How Many Solar Panels To Power A House? Solar Panels GUIDE

Electricity is undeniably one of the most common energies that every people use in everyday life. In fact, people can’t live without the existence of power in today’s generation. As we all know, there is no existence of electricity or power before and all people were just dependent on the natural rays of the sun in the morning and light of the moon in the evening. Nowadays, we use different kinds of energy from nuclear, wind, water and etc. to sustain our daily needs but the safest and ideal for everyone are the solar panels. But how many solar panels to power a house? The answer is, that depends on how many items you have at home or a certain amount of energy that you consume on a regular basis.

Once we get to understand how solar panel works. In the future, each and one of our house will be powered with solar panels.

Why Solar Energy Is The Future?

As the generation came to modernization many people are now dependent on electricity in every way, from cooking, keeping their temperature at home convenient, using mobile phones and etc. It’s part of the modern way of living and soon the future source of all electricity from both business and home use.

If you sick of paying huge amount of money just because of your electricity consumption? Looking for some cheaper yet effective approach for you to consume electricity? Then you should choose a practical solution by installing solar panels, but before that, you should also know how solar panels work.

How Many Solar Panels To Power A House - Epic Solar Panels Guide

How Does Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is commonly called as natural power that is being harnessed through the energy of sun’s rays, and this has been the cleanest and reliable renewable energy within which it can be used in a variety of forms that can help you power your house or business and alike.

Now, the solar panels will convert the energy of the sun’s rays into electricity through the process of exciting the electrons in the silicon cells by simple utilizing the photons that released through the rays of the sun without a doubt, the solar panel is a significant source to help you acquire the sun’s natural energy. But have you ever thought of how many solar panels to power a house? Read more.

Where Should You Install Them?

Generally, solar panels are placed in the roof of the house simply because it can help you get the necessary rays of the sun. It is very important for you to properly locate your solar panel so that you can obtain the right amount of energy and provide sufficient production later.

In addition, not all houses have the correct direction or orientation to take advantage of the suns energy. Technically, there solar panels that are being designed with a pivoting panel that can help track the sun’s journey, and there are also solar panels that are not pivotal which means it is oriented at the equal latitude that can obtain the full and maximum amount of energy that sun produces.

What Is Solar Panel?

These are the modules that actually contain photovoltaic cells(silicon) which help to transform the received sunlight into electricity. To add, photovoltaic simply means electricity from light. But before even planning to have one at home, one of the factors that you need to consider is to know how many solar panels to power a house.


Technically, inverters are usually located in the most accessible area where it mounted to the house’s exterior sidewall close to the electrical panel. As such, the inverter will turn the DC(direct current) that is being generated by the solar panel into a 120 volt AC(alternating current) within which it can be immediately consumed by simply putting the inverter to the circuit breaker on your main electrical panel.

Net Meter

The existence of the net meter will help to reduce the demand for power from the utility whenever the electricity is being consumed. Thus, it will help you to lower your utility bill. Technically, this kind of grid-tied system will automatically shut your power off if your utility power goes offline.

The Benefits Of Having Solar Panel In Your Home:

  • It helps to lower electricity bill
  • Contribute to the Earth’s preservation
  • It can help to reduce air pollution

Now, if you want to install solar power system or solar panel in your house you need to identify what really your objectives and goals are such as you want to lower down your electricity bill monthly or save money and contribute environmental preservation or return your investment. Also, you need to identify how many solar panels you need to properly acquire a sufficient amount of light and produce the right amount of electricity in your house.

How Many Solar Panels To Power A House?

By doing this, you may get the average energy consumption that your house consumes and get the average. Technically, you can make a calculation on how many solar panels that your house needs by simply multiplying the hourly energy requirement by the most peak sunlight hours and divide through the panel’s wattage. There are flexible solar panels for the home that lets you get an overview of what it can support in your house, there are also flexible solar panels 100w for those who wish to sustain a certain amount of electricity.

How Many Watts Does Your House Consume?

You always refer to the electricity bill of your house and look for your Kilowatt Hours Used as your reference. In this way, your daily use or consumption of kilowatt hours will be your standard for you to calculate your solar panel need.

Every product that generates electricity you have at home, has information labeled in stickers to let you know how many watts it requires to work. If you plan to use certain devices at home, then you can select the ones you wish to use and check the watts info of each product. It will be easier for you to determine the amount of energy you would require before buying or installing your solar panels. The key is to know how many solar panels to power a house.

How Efficient Can You Obtain Sunlight In Your Location?

You need to consider how much sunlight does your house can directly obtain the sun’s energy in yours. Technically, it is vital and necessary that you have a direct ray of the sun so that the solar panel that you will acquire will get the maximum rays that it could receive, which is why mounting flexible solar panels are a necessity for those who want efficient result. Whether you use small flexible solar panels or not, it is important to mount the solar panels in the right direction.

