How Many Inches Can a Woman Take Comfortably?

We have at one point in our life googled about the big dicks unless I am the only person who dared search for those terms but on purely research purposes. How many inches can a woman take comfortably? It seems that most of the men wish that they do have a whopper instead of just an ordinary organ that did come with their DNA. Maybe, it is because they do think that they will be in a position of getting more traction during romance if they had bigger sausages or be worrying about their partner thinking that they are not that big!

In most cases, such people do think that they will be sexier to themselves if they are in a position of swinging a meat load like a porn star. However, the biological facts of having a more than average penis size will tell most of the scientists a completely different tale.

According to recent research, 15% of guys who have organs exceeding 7 inches and a small 2% are more prominent when compared to those of 8 inches. This research was published in the Sexual Medicine Journal that also revealed how many inches can a woman take comfortably and that an average penis is slightly over 5 inches when it is hard.  In case you use the word average to mean norm, then a five-inch penis is the most normal penis type.

Science is known to turn an icy shoulder to what most of the people think they have. For example, science knows that there is an individual who was hung like a horse and he does risk killing his human partners.  Science is also well aware that the human penis did evolve right for them to be fully capable and in a position of having several orgasms in a day, be in a place to shoot over one million sperms in a month.

Bigger Penis, Big Penetration Issues

People who have a penis measuring 6 inches or less are in a position of partnering with any other person, and they are known to have successful penetrative sex. Such people did have their penis designed to insert with ease into the most significant adult numbers. It does fit well into any adult vagina and into the anus too. One great thing concerning how many inches can a woman take comfortably is that when it is smaller, anyone is capable of maneuvering it to ensure he delivers the targeted stimulation.

For those people who never like the pain during penetration going for a much larger than the average 7.5 inches or a much more fully erect can be of emotional challenge, especially when the female counterpart does have a petite.

Since the tissues of the vagina do expand during the intercourse, it allows full penetration. There is a possibility that the penis, which are over 7 inches can be much longer than the canal of the vagina and does bump onto the uber-sensitive cervix while having sex leading to a howlingly pain to the females.

Small Penis Better Blow Jobs

It at times looks sexy to see little people nibbling on bog rods online, but how many inches can a woman take comfortably? I am aware of several guys who were deprived of getting a satisfying blowjob since their wives and girlfriends could not go down on far before they get gagged.

It does not matter how good you are when it comes to how many inches can a woman take comfortably, any guy having a giant sausage will never have a chance of seeing you at your best. It is most likely that you will not be in a position of deep throttling him unless you do have sword swallower talents and that you did work on how to relax your muscles of the throat. Despite that, it is still much more likely that your teeth can scrape the penis skin leaving abrasions. There are chances that your jaw might start hurting just a few minutes.

How Many Inches Can a Woman Take Comfortably

Standard Organ Size, Normal Life

Not all people would like to become porn stars and make a living from their genetic anomaly of having a large penis. Although it might sound hot, especially during fantasy, in reality, guys who have their genitals is not offering them the type of joy they should have. It does trigger both confusion and shame of how many inches can a woman take comfortably and whether people need to love them as humans, or they want to use them as sex toys. A good number of them will always object to joking or teasing in their youth, with some of them being molested by adults who are, in most cases, the older girls or women who did take advantage of their naivety.

Most of the men who have large builds are known to complain that:

  • They are being objected
  • Condoms never fit
  • They do get unwanted advances
  • They are very prone to abuses especially in their teens
  • They are subjects to wisecracks and smirks
  • They do need special tailoring for their pants

Do you have any idea on how many inches can a woman take comfortably? There are times when their penis does mess up their thoughts in a way that is normal to individuals. Most of the guys who fit in the average/small range from 4-6 inches, and they never express any anxiety that women only love them for their big penis.

The guys who have unusual large penis do worry that some people never like them because they have a big penis.


You need to be grateful if you do have an average build. You also have to ensure that you learn how many inches can a woman take comfortably to make the most of it by all the natural means such as having good exercise, promoting good flow of blood, good eating habits, and watching your weight.

According to recent research concerning how many inches can a woman take comfortably, for every 30 pounds a man carries, it does bury the penis shaft by almost 1 inch. It is, therefore, essential that you do take care of your body and ensure that you get maximum performance from your average build.