Best Steel Tip Darts | Top 5 Picks | Review & Buying Guide

Today there is a great need for entertainment across the world especially to the darts sector. Some of the best athletes that play this game prefer the best steel tip darts. This is because they have a perfect aiming ability and can penetrate easier to the target. Lately, there has been a great debate among experts about the best soft tip darts and the ones that have a steel tip. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks. When you are a beginner it would be easier to start with the best darts for beginners. They will give you a thorough view of the game and can even train you to think like an expert.

This review is about the best steel tip darts that are now on the market. These are more important to have when you are going for official games. However, you may use them on a daily basis when you need to perform your training. Let’s now check the most frequently asked questions for the dart sets that are available. Later, we will go on with the reviews of the best steel tip darts. This will give you the knowledge to get the darts that you need in the price range you are looking for.

Best Steel Tip Darts Top 5 Picks Buying Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a good weight for steel tip darts?

Most of the people prefer their best darts to weight approximately 20 to 26 grams. This is a good weight range so that you can easily aim your target. When using the darts, you need to ensure proper grip. You can only achieve that by getting the items which are not that light. Lighter darts are usually changing their directions due to wind flows. However, the best steel tip darts are following special secure route and penetrate easily to the target.

  1. What are the best darts to use?

We all know that the steel tip darts are the best ones to use in daily training and official games. This is because they are a lot better than the best soft tip darts thanks to their extreme penetrating ability. Sometimes, its not enough to aim right but to have the penetrating power to stay on target. That is why the best steel tip darts are dominating the market and are good both for beginners and experts.

  1. Are lighter darts more accurate?

Experts are saying that lighter darts are easier to handle but miss their target frequently. This is because they can suddenly change direction due to the wind blow. Even though darts are played indoors this is a limitation that exists for all players. Lighter darts may look like the best cheap darts since they are not having any steel or titanium tips that are costly. However, this reflects to your aiming and penetrating ability that will make you the final champion that you need to be.

  1. What darts do professionals use?

Professionals are always opting for the best steel tip darts. These darts are having a steel tip that doesn’t corrode or rust and gives you a precise targeting. They can penetrate to the target a lot easier than all the others. Not to mention, that modern steel tip darts are lighter than the previous ones. However, they maintain a special weight in order to stay on route to their target even though they are exposed to side winds.

  1. Are heavy darts better?

The answer is: it depends. This means that you must be sure that you have the expertise to handle the heavier darts. Most of the beginner players are finding it extremely hard to aim right using the heavy darts. On the other hand, most professionals prefer the heavy darts due to aiming and penetrating reasons. As soon as you realize that you have the expertise to throw your darts efficiently, there is no reason not to prefer to play with heavier darts.

Best Steel Tip Darts Product Reviews

  1. CC-Exquisite Professional

This is the right gift for all persons that want to play darts in a professional level. It comes in a 6-pack to have the set ready for your training sessions. This set includes a perfect wooden package that seems luxurious and gives you authority when playing.

The darts body is made of aluminum while the tips are all made of stainless steel. This gives you the chance to aim a lot easier to the target. When your darts are finally reaching the target, they are penetrating a lot easier and stay there to make you a winner.

They come in multiple colors and shapes for you to choose. You can even have a selection of wings. Whenever you finish your game the darts are fully foldable and can be carried with you with extreme ease.


  • They give you multiple set-up options
  • Body made of brass and tips are made for steel for extreme endurance
  • Having the right weight, they assist you to reach the target
  • Can help you improve your skills
  • The only darts that offer you a key holder gift


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of guarantee
  1. Wolftop Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams

Another great set of darts that can easily serve your training needs. This set includes a tremendous number of darts that reaches the magical number of fifteen. You will have plenty of them to play darts every time with your friends.

These darts are having an aluminum body with plastic wings to make sure your darts are travelling straight to the target. They are practically rust and corrosion free so that you stay sure the darts are going to stay with you for a long time.

You can easily carry them with you, since all of them are having an 18-gram weight profile. You can never go wrong with these darts that have some color and design variety to intrigue you play a lot better.


  • Adequate for all levels from beginner to professional
  • Barrels are having a precision setting to reach the target
  • The set comes with dart sharpener to ensure proper penetration to the target
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Perfect weight to ensure proper direction for your darts


  • Takes more time to assemble the darts that other counterparts in the same class
  1. Steel Tip Darts Set 22 grams Professional

This is the set that most professional darts players are using. They prefer playing with these darts since they are featuring a 22-gram weight profile that is better for aiming right. Most of the times these darts are reaching their target easily and penetrate faster and smoother.

This set belongs to the best steel tip darts you can possibly order online. You can get twelve darts that are varying in colors and shapes. They are easily foldable to take them with you when done with training. Their extreme quality makes you think of yourself as the ruler of the darts game.


  • Heavier than the average darts for better aiming
  • Great variety of colors and shapes to meet every possible expectation
  • Works well for all skill levels
  • The stainless-steel barrel is there to add on to your precision when playing
  • They will never rust or corrode even if left outside for long time


  • Less affordable than others in the same category
  1. COSDDI Professional Darts Set

A luxurious set of darts that can fit great to any kind of gameplay. There is a high chance you get these darts when you are a beginner. This will help you to aim like a professional. These darts are coming to you in a smooth box to make you feel like a premium player.

Then, the darts are featuring an aluminum body with steel tip that makes them penetrate the target easily. When practicing with these darts you can rest reassured that you will act like a pro. These darts can help you win your initial games and fill you up with confident for the next game.


  • The darts offer great balance
  • Set includes 6 darts and a gift card
  • Completely foldable set to take it with you
  • Lightweight profile adds on to your aiming ability
  • Improved colors and designs can make you the center of attention


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of limited guarantee
  1. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

This set keeps on being a revolutionary gift proposal for all the darts players. It comes in a luxurious hard case that will amaze any persons receiving it. There you can find a specialized set of three lightweight darts alongside with their accessories.

They are made from quality aluminum parts so that their weight is limited to the proper level. Then you can easily adjust the steel tip that will make it easier for them to penetrate the target. You can find them in multiple colors and personalize them as much as you wish.

The travel package helps you appear in darts competition in style. These are the darts you have been dreaming about ever since you started playing.


  • Can be stored and protected in the travel case
  • Aluminum body doesn’t rust
  • Steel tips are easily sharpened to assist you become a winner
  • The darts have a slim profile for easy travelling through the air
  • Comes in a six pack for convenience of use


  • Needs more maintenance than others in the same category


Now that you have checked all the various sets of darts you can choose the one that better fits your needs. Remember that the best steel tip darts are finally available for you in acceptable prices. This will help you become a better player and compete to the darts games with confidence.