Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day Review

You have to stay on concrete all day but you have a problem to find the best tennis shoes for standing on concrete all day? The end is coming to all of your worries because we have exactly what you’re looking for.

To help you make the right decision, we made an extensive guide on the best tennis shoes for standing on concrete all day that has all the information that you need to know before you make a purchase. We reviewed the top 3 most comfortable shoes for men and the top 3 best shoes for women.  So when you decide to get out on tennis court next time, you will be ready to win!

Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day Review

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tennis Shoes

Here are some of the most important factors about shoes for playing tennis on concrete all day, which will help you make an informed purchase.

  1. The comfort

If you see some really nice looking shoes and then get shocked a little bit because their price is too high, that doesn’t mean that they are comfortable enough to get you through the game. If you plan to be in those shoes all day long, you must purchase pair that is lightweight but have in the back of your mind that they also must have a flexible midsole and durable outsole that can stand up against hard surfaces well enough with every single step you take.

  1. Breathability

The breathability of your shoes has always been underrated, but it’s one of the most important features to consider before making a purchase. It really doesn’t make any sense to play tennis in shoes that don’t allow air to flow around your feet and to just expect to get through the day. Your feet will be in pain, and probably smell terrible when you take them off.

Always choose breathable shoes because they allow air to flow easily around your feet to keep them cool and sweat-free.

  1. Arch support

​The ability to stand comfortably and play with ease on concrete floors for long hours isn’t the only thing you should care about. It is also important to consider your arch when selecting a pair. Try to pick the shoes that offer solid arch support, as they improve your overall comfort on hard surfaces for a long period.

  1. Flexible uppers

Do not concentrate too much on the support the shoes give the bottom of your feet to forget that the upper part needs sufficient movement for complete comfort. The shoes that you choose should provide feet with comfort and they should have flexible uppers. Flexible uppers on your shoes provide freedom to the parts of your feet, so they can move easily all the time.

Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day for Men Review

  1. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0

If you are in search of a shoe packed with comfort, this model with extra cushioning will provide you just what you need. They are slip-resistant which gives them amazing traction and durability, while the leather offers support. As a little bonus, the beveled heel construction enhances your walking stride, which makes them perfect for playing tennis.

Because they are made with Dmx ride technology, your feet will feel like they are stepping on clouds all day long. You will be able to move better on the court, and your feet will be comfortable all the time while you’re wearing this amazing shoe model.

  1. New Balance Men’s MW411

Wearing this model while playing any sport, not just tennis you will be able to achieve your ultimate goal – the win! In this shoe model, you will feel comfortable all the time, which is very important because you will be able to move faster and better and hit that ball when it needs to be hit.

They come in a black and white model, and they are made out of leather. Your feet will have breathability and arch support that you need for standing all day on the concrete court.

  1. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max-54601

If you’re in search of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day, your search is over. This model is 100% textile made, which provides extra breathability to your feet and because of that, they are very lightweight.

You will probably feel like your floating on the court while wearing them because they are bringing you so much satisfaction. They also have 5Gen cushioning which brings a little bit extra comfortability that you wanted to achieve.

Its soft fabric lining is looking very fashionable and you will have on your feet something that you also like to look at and be very proud that you made the right choice when you bought them.

Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day for Women Review

  1. Skechers for Work

Who doesn’t love the color combination of black and pink when it comes to shoes? It’s one of the most beautiful combinations, especially if you’re going to wear those shoes on the court. They will provide you that much-needed motivation to win the game.

They are made out of leather and synthetic materials with rubber sole. Because of their cushioned insole, they will provide you that much-needed comfort during the game.  Arch support is also excellent on this model, so you will be safe to play tennis all day long.

  1. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups

This model has a little hidden gem inside! Because of its kinetic wedge soft foam midsole, these shoes are designed to absorb shock.  Its air-cooled memory foam with cushioned insole will provide you much-needed comfort that you will be needing during the match.

The fun combination of colors like grey, pink and purple is what makes this model really pretty to the eyes. They are made out of synthetic and textile materials, which will provide breathability to your feet and you won’t have problems with bad smells caused by sweating. Arch support is also amazing, so your feet will be safe from injuries that can be caused by all those jumps when you want to hit a tennis ball.

  1. Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Shoe

You can’t go wrong if you decide to buy yourself black shoes. Especially if you decide to buy this all-leather Skechers model. This model is very special because it also has memory foam that will make your feet feel very comfortable all-the-time while you’re standing on your feet.

They are very lightweight which makes them very flexible for quick moves that you will be making while playing tennis. They are also slip-resistant, so you won’t make any stains on them for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best shoes to wear when walking on concrete all day?

If you choose any of these models, you won’t make a mistake. It’s very important when you try them on that they feel comfortable. And if they are lightweight, you will feel amazing while playing tennis. Read: Best Shoes for Standing All Day with Bad Knees | Buying Guide

  1. Is standing on concrete bad for you?

Standing on hard floor surfaces such as concrete, marble and tile floors for long periods of time especially while playing any kind of sport can take a terrible toll on your feet physically. Standing on concrete can cause body fatigue or foot, leg and low back pain. When your feet hit the ground everything changes, that’s why it’s very important to have comfortable shoes.

  1. How do you break in shoes fast?

You can break your shoes really fast with one simple trick. Put really thick socks on your feet, try on your new shoes and blast them all over with hairdryer for about a minute, until they are warm and soft. When you try regular socks and put the shoes, you will instantly feel the difference.

  1. Do shoes stretch as you wear them?

You can wear your shoes around the house. If you do that for short periods of time, it will help loosen the material and stretch out the shoes. And if you want to speed up the process, wear a thick pair of socks before you stuff the shoes on your feet. When the shoes hurt your feet, just simply take them off.


Now that you know everything that you need to know about the best tennis shoes for standing on concrete all day, you must be ready to make a purchase.

With these amazing designs, you will be provided with comfort and still manage to look very fashionable everywhere you go. They will give you that little extra boost that you needed to win the game!

Is it this kind of a new concept for you and you lack the proper knowledge to buy the most comfortable shoes? If yes, then you must read up on our little buying guide once again. We are only here to help you choose the best option of all.