Claircognizance | Knowing Things Before They Happen

Do you ever happen to know about something and suddenly question yourself, ‘how do you know that?’ Information about something random pops in your mind, and you start to ask yourself about the randomness of it. Claircognizance also termed as “clear knowing,” is a psychic ability that allows you to have information without even knowing about it. Claircognizance is a process of draining into your intuition and the spiritual realm to get definite insight that gets prepared through the mind. It’s more like a sense of ‘just knowing’.


Have you been able to solve all the problems spontaneously? Do you see the issues as puzzles that you are eager to solve? Do you get spontaneous ideas?

A defining characteristic of claircognizants is that this spontaneous information arrives through the brain, not through the gut or the heart. Read: Clairaudience GUIDE: What You Need to Know and How to Develop

It’s as though huge amounts of knowledge, learning, and understanding can fit inside your brain without you even knowing about it, where it all gets prepared as if it all happens by magic. You don’t have to work hard or put in extra work to resolve a problem.

Claircognizant Exercises

You can develop ‘clearer cognizance’ by exercising your brain, so it starts to function like that. Take a pen and start writing down whatever pops in your mind, but make sure that you’ll be honest and won’t get driven by anything else. Writing things down like what do you want in your life, what your life would be like, or just random thoughts that come up can help you develop clearer cognizance.

Meditation is an effective way of enhancing the functioning of the brain. Just by closing your eyes, focusing on the breathing pattern, and letting your spirit guide your actions helps you to develop clearer cognizance, and this is the most effective exercise that you can practice.

Claircognizance Knowing Things Before They Happen

Knowing Things Before They Happen

This psychic ability called claircognizance gives one a clear idea about what is going to happen. For example, a person will know if things will go as planned or not. Information signals that are sent from the brain guiding one’s instincts. In real-life cases, you will be sure in your head that what is going to work and what will be the outcome. This act by our mind can elevate your working standards.