re affordable, comfortable and very nice to look at. However, this aren’t suited for intense sessions of heavy physical activity, due to being a bit lacking in the impact absorption department.

  1. Brooks Ghost 11

In the search for the best running shoes for teenage girls, we also have to look at upper tier of the spectrum. The Ghost 11 might be the most appealing and glamorous shoes on this list. It’s the running shoe for the aesthetic-oriented teen.

It’s a very fashionable choice that’s guaranteed to earn you a lot of compliments. On the field, its reliability it’s a given. It is the best running shoe for any girl that’s into modern-looking, high-quality apparel and doesn’t have to stick to a tight budget. Brooks has shoes with more cushioning, but this is their best alternative for those that actually want to use them for running.

  1. Skechers Go Run 600-divert

One cannot make a list of quality running shoes and not include a pair of Skechers. Their continued efforts to keep improving the way they make shoes have definitely paid off. The Go Run 600-divert is a great example of the progress they’ve made.

It’s a pair of shoes that’s bound to exceed your expectations. It gets extra points for durability, great design and light weight. Sadly, like many of the more casual-looking shoes on this list, it loses points due to it’s average performance on the field. They’re ok for running, but wouldn’t recommend them for more strenuous exercises. However, they’re still really comfortable and offer good support. Their rubber traction points also give you a better grip than most other casual running shoes, which is nice.

  1. Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

This is the most affordable option for those girls looking for a shoe that can take a beating. If it came to pure strength and versatility, this would be the winner for the best running shoe for teenage girls.

Saucony present us this pair of shoes that are made for the really active girls. They have a rubber sole and synthetic upper part to give you the feeling that these are shoes you can truly rely on. The upper also has a few spots made of textile material to give your feet some ventilation. They may not be super voguish, but this are the ones you will buy if you want to make field trip a go hiking, jumping, running and exploring.

  1. ASICS Gel-Venture 6

Last, but in no way least, we have the Gel-Venture 6 by ASICS. A well-rounded alternative for the girls that want to push themselves to the limit and know their shoes will not let them down in the process.

It is superbly built and extremely durable. On the field test, we found it to be very good for running and great for going throgh rough terrain. ASICS tried really hard to keep it tough without losing too much comfotability, and they nailed it. Also, the sockliner can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic, which makes these shoes the best choice for those who need that particular feature.


After going through all the items in this list, we can safely say that the best running shoes for teenage girls are the ones that can effectively attend to their particular needs. There is a considerable amount of variety so you shouldn’t have to give up on anything you want in a pair of shoes. If you choose the best, you’ll be rewarded and your feet will appreciate it. We hope you found the ones for you and now know what to look for when buying shoes.