Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water Review

Water filter solutions are extremely critical in today’s time. All sorts of pollutants need to be eliminated from the water supply and this can be done only with the help of a water filter solution. If you receive water from a well, then you need to look for the best whole house water filter for well water.

When it comes to water filters, the best whole house water filtration system is extremely popular. The reason the whole house filter system is effective is because it covers the entire house and ensures that pure water is running through the taps at all times.

This article will help you understand which the best water filter systems are and how to pick from a range of them.

Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water Review

Factors to Consider When Buying Whole House Water Filter for Well Water

As you may have already understood, the whole house water filter system covers the entire house and treats every drop of water that enters the pipes.

To pick the best whole house water filter for well water here are a few factors to keep in mind.

  1. Contaminant Type

When picking the right whole house water filter system, you need to check the type of contaminants that are present in the water.

When you receive water from a well, you will need to remove contaminants such as iron, minerals, and sediments. The level of water contamination can vary and this needs to be determined before picking the right whole house water filter system.

If you are not sure what needs to be done then you need to go ahead and consult a professional that will help you make the right decision in picking the best whole house water filtration system.

  1. Flow Rate

The flow rate is nothing but the quantity of water that can flow through the house at any given point in time. This includes water running through your water heater, shower, toilet, and dishwasher.

When picking the best whole house water filter for well water you need to make sure you know the flow rate that it provides. You also need to measure the flow rate for your house. If the dispenser of the filter is not able to match the flow rate needed for your house needs, you need to look for another water filter system.

  1. Size of The Filter

The size of the filter is also directly related to the flow rate of the house. The bigger the filter, the higher the flow rate.

Before determining the size of the filter, you need to have your flow rate requirement in place. If you do not have this, you may end up spending a lot on a big filter when your house did not demand a high flow rate.

Comparing different systems and consulting a professional about your household’s needs is the best way to ensure a steady flow. This will both prevent spending more than necessary and assure optimal performance.

  1. Life of The Water Filter System

When purchasing a water filter system, you need to make sure you understand how much the life of the filter. The life of the best whole house water filter cartridge will depend on the type of sediments in the water. If the water is relatively clean your filter will last longer.

These water filtration systems, however, have an approximate lifespan of around 5-10 years. However, this will depend on the amount of water filtered through the system during that time. The filter’s lifespan is measured in gallons, varying from 100.000 to 1.000.000 gallons in the best filtration systems.

  1. The Water’s Filtering Process

There are many ways to remove undesired substances from your water supply. The most common alternatives are reverse osmosis and carbon filters. Both are effective ways to reduce contaminants in your water supply, although many systems employ a mixture of both.

While carbon is better for removing foul taste and smell, reverse osmosis removes a greater range of contaminants. It heavily depends on the filter’s quality as well. In two-stages whole house filtration systems, a water conditioner will further improve your water’s quality after filtering.

  1. Water Treatment Methods

Whole house water filters often employ one of two treatment processes after filtering to provide satisfactory results. Ionizing calcium and magnesium sediments using a salt-based softener is a rather old-fashioned solution to clear polluted water. The process, however, requires both a good deal of salt, besides electricity and dedicated drainage for waste.

Nowadays, the most common method to deliver pure uncontaminated water is called “conditioning”, a simpler process that doesn’t create waste. This method is better because it extends your pipes’ lifespan on top of the lower maintenance cost.

Best Whole House Water Filters for Well Water Review

  1. APEC Water Systems

The APEC filter system is the perfect solution to purify well water. The filter system can be customized based on the size of your home. You get a system that is perfect for up to 3 bathrooms and you get another system that can accommodate 3 to 6 bathrooms.

With the best water filters, you will be able to enjoy clean spa-like water. This filer system helps eradicate contaminants such as chlorine and abrasive chemicals and takes away odor as well. As a result, you will not fall prey to any skin disease and your hair quality will not suffer as well. Among the most attractive features of this filtration system were:

Pristine water supply

By greatly reducing the water’s hardness, this filtration system improves the quality of your water to an impressive degree. This system’s activated carbon filters, unrivaled in their effectiveness, set a high standard for its competitors. More than 99% of undesirable materials are removed by this filter to ensure clear and odorless water supply.

This filtration system lived up to its claims and we find it worthy of its great reputation.

Adjustable filtering

Another thing to love about the filter in this system is the presence of an electronic control valve. The interface’s straightforward operation allows inexperienced users to grasp the commands quickly. Besides granting control over the filtering settings, this panel’s purpose is to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

This electronic valve is only present it the filtering side of the system, though. The water conditioner features a traditional knob-style valve.

