Conversation Starters with a Guy | A Couple Quick Tips

We all know that guys are usually the ones to start a conversation. This can also be done by women regardless of what they are to each other. Whether he’s your friend, brother, colleague, fiance or husband, you can get into a conversation with him. It’s quite easy because men aren’t that difficult to speak to. So far he’s not busy, you can be sure he will lend you a listening ear and also respond to your talk. Just in case you don’t know where to start, here are some conversation starters with a guy.

Conversation Starters with a Guy

  • What are your hobbies?

Every person has something that he or she loves to do. Your friend sure has a favorite pastime which he enjoys during his leisure time. This can open up a wide range of things to talk about. You can find out that you both share some interests. Ask why he chose the hobby, what he likes about it and how often he engages in it. Read: Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy: Which Flirty Question Will You Choose?

  • How’s your day going?

Inquiring about a man is part of the conversation starters with a guy. He wants to feel cared for. You should learn to get interested in a man’s everyday life. Most men ask women about their day because they are genuinely concerned so women feel it’s a man’s duty to ask these things. It’s very good for you to reciprocate the care, affection, and love expressed towards you.

  • What are your plans for the weekend?

You should be truly interested in what he does and how he spends his days. He could be working or still a student but he’s got to have some leisure time. The weekend is usually the time for people to have rest. This is one of the best conversation starters with a guy. If he has plans for the weekend already, he will let you know about them. You can also take it further by asking why he chose to go to those places or why he wants to see a particular movie. It’s all about choices. Remember, these things help you determine who he is.

Conversation Starters with a Guy

  • I admire your…

Who doesn’t love a compliment? Men usually say nice things to women all the time. Women should also say nice and cool things about their men too. You can like his cologne, shoe, haircut, style, charisma, smile, attitude and more. Let him know things about him that get you excited.