Best Waterproof Tent on the Market Review & Buying Guide

Going on a camping trip sure is fun and educational. One of the essentials to bring in these trips is a waterproof tent. You can never know when the clear, sunny day becomes dark and rainy. A waterproof tent will not just provide shelter but comfort, protection and a place to rest your weary backs. That said, you have to know what the best waterproof tent on the market is so that you will still feel dry even though it is pouring hard outside of the tent.

In choosing the best waterproof tent on the market, you should know the different factors that will influence your decision. Some things to look out for are the fabric used to make the tent, the ability of the hydrostatic head to handle water, the ventilation inside the tent, the easiness in assembling the tent, its strength against the elements, and its size and weight.

This buyer’s guide was written to provide insights through the descriptions of some of the best waterproof tents on the market. Hopefully, after reading the information here, you will have a clear idea of the important things about a waterproof tent. That said, read on and learn more about the best waterproof tents.

Best Waterproof Tent on the Market Review & Buying Guide

Best Waterproof Tent on the Market Review

  1. NTK Cherokee GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

One of the best waterproof family tents available in the market, the NTK Cherokee GT promotes not only family bonding but also keeping you dry while camping with your family. With materials like polyester taffeta on the exterior and polyester mesh on the interior, you can be sure that you and your family will have a comfortable shelter even while raining.

This NTK tent can withstand any harsh elements like heat, rain, and wind. It can even withstand heavy rain showers while maintaining good ventilation inside the tent. This tent also protects itself from water entry so no need to worry about rainwater coming in the tent. This is due to the high-quality flooring material used in making the tent.

The durability of this tent, when assembled, is commendable. The fact that it can be assembled without the use of any tools adds more value for this tent.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Able to prevent water entry
  • Highly durable


  • Does not have any windows
  1. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Have you ever imagined a tent that has a provision for something that resembles a porch? That is what the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room looks like. It has a dome-style tent on the inside and a screen room/porch on the outside. You can use this screen room to chill out and enjoy the sceneries while welcoming the fresh, cool breeze from the mountains.

While relaxing in this room, you don’t need to worry about insects entering the tent and spoiling your mood. The only entrance to the dome tent is through the screen room so it kind of emulates a normal house with a porch. The tent’s poles used fiberglass as a material and polyester taffeta for the fabric. It has pockets inside the tent that acts as a small storage unit for your things.

Speaking of polyester taffeta, it can withstand the summer heat and the rainy season. It only takes about 15 minutes to assemble the tent.


  • Has a screen room for relaxation and hanging out
  • The screen room protects the inside from insects
  • Has small storage units inside the tent


  • The screen room floor is not waterproof
  1. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

When backpacking or just camping in the wilderness, this Toogh Camping Tent is as good as it gets. Finding durable tents for camping may take some research time but once you come upon this tent, saw its durable material and its sturdiness once propped up, you will know that your search is over. The tent’s flooring and rainfly used a material called polyester.

In other words, the polyester material used to make this tent is the reason why it has a strong exterior. This is certainly one of the best tents for wind and rain. The tent is spacious and can easily accommodate up to 4 people at any given time. Propping the tent up is also easy to do since it only takes a minute to either set it up or down.

Finally, once you set up the tent, it really looks fantastic. The interior looks great as well. The tent comes in different designs and colors as well.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Easy to setup
  • Can withstand the elements


  • Quite small for the average adult
  1. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Now this tent is huge and truly is a waterproof tent. This is certainly one of the biggest and gorgeous camping tents around. It truly is a marvel since at least 9 people can take shelter in the tent and it also can fit 3 queen air mattresses. It’s like having a living room and bedroom outdoors.

With the way the tent is built and set up, it can draw cool air from the outside and expel hot air from the inside. This brings comfort to a whole new level. The window and door seals are rain-resistant so no need to worry about rainwater coming into the tent. It even comes equipped with a lantern hook for those all-nighters while listening to stories and storage pockets to keep your things organized. Lastly, the tent is made from polyester making it very durable and can go through the hot and cold seasons.


  • Can accommodate several people
  • Durable materials make it waterproof
  • Has an adjustable air intake system


  • The rain flaps should be longer
  1. NTK Indy GT XL Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

Just by looking at it, you will understand why this NTK Indy tent is one of the best waterproof tent on the market. It has an inner dome-style tent and a roofed outdoor space that one can use to relax while checking out nature. Another benefit of using this tent is that if you are traveling with your family or friends, this tent can accommodate you and at least 5 more people.

The tent’s porch area can be fully opened if you want or if insects are roaming around, you can close it with the micro mosquito mesh. That way, you can sit on the porch while gazing at the stars above without the hassle of rebuffing mosquitoes. The tent is waterproof so even if it rains, just enter the tent and relax without worrying about rainwater entry.

It is important to note that this tent is lightweight, yet very durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a porch extension area
  • Can accommodate more than 4 people


  • Clips should have been used to secure the poles

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How waterproof is a tent?

First of all, the waterproofing ability of a tent is measured by its waterproof rating. Millimeters is the unit used to measure a tent’s waterproof rating and the normal rating ranges from 800mm to 10,000mm. These numbers indicate the water pressure that the tent’s material could withstand.

A technique called the Hydrostatic Head test is used to measure the waterproof rating of a tent’s material. The Hydrostatic Head refers to the fabric’s water resistance. This is done by placing a sample of the fabric at the bottom of a graded tube. The tube is then filled with water and once 3 drops of water seep in the fabric, the procedure is then stopped.

The results of this test would show the water’s height and will measure it in millimeters. The water’s height when the leakage started will be the material’s waterproof rating.

  1. What does a 2000mm waterproof mean for tents?

A tent that has a 2000mm waterproof rating means that the tent’s material can withstand a 2000mm column of water before it starts to seep into the fabric. Related: Best Tent for Heavy Rain

  1. What is the best waterproof tent?

For a tent to become the best about being waterproof, it has to have a high waterproof rating. If possible, try to get one with a waterproof rating of 8000mm to 10,000mm. With these figures, you can be sure that it can withstand a heavy downpour.


So there you have it. With this buyer’s guide, you should have an idea of the best waterproof tent on the market. Always check the material used to make the tent and if it has extra features like an awning or porch. The number of people who will use the tent is also important especially if you will camp in groups.

Make sure to use a tent with a waterproof rating that applies to the season. High waterproof ratings would help in the rainy season but will not be as useful in the summer. Keep in mind these important factors when buying your tent. That said, which of the ones featured here is your best choice?