Guaranteed longevity

The great materials used to build this filtering system translate into an extended lifespan. It’s built to high-quality standards to keep you from running into trouble in the foreseeable future. If you keep it clean and take care of it, this machine will stay alive until the end of time. Likewise, replacing the filters periodically is a necessary duty to keep the system working flawlessly.

Our conclusion

The water from this filter system can be used for cooking as well. This filter system is salt-free and this prevents erosion of the appliances and the pipes in your home.


  • Removes 99% contaminants
  • Suitable for small and large homes
  • Salt-free filter system


  • Does not remove tannins from water
  1. Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System

The Aquasana water filter system is one of the best whole house water filters for well water. If you receive water from a well, then this filter system helps get rid of all kinds of bacteria and viruses that are present in the water.

The filter system also ensures that contaminants such as mercury, pesticides, lead, VOCs and herbicides are removed from the water along with chlorine.

This whole house water filters combine salt-free technology and UV purification system. This system ensures that all healthy mineral stays in the water and only the harmful ones are eliminated.

The best part of this water filter system is it does not reduce the TDS from the water. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. This is a maintenance-free filter system and there is no back-flushing or draining needed. Testing this filtering system we discovered that:

Effective against chlorinated water

The Aquasana system caught our attention due to its popularity among costumers with high levels of chlorine in their water. Its good reputation was put to test and we found out that this system was particularly proficient at removing chlorine. Reportedly, close to 98% of the chlorine content in a badly contaminated water supply can be removed with the Aquasana.

Extended filters lifespan

iSpring manufactures top-quality filters that last longer than most other alternatives in the market. Its competitors pale in comparison to this filter’s surprising 500.000 gallons capacity. Although changing the filters periodically is still required, you’ll save a considerable amount of money in replacement units.

This, however, depends on your water supply’s levels of contamination. The lifespan of your filters will be affected if your water has too many impurities to filter out.

Uncomplicated setup

Installing this system takes a big amount of hard words, but the process is fairly simple. The manufacturer includes a complete installation kit that has everything necessary to complete the setup. However, despite the uncomplicated installation, you’ll likely need to hire a plumber to do it properly.

Nonetheless, the installation kit includes great quality pieces that will ensure a safe and swift assembling.

Our conclusion


  • Removes 97% chlorine and other contaminants from water
  • Long-lasting purifier system
  • Comes with a top-grade installation kit


  • Slightly higher priced
  1. LiquaGen Salt-Free Well Water Conditioner

This water filter system by LiquaGen is an amazing salt-free conditioner. This means that this is one of the best water filter systems that does not erode the pipes or the taps and will last for years to come.

The system can eliminate dust, sand as well as rust from the water. The carbon filter also helps eliminate chlorine and takes away any kind of unpleasant odor from the water.

The clean water that is provided by the system is perfect for you and it helps keep your skin clean and hair healthy. The benefit of clean water is all kinds of synthetic chemicals and chlorine is kept away from your body.

If your body is exposed to such chemicals, it will lead to excessive drying of the skin and can cause damage to the hair. This filter system is excellent value for money and does not take up too much space after the installation as well. From an overall perspective, this whole house filtration system stood above the average because:

Convenient sizing

The most practical thing about this filter is that it could fit into any home. Properly installed, it takes a smaller space than most other brands. The tank’s sizing is appropriate for small settings and takes as much room as a piece of furniture.

If you’re concerned about saving space, this is a great alternative. Many whole house filtration systems can easily fill a small basement, so it’s good to find a middle ground.

Ultimate scale protection

The LiquaGen filtration system performs exceedingly well in preventing scale. Despite its modest size, it proved to be an efficient solution to any scale-related issues. Over 99% of scale reduction was reported among satisfied customers around the world.

In our short experience with this filter, we noticed a drastic change in the water supply’s quality that lends credibility to such critical appraise.

Little maintenance required

This whole house water filter is conveniently designed to be easily maintained. Putting apart the filter is rather uncomplicated and cleaning it is a matter of mere minutes. Besides that, little more is required to keep this system running without complications. Most of the tasks can be done without professional assistance. Installing the system, however, does require a fair amount of expertise in plumbing

Our conclusion


  • Space saver
  • Helps skin and hair because of clean water supply
  • Removes chlorine along with rust and dust


  • Item shipped in separate boxes and will arrive separately
  1. Whole House Water Filter System

This amazing whole house water filters by Pelican Water Systems run through a four-stage filtration process. This whole house water filtration system is maintenance-free and can be installed in your home in a matter of hours. This system is designed for a 3-bedroom home and is the perfect well water filtration system.

The carbon filters in this system help take away the bad smell and also eliminates bad taste from the water. The best part about the carbon filter is it does not need too much maintenance. All you need to do is change the sediment filter regularly.