What Usually Affects The Efficiency Of A Solar Panel?

Every solar panel has its own features and capabilities such as the PV Solar Panel or commonly known as the residential solar panel where this kind of solar panel comes with wattages that would range in 150 watts to 370 watts where it depend on its panel size and efficiency such as that those solar cells that do not have grid lines can naturally absorb sunlight than the conventional ones and it mostly does not endure peeling.

Also, the building of the cells is more reliable and resistant from corrosion, and the micro-inverter on its panel has the capacity to optimize the conversion. Hence, the efficient solar panel you get the more wattage that it can produce and lessens the desire to put the solar panel in your roof just to get the energy that you desire.

What Will Be The Effect Of The Panel Size?

Once you know how many solar panels to power a house then you can start to measure where the solar panels shall be placed. The area of your roof will be the major consideration that you should look into for you to decide the size of the solar panel that you will have. Now, if you have a larger roof area most likely you will get larger panels for you to get your desired energy output but it might affect the efficiency of your panel. On the other hand, if your area is likely limited – the use of smaller and fewer panels can be the most effective way where you can possibly get the energy and electricity that you desire for your house.

Moreover, if you have considered purchasing solar panel primarily for you home for sure you will search for the best solar panel that is already available in the market but there is a higher probability that you will be confused on what to choose simply because you do not know how to choose. To help you out, we will be providing you some list that can help you get the best solar panel in the market.

How Many Solar Panels To Power A House - Epic Solar Panels Guide Electricity

Best Solar Power for Residential:

  • SunPower
  • LG Solar
  • Panasonic
  • SolarWord Americas Inc.
  • Canadian Solar
  • Silfab

The above mentioned best solar panels for home use has been identified as the most efficient and reliable solar panels of all time. In addition, these companies do not just guarantee reliability but also durability with premium protection and a reasonable price that makes their solar panels to be the best of the best. If you know how many solar panels to power a house then you will easily determine which ones are perfect for your home. Read more: Solfeggio Frequencies: What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

In furtherance, best solar panels are actually made with the premium monocrystalline solar cells which mean it is being made with crystal silicon rather than the fragment ones. Hence, the cell that this solar panel has the most efficient way of converting the sun’s light into electricity.

Best Solar Panel – Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel is being measured on how the solar panel can convert the sun’s light into electricity. There is a variety of flexible solar panel kit that you can find in the market. Below we have listed the best brands that you can find for solar panel supplies:

  • SunPower
  • LG Solar
  • Panasonic
  • SoalrTech Universal
  • Solaria

The Best Solar Battery Charger

The solar panel charger can help you and let your device to have a stable power source purposely to keep it in full maximum condition. Technically, the brighter the sun can get the more energy your solar panel can give. So choose the best solar battery charger for effective results.

By reading solar battery charger reviews it will help you find the suitable solar panel charger that fits your needs.

The solar panel will not just save you from any form of power interruption from your main source of electricity or energy but it can save you from paying expensive monthly electricity and the same time you can contribute in preserving the planet.

Does Solar Panels Work During Winter Season?

Winter season leaves people to question on their mind. “Do solar panels work during the winter season?” is it even worth it to buy solar panels in cold countries? Well, the answer is yes. Solar panels work even during the cold season. Though it’s not as efficient like other seasons. Solar panels can still continue to supply energy for your home. In fact, electrical devices work well in solar panels during the cold season due to humidity.

In snowfall, it can be challenging since you will be experiencing snow dump which can cover your solar panels that can block the sunlight. But you can always hire maintenance or operators who can brush the panels or remove snow dumps.

Harvesting time is lesser than the usual summer months but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take energy. So it’s not really that bad during winter.

How To Get Solar Panels?

It’s easy to find solar panels nowadays. There are available companies offering services to install solar panels, so you can get the job done and skip the installation process. Though if you wish to do it by yourself, you can buy solar panel supplies but before that, you should know how many solar panels to power a house. There is a variety of solar panels brands to choose from and you should be knowledgeable in all the aspects in order to obtain effective results.

How Many Solar Panels To Power A House - Epic Solar Panels Guide Electricity How To Get Solar Panels

Outdoor Solar Panels For Camping

For those who are into camping, there are also available mini solar panel that is perfect for outdoor use. Portable solar panels camping lets you enjoy the basic electronic devices you need. Whether you want to cook, use an electric fan or light up the whole area in the camp, you can take advantage of the portable solar panel kit and enjoy your camping experience conveniently.

More and more people are choosing a solar panel to generate electricity in today’s world. Soon it will be the future energy and it would make our world a better place. Keeping our nature safe than using other materials which can cause harm to our planet. Follow the guide about how many solar panels to power a house then it would be easier for you to decide the certain watts that you need for your home.