How Long Does It Take for a Man to Fall in Love

Most people are unsure about how men fall in love. A man isn’t hard to figure out but he can be quite confusing. He may fall in love immediately he sets his eyes on a woman or after years of being friends with her. No one can accurately explain this phenomenon. That’s why so many of us the question “how long does it take for a man to fall in love”?

There is no specific time frame for a man to develop deep and true feelings for a female. Men fall in love in different ways. They don’t control it and might not know how it works themselves. Sometimes, a man needs time before he falls for a woman. It differs from man to man. A particular guy’s first love may be at first sight but his second might happen after some years of acquaintance. Below are some more insights about how a guy falls in love.

How Long Does It Take for a Man to Fall in Love

  • Love at first sight

This is what we call an instantaneous connection. He meets you for the first time but he fees you’re the one. Love at the first time of the meeting is very plausible. You don’t need to be the most gorgeous woman before he falls for you. Heck, he barely knows you yet but he feels so drawn to you. This is the shortest possible time it takes for you to become his essence.

Just one gaze for a couple of seconds can make him drawn to a woman’s femininity. No one can explain how it works but a man might find himself falling very hard and fast. Most times, it may be that she is his dream woman. A man knows what he wants. He has made a list of characteristics that his perfect woman should have. So, once he sets his eyes on her, he gets that feeling in his heart that affirms that she is exactly what he needs.

  • Love during friendship

A man might not develop feelings for you unless he has been friends with you. He wouldn’t expect to fall for you but the attraction just springs up in the middle of your friendship. It’s amazing how a guy who has never had intentions of dating a woman suddenly goes berserk with desire. He would be confused about the new developments as he wants to move closer to you. Read: What Do Men Want in a Relationship | 5 Quick Tips

First off, he might start having romantic thoughts towards you. He may begin to compliment the lady and stare at her with affection in his eyes. It can happen after a few years of friendship. That’s how long it can take for him to come to terms with his true feelings for the woman. If you know a couple who started as childhood friends you can ask how long does it take for a man to fall in love. They will tell you that it might also take a few decades before he realizes his love.

How Long Does It Take for a Man to Fall in Love | Quick Tips

  • Love after a few dates

A man might also fall in love with you after a few dates. This means that he just liked you in the beginning. Many times, men just want to get to know a woman better. He’s just going with the flow while she may think he has some deep feelings. A man could be dating you but he just wants to figure you out. He may feel some little connection but not much to describe as love.

So, he will stick around and be the best boyfriend he can be. Later on, he will notice that he’s getting to feel more potent feelings for the woman. In that case, he just needed to get close to you before he can dig up his true love for you. So many men can attest to the fact that they weren’t planning to commit but they suddenly fell for their partner and had to get serious.