This filter system also helps takes away all the chlorine from the water. This ensures that no chlorine enters your system. Another great feature of this filter system is it does not waste any water. Overall, this filter is considered one the best whole house water filters for well water due to:

Reliable for small homes

Despite the somewhat small capacity of this filter, it’s a safe bet if you live in a small place. It provides a constant flow that should be enough for a family of 4. What this filtering system lacks in sheer tank capacity gets compensated by the steady rate at which water comes out.

This is intended as a whole house system for a 3 bedrooms household, at which point it performs flawlessly.

Convenient installation

The Pelican Water Systems’ filters include a detailed installation guide and a complete installation kit to ease your installation process. These instructions are clear enough to allow any handymen or bricolage enthusiast to set up the system without complications. While most other systems require professional assistance to complete the installation, this is not the case with this filter, something we appreciate. If you can do it yourself, all the better.

No-waste conditioning

Unlike salt-based water conditioning units or softeners, this filtration system does not produce waste. Creating a draining pipe implies a lot of work, so we were pleased to find out that it wouldn’t be necessary. Salt-based water softeners also require more maintenance.

Likewise, this unit doesn’t require electricity to work, which will further save you money down the line. The Pelican Water Systems filter is as efficient as they come, both in its cost and performance.

Our conclusion


  • Easy installation
  • No water wastage
  • Water tastes great


  • Filter system does not eliminate heavy metals such as copper and lead
  1. iSpring WGB22BM

This amazing iSpring filter system is the perfect appliance that will keep your family healthy and safe. The best part of this filter is it is made for manganese and iron removal from the water.

The filter system also eliminates chlorine, sediments, industrial solvents, rust and other kinds of contaminants too.

The installation is easy and can be done as part of a DIY project as well. This filter system also comes with a two-stage filter system that ensures efficiency and delivers only pure water.

The filters are robust and they have a capacity of a whopping 100,000 gallons. This kind of capacity is more than sufficient for a family of four to last an entire year. Getting home this water filtration system is one of the smartest choices that you will make. Among the many benefits of this filtration system are:

Uncomplicated installation

The iSpring filtering system is easy to set up, saving you precious time. The simple process barely takes a couple of hours to properly attach the tanks to your water supply. By far the most time-consuming task is to find an adequate spot where to place it.

However, once you decide on a location, getting the filtration system running only takes a few connections and you’ll be all set.

Great tasting water

Although this filter isn’t downright the best available, this filter has enough merits to be among the best ones. It provides clean, unclouded and tasty water more efficiently than many pricier alternatives. The two-stage treatment process takes away any undesired materials and leaves the rest behind to avoid losing bening minerals.

The result is a water supply suitable for drinking straight from the tap without having to worry about safety

Useful costumer service

Not too often one runs into a dedicated team that finds quick and reliable solutions when you run into trouble. LiquaGen’s customer support team is unmatched in their satisfaction rates. Shall you require their assistance, you will find that they’ve got your back.

That’s a relief when you consider that your filter system is likely to stick with you for many years to come.

Our conclusion


  • Filters capacity is 100,000 gallons
  • Easy installation of the filter system
  • Top-class customer service


  • Fittings do not come along with the package. Need to be purchased separately

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which water purifier is best for well water?

The best whole house water filter for well water depends on the kind of water that you are receiving.

The choice of purifier depends purely on the contaminants that are present in your water and also the chlorine content. You will also need to pick a filter that comes with a multi-stage filtering process. This eliminates all harmful toxins from the water.

  1. Does well water need to be filtered?

Yes, well water needs to be filtered because it contains various contaminants. These contaminants are harmful to your health and can result in various water-borne illnesses.

A robust water purifier system ensures that all contaminants are eliminated from well water. Related: Best Whole House Water Filtration and Softener System

  1. How often do you change your water filter for well water?

This depends on the filter system that you have installed. Most of the filter systems would provide you with a life span for the filter.

Some filters last for up to 5,000 gallons while the best whole house water filter cartridge lasts for up to 100,000 gallons. You need to check the instruction manual to check the life of the filter.

  1. Which water filter removes the most contaminants?

A two or three-stage water filter system will remove most contaminants from the water.

This filter system will have a carbon filter stage that eliminates harmful metals along with chlorine and other contaminants that are present in water. Related: Best Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater


Water purification needs to be taken very seriously and even more so if you receive your water from a well. While you may believe that the well water is contamination-free, you should never take a chance because some water-borne illnesses can be fatal.

Installing the best whole house water filter for well water ensures that all contaminants and toxins are eliminated from the water entering your house.