Does Female Masturbation Affect Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a complex topic. There are too many internal and external factors that are at play when you are pregnant. And you have to be super careful about as many of those factors as you can. One of which is sex and masturbation. Due to a surge in hormones during pregnancy, most women experience increased libido. This demands more frequent masturbation, but what about the baby that you are carrying. Is it safe to masturbate? Does female masturbation affect pregnancy? Let’s explore!

Self Stimulation During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, the brain causes an increased release of the two sex hormones namely estrogens and progesterone. Apart from maintaining a healthy pregnancy, these hormones also increase the sex drive in most women. Read: How to Spice Up Your Marriage

The good news is that masturbating while pregnant is completely safe when your pregnancy is low-risk. Does female masturbation affect pregnancy by increasing the chances of miscarriage or premature labour? Absolutely not! If you are not already at risk of preterm labour, the uterine contractions caused during orgasm won’t do you or your baby any harm.

However, if you have been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, there can be chances of premature delivery and going into early labour. You might want to consult your physician about it if you fall into this category. Read: How to Keep My Husband Sexually Satisfied

Benefits of Masturbating When Pregnant

Improved sleep

It can be tough to get a good sleep with a big belly. But if you choose to masturbate right before hitting the sack, you will be surprised by the relaxation it provides.

Less discomfort

Delivering a baby is no joke. You need to have some strong pelvic muscles to be able to do that. And it has been shown that masturbation strengthens your pelvic floor, which makes the pushing easier.

Better mood

Oxytocins, our happy hormones, are released in bulk when you orgasm. So, while you are going through all kinds of mood swings, a touch of happiness can’t hurt. So, does female masturbation affect pregnancy? Yes, but in an amazing way!

Easier mornings

Morning sickness is a real issue during pregnancy. One way you can better cope with it is by masturbating at night or early at the dawn.

Does Female Masturbation Affect Pregnancy

Does female masturbation cause infertility? Fortunately, it absolutely does not. For a woman with a low-risk pregnancy, masturbation is an underrated blessing. Let go of the myths and fears, and treat yourself well.