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Best Trimmer for Close Shave Review & Buying Guide

As a guy, when you get older you will start to struggle with facial hair that needs to be taken care of. Aren’t you tired of cutting yourself with a razor blade while shaving? With that kind of shave, your skin could get ugly irritation that will be visible for the next few days. That’s why nowadays, most of the men turn to use of a trimmer.

When you decide to get yourself this little device that will turn your shaving routine into a piece of cake, you won’t need more than ten minutes to have perfectly looking facial hair (or not any hair at all). Beards are popular for a few years now, but there’s nothing like a clean and silky soft skin on your face.

That’s why you want to get the best trimmer for close shave. To save you the trouble of doing the research what is the best trimmer for your beard out there, we are giving you our extensive guide on the best beard trimmers out there with all the information that you might need. We reviewed the top 5 trimmers for a close shave. Let’s check them all out!

Best Trimmers for Close Shave Review & Buying Guide

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Close Shave Trimmer

  1. Power source

There are a few options when it comes to the power source of your future trimmer. You can purchase a manual one, that is usually available at the local market. The most commonly used ones are electric trimmers because they are very easy to use and are much in demand because of the convenience they offer in use. If one of these two choices don’t work for you, there are also trimmers which are powered by the battery. These types of trimmers do not need any kind of cord to work, but they do need to be recharged from time to time.

  1. Flexible head

A flexible head is very important while you are working on your neck. You will want to remove every inch of hair. The neck has Adam’s apple and that’s why you need a flexible device to work upon the tricky area.

  1. Number and kinds of blades

Before you get a beard trimmer, you should be informed how many blades does it have and what kind of blades are available with the device. When you buy a product, you usually get a few types of blades with the trimmer. Everybody has a different shape of the face and the growth of the hair is also different. So, you will need to have different trimmers if you want to achieve smooth skin on your face. The hair is also very different, that’s why people need to have different trimmers depending upon their hair growth.

  1. Warranty

The warranty of the trimmer also matters. Its lifespan is an important factor that one must look for. After all, you are actually investing your money into something. Make sure that you have knowledge regarding the working life of the device that you want to buy. Try to compare a few kinds of trimmers before you decide to make a purchase.

Best Trimmers for Close Shave Review

There are so many options when you are choosing the best trimmer for close shave. We must admit that it can be pretty daunting to pick the right one. Don’t be worried, we are here with our reviews of the best ones to help you make the right choice.

  1. Philips Norelco OneBlade 

This beard trimmer is specifically designed to suit the modern man’s needs. The good things about this product are that it has a rechargeable battery and its blade system works both with and against the grain. You can use it while your skin is dry or wet because it’s waterproof, so you can use it even while you are taking a shower! This trimmer trims, edges, and shaves any length of hair. It’s considered one of best beard trimmers cause his blades are built for longevity and they are disposable.

  1. Roziaplus Beard Trimmer

If you are on a strict budget for a trimmer, then this one is for you! And that’s not even the best thing about it! It’s specially designed for mature men because it’s light to handling and easy to trim or edge. It has a durable steel blade which means that it can cut through thickest beard without any pulling. If you are traveling a lot, you can take it with you cause you can charge it simply via USB cable on your laptop. It makes really low noise and it can fully run for 30 minutes before you need to recharge it again.

  1. Wahl T-Styler Pro Bump

You can tell that Wahl T-Styler is the best trimmer for close shave because it has twelve guide combs in sizes from 1/8″ – 1″. If you want to be provided with a super close and clean shave without razor bumps, this trimmer is for you. Because of his high carbon precision ground blades, it will stay sharp longer than any other blades. It’s also perfect for neckline detailing and total body grooming. We must also mention that this is the brand that is often used by professionals because it never disappoints.

  1. Andis Slimline Pro Li T

Andis Slimline Pro Li T trimmer is a cordless miracle! It’s very flexible to use and you won’t get tangled in the cables when you are shaving. Because of its lithium-ion battery, you need to charge it only 15 minutes and then it runs for 2 hours. It’s only for dry shaving, so be careful not to get it wet. This beard trimmer is favored by barbers because of his T-blade trimmers that have ability to cut crisp outlines and create magnificent designs.

  1. Wahl Ultra Close Cut Pro Clipper

Ultra close cuts that needed to be made on your facial hair are perfectly achieved with this trimmer because of his zero overlap blade. It consists of extreme power, so your shaving will be very quick. It comes in a kit with 14 pieces, including brushes for cleaning and oil that needs to be applied on trimmer for a smoother shave without any pulling. The good thing about this product is that in the kit you can also find short length individual guide combs that can be used for a haircut. You only have to make sure to have a source of power, because this Wahl product runs on electricity.

Benefits of Trimmers

  1. No injuries 

There’s no chance that you will get any injuries while using the trimmer. While using standard razors for shaving you can get cuts on the skin and it’s uncomfortable. Using a trimmer you can avoid those problems.

  1. You don’t need water

One of the many benefits of using trimmer is that you don’t need any water to shave. There’s no need for shaving foam either, therefore there will be no big mess when you finish your shaving routine.

  1. Adjusting cutting length

When you adjust the cutting length, you get the freedom in shaping the beard. Having a beard in any style that you want? And all that is achieved easily? Now that’s really amazing!

  1. Skin condition

As we already said, using a razor can give you injuries, especially if you have sensitive skin. Beard trimmer is a good choice if you have very sensitive or problematic skin. It’s much easier to have a shave with a trimmer, to avoid possible skin problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which beard trimmer gives the closest shave?

If you want to get the best trimmer for close shave, you can make a purchase with any of these five trimmers. They will give you the results that you wanted to achieve for sure!

  1. Can trimmer be used for clean shaving?

Yes! Trimmers can be used for clean shaving. Even though they don’t give you the same shave as a razor, you can still achieve a smooth skin look with a trimmer.

  1. Is shaving or trimming better?

If you shave on a regular basis, you can get ingrown hair that you will want to avoid, cause it’s extremely painful. That’s why trimming is a better option for you. Trimming will ensure that the hair follicles are left undisturbed and they have no chance of going back into the skin.

  1. Does trimmer darken skin?

One of the biggest concerns of using a trimmer is whether your shaver darkens the skin or not. Sadly, it does, very moderately or heavily. It depends on the level of use of the trimmer. The good news are that this skin darkening can be prevented. Read: Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin 🥇


At the end of the day, you will probably need to shave tomorrow morning again and if you are doing it with a razor, you will have the stress of getting a few injuries along the way, again. Not to mention that those injuries need to be taken care of right away, which takes a little bit of extra time, and when you are in the hurry in the morning, you don’t have that extra time.

That’s why getting the best trimmer for close shave can be one of the best decisions you will make today! Trimmers don’t make a big mess; they are very easy to use and they will save you lots of time and money. After using the trimmer you only need to clean it with a little brush that usually comes in the kit. That action takes only a few seconds.

Is it a little bit complicated for you to make the right choice because of a lack of proper knowledge when it comes to buying best trimmer for close shave? If your answer is “YES”, then you must read up on our trimmer buying guide. We are only here to help you choose the best trimmer that will satisfy your needs.