Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner | Buying Guide

We all love our kids that are in the first stages to get acquainted with their skateboards. To find the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner is not an easy task and is always associated with great distress from the part of the parents.

We all like to introduce the skateboard for 6 year olds that better matches our aspirations for safety and drivability. However, most of the times our kids have totally different views on the way they want their best skateboard.

You have to take into account that the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner has to be a reliable brand in order to make it easier for the kids to support the drivability of the vehicle. Many times, have you observed children that are reluctant to step on a skateboard because they had a traumatic initial experience with that kind of wheel-driven skates.

This is high time we reviewed the factors that are significant in a skateboard to be characterized as a safe vehicle for your 6-year old son. These may sound funny, but you still have to look on them to check whether or not they comply with all modern safety regulations. Your son is going to check all the rest for you.

Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner Buying Guide

Buying Guide for the Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner

There are many things you can check when you need to purchase the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner who is going to be attached to the specific item for a long time. These vehicles are light in construction and also very speedy. That is why they have some inherent risks when being ridden by a novice that don’t know exactly how to control acceleration, maximum speed and breaks.

  1. Check the deck shape

The deck is one of the most important parts of every skateboard. The smaller the rider the same small has to be the size of the skateboard deck. This has to occur if you want to enjoy a better balance and safety when riding it.

There are many sizes and shapes for decks to cover the whole range of riders from beginners to progressors and advanced ones. No kid can claim that knows how to ride a skateboard in the first place so you need to find the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner which will give him the chance to improve his fullest potential.

  1. Trucks

The width of the trucks that lie beneath the surface of the deck is an important aspect for the success of your purchase. There is practically no chance to overpass the size of your deck in your normal truck, however, some kids are fixing this to impress their peers.

The size of the trucks has to equal the size of the desk to make sure you are having a secure and risk-free ride at all times.

  1. Check on the wheels

Another great part of the skateboard and the one that gives you traction to the road are the wheels. You should always opt for the smaller wheels that can give you better acceleration and state-of-the-art balance no matter what the initial knowledge of your kid is

Only the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner can guarantee that you will be always able to control it the way you want. A feasible way to make this happen would be to identify the special character of the wheels with your kid and start making alterations only when you both agree to some common things like breaks, balance and top-speed of the skateboard.

  1. Presence of special safety paraphernalia

This means that you should check whether or not the manufacturers of the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner are offering you gloves, helmets and knee protector pads. These items would be life-saving for your kid if worn at all times when riding his skateboard.

Remember that most of the serious injuries are happening when your kids are riding their skateboard without any precaution. There is no chance that your kid will not exaggerate in acceleration and top speed levels. Once it’s happening make sure that it takes the right precautions coming with the skateboard in the first place.

skateboard for 6 year olds

FAQs for the Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner

These are the questions that you always wanted to ask for, but you never dared to.

  1. What is the best way to treat your skateboards?

It is better to keep it in a dry and cool place just to make sure that the wooden board is not going to absorb any moisture. Then remember to clean it up with soap and water after any visit to muddy places since this can destroy the wheels and the deck itself.

  1. How can you say it’s time to replace your old skateboard?

This is a very personal question especially when you are talking about the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner that is sentimentally attached to its vehicle. You should definitely change the skateboard if there is a crack on the deck surface. Also, if there is damage to the wheels and their base.

Finally, as a general rule make sure that you are replacing your kid’s skateboard every time, he increased in height so that he can ride the right one for his age.

  1. What are the best protective measures to take on the skateboard?

You need to wear a helmet to protect your head from accidental falls. Not to mention, that a pair of gloves would make perfect sense to wear when you are close to reaching the ground. Finally, you should opt for knee pads that can reduce the danger of knee injuries when you are speeding on the skateboard.

Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner Reviews

  1. Anti Hero Skateboard Complete Team Eagle

This is the item that your kids are going to love when the put an eye on them. Reviewed as one of the best skateboards for 6 year old beginner it can certainly give you lots of benefits that you cannot possibly find anywhere else.

It has a perfect imprint that will make the kids’ mood any time they are riding it. The deck is made from plastic and wooden parts to be reliable and durable at the same time. There is also a special anti-skid layer on top to keep your grip when you most need it.

The wheels are perfectly balanced and placed exactly where you need so that you can have the best traction. This is a perfect gift for every 6-year old that needs a high-quality skateboard to start learning easier the art of skating.


  • Straight deck
  • Doesn’t get affected by weather conditions
  • Value for money
  • Perfect pigmentation and imprints
  • Wheels are spinning faster than the competition


  • Doesn’t give any type of guarantee

  1. Krooked Skateboard Complete Team Eyes Blue

With this skateboard, you have the most hilarious blue eyes watching your kid riding his skateboard. Having one of the most balanced behavior of all the market, this skateboard can give you great performance especially when you are the absolute beginner.

Perfect for children that are now learning how to skate and can give you an improved ability to start and stop especially over steep hills. This skateboard has an ultimate friction surface which can provide extreme safety at all times.

The wheels base is closer to the deck so that kids can feel the real touch of the ground. However, there are special springs on the rear side to absorb all shocks coming from the road and give your kids the most pleasant riding experience.


  • Great overall balance
  • Easy to wash and rinse
  • Can withstand cold and hot weather
  • Good to go from beginners to professionals
  • You can easily customize it


  • Doesn’t have a steering wheel

  1. CCS x Realtree Skateboard Complete Camo with Skateboard

A real bargain that has recently come to publicity since the brand has been well known for its quality products. The CSS has always been keen on producing skateboards that could be ridden even by 6-year old kids, the absolute riding beginners.

This skateboard has an interesting imprint that can easily change your mood. It also comes with a perfect wheels’ base that is made from stainless steel and never rusts or corrodes. The wheels themselves are hard with no plastic rubber around them. This means you should be really careful about where you are speeding at and how much you are running.

The skateboard that has been characterized as the most competent friend of your kids can also give you the reassurance that your boy is going to save from every outer danger. You can always run on it, giving you a great escape route when you are in trouble.


  • Comes with a great imprint that will amaze kids
  • It has the largest deck in its category
  • Deck has been made of pure wooden parts for extreme durability and comfort
  • Comes into little copies
  • There are only a few bundles to keep you rolling


  • Not easily available in all possible regions