Funny Things to Say to a Girl

It shouldn’t sound surprising that guys who have their way with words have their way with women. A girl wants to be with a guy that is lively, funny and amazing. Once she notices that you are rigid or you can’t take a joke, she gets repelled from you. It’s easy to make a girl laugh. The power is in the application of your mouth. Do you know how to say things that make a girl feel good and beautiful? If you don’t, here are some funny things to say to a girl. You can try them one after the other and see which one gets her excited the most.

Funny Things to Say to a Girl

  • Silly compliments

Women are a sucker for compliments. Her smile, looks, lips, beauty, fragrance and charisma are things you can compliment her on. Just be sure to do it truthfully because she may know if you are faking it. To do this effectively, learn to take note of the little details. A woman feels loved and appreciated when she notices that a man takes time to observe her.

  • Funny remarks

Remarks are somewhat like compliments which is why they are funny things to say to a girl. You can give funny remarks about anything that pertains with her. This can range from her behavior to demeanor to way of talking to dress style to career choice. However, you should not overdo it by saying something offensive or overboard. Read: How to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You | 4 Most Obvious Signs

  • Sweet comparisons

Women love to be compared to things that are sweet, beautiful, shiny and bright. You can make her smile and laugh with unusual comparisons such as flower, candy, chocolate, cookie, soda, fruit juice, fruits and anything that’s known to be overall pleasant. You will have her feeling good when you say these things to her.

Funny Things to Say to a Girl | How to Make a Girl Laugh

  • What she makes you feel

Your woman wants to feel assured that you love her truly. You can come up with creative and amazing words to describe how she makes you feel. A woman who knows that you like her genuinely will love you more. This is why you should be vocal about your love for her.

  • How unique she is

A woman likes to laugh about herself especially when it’s something funny or silly. This helps you to stroke her ego and will let her associate you with the feel-good pheromones. Funny things to say to a girl can be as simple or as mundane as possible. Speaking about her uniqueness or how different she is from every other woman you have been with can put a smile on her face.