Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting | Buying Guide 🥇

Long-range shooting is where the shooter has to shoot between 600-1000 meters away. For a successful hit, various factors are taken into consideration such as the wind, weather and of course the rifle/shooting accessories. Which brings us to the topic of scope rings. A scope is an optical sighting device that helps firearms to aim accurately especially rifles. The purpose of scope rings is to mount a scope to a rifle and prevent the scope from moving under recoil. Through this article, we hope to help you to choose the appropriate scope ring by informing you about the best scope rings for long-range shooting.

As there are many scope rings in the market, it is difficult to choose the best one for your rifle. So we will begin with what to keep in mind when choosing a scope ring. To begin with, you need to know what are the types of rings available.

Types of Riflescope Rings

  • Weaver Style

These are the most common type of mounting systems. They have wide (7/8″) bases and they are made of steel or aluminium. They are easy to install and remove as well as easy to mount on different firearms.

  • Picatinny Style Rings

These rings are designed according to specifications outlined by the US navy. The recoil lugs of the rings are thicker than those of the weaver style rings. Weaver rings may fit on Picatinny bases but not the other way round.

  • Leupold Style

Leupold rings and mounts come in different designs depending on the manufacturer. They come either in a single piece or a pair. The two parts of the ring are loosely assembled and the ring cannot be turned into the base with hands. They are sleek and reliable. However, they are more difficult to detach than weaver style rings.

  • Dovetail Rings

These are grooved rings and provide a secure fit. Sometimes they are just 3/8 “ bases inserted into the receiver rather than using grooves. This is done when the metal of the receiver is not that thick.

Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting Buying Guide 2020

Type of Rifle Scope Bases

Bases (or rails) are the most important part of a firearm. If your base is not proper, your shooting experience will be ruined. Scope rings should match the base. Again weaver style is the most common. They are interchangeable. Picatinny bases are larger than Weaver-style bases. Mounts come in one-piece or two pieces. The two-piece is sturdier.

  • Height of Rings

Scopes come in different sizes. Though a lower scope is preferred, the height of the scope depends on the size of the scope objective lens. Lower scopes also allow the user to make more adjustments. For a 56mm objective lens high or even extra high rings are required.

  • Type of Splits

Scope rings can be of either vertical split or horizontal. Vertical split rings are easier to install than horizontal split rings.

  • The Construction Materials

Scope rings are usually made of steel or aluminium. Steel rings are superior in terms of durability and strength. Aluminum rings are lighter and because they often come in pairs, they provide more accuracy.

Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting

  1. Burris Signature 1″ Zee Rings

Burris Signature rings are unanimously accepted as the best scope rings for long range shooting if not the best. They are considered revolutionary where scope mounting is concerned. Not just that, they are a favorite in the market because of their durability, strength and other qualities. Here are some reasons why these rings are one of the best scope rings for long range shooting. They can be used on any weaver-style base.

The design consists of inserts which are synthetic and pivoting, encased in steel outer ring. Such a design also prevents the scope tube from getting bent thus assuring optical precision. This design also ensures that the scope-to-ring surface area contact is 100%.  The ring inserts can be rotated to adjust the scope’s direction. These rings can withstand any kind of weather and quite a lot of temperature difference.

The inserts are made with such a material and so much precision that they do not get crushed or scratched. Even if the existing scope is replaced by a new scope within the rings for six months, there will be no ring marks. You can mount the scope in different positions and the result will be the same. Therefore selling the scope to another owner is not very difficult.

There will be no requirement of a warranty card or charge for either replacement or repair. The future owners will be able to avail of the warranty as well. optic if it is damaged or defective

These are enough reasons to go for these rings. Other than the complaint that the rings are difficult to tighten, they have been very highly rated by customers.

  1. Seekins Precision 30mm Tube .87″

The Seekins Precision scope rings are a horizontally split 4 screw type scope ring set. Their design is well-known for being the highest of quality and attention to detail. These rings are made of 7075-T6 aluminium tailored to 1913 Picatinny specifications which means they are lighter in weight compared to steel rings. They can be tightened to precision. The Seekins Precision scope rings are available in 30 mm. Their height ranges from low to AR high. This ensures that several optic combinations can be used.  Their fit is good. The only thing is they are expensive, but again that depends on person to person. You don’t have to do many alterations to the alignment. The 4cap screw rings are 8” wide so there is more surface area for clamping than other rings. Their edges are smooth.

  1. EGW 1in Practical Aluminum Rings 750″

The EGW 1in practical aluminium .750 scope rings are vertical split type rings made from precision machined aluminium and anodized with a nice, matte black finish. They are available in 1” to 30mm diameter.

One of the reasons these rings are among the best scope rings used for long-range shooting is because of their solid mount and the ease with which the scope can be levelled. Also known for its quality. One can tighten or align them without stressing or scratching the scope tube. They are known for their quality.

The only complaint has been that these rings sometimes maybe alloyed with traces of lead or other elements that have been known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. And also make sure you purchase from a top brand. To avoid exposure do not give the product for welding, grinding or any other methods of alterations.

  1. TPS TSR Low Sporting Optic Rings (.925)

You know this is one of the best scope rings for long-range shooting if it’s being directly supplied to a defense ministry of a developed nation (Canada for the C14 Timberwolf .338 Lapua (MRSWS)). In other words, the design and quality are guaranteed. Plus TPS TSR Low Sporting Optic Rings (.925), 30 mm are said to give the most accuracy. These rings are made from 7075-T651 aluminium alloy with an anodized finish, in matte black.

They give the maximum possibility of scope to ring contact which holds the scope against recoil. They have a four-screw cap which means you can alter the alignment of the reticle by tightening the cap from both sides without rotating the scope. The corners are chamfered giving them a smooth look and also prevents snags. Aluminium makes them lightweight ( 3.2 ounces). These rings are made for Picatinny bases to which they are attached with a large clamp nut. These rings are also well-priced and easy to install.

  1. Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

These rings come in pairs. Works only with Picatinny bases. Made of the certified USA 7075-T6 billet aluminium with a finish of Type III hard anodized coating.

Lightweight (2.8 ounces) and rugged in appearance these rings are also anti-snag and very strong. Grade 8 fasteners keep the scope in position The center of the scope tube is positioned at a height of 0.97 inches (24.64 mm) from the base

It offers a tolerance of 0.0005 because of a CNC mill making them clamp tightly. As a result, the bottom and the top of the rings fit together perfectly. It’s a little expensive but as long as you choose the right size it will be worth it. They are easy to install and easy to tighten as well. Vortex is also a preferred brand for shooting professionals.

These are just a few. Of course, there are many more amazing scope rings available in the market but we have narrowed down to five for your convenience! Hope this article was useful. All the best!