How Many Times Can a Woman Come in a Day | You Won’t Believe!

Female orgasms have always been a mystery ever since the discovery of procreation. Do they ejaculate like men? Can penetration alone lead to orgasm? Can she come without penetration? How long before she gets into the mood again? But what most men and a large percentage of women are interested in is the question of multiple orgasms. How many times can a woman come in a day?

There are a lot of theories on this topic. That’s because the whole orgasmic experience is highly subjective. No two women are likely to draw the exact same experience from an orgasm. The reason being that an orgasm, whether for a female or a male, is dependent on a long list of external factors.

How Many Times Can a Woman Come in a Day You Won't Believe

What Does Science Say?

How many times can a woman come in a day according to science? A female is capable of relishing two different kinds of orgasms: multiple orgasms and stacking orgasms aka a continuously orgasmic state. Read more: Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually

When a female comes a certain number of times in a day with substantial intervals, that’s when she has had multiple orgasms. Stacking orgasms are when she experiences multiple-multiples. The continuous orgasmic state is the next level of arousal. This is when a woman has orgasms one right after the other in a cyclic manner. She gets a bit more aroused with each passing orgasm. Studies have documented women stating that they can have up to 20 orgasms in a single session of sexual intercourse.

The Myth of Multiple Orgasms

For the longest time, it was believed that reaching a continuously orgasmic state is rare and that all women are not capable of it. But recent research shows that 7/10 women can in fact experience stacking orgasms.

It’s another thing that a major percentage of women are not able to achieve this blissful state. One of the reasons for that is the lack of awareness about the clitoral orgasms. Women are usually expected to cum during the vaginal penetration step. And penetration alone cannot do the trick for everyone.

Orgasms are a product of various factors working together in amazing sync. So if you are wondering how many times a woman can come in a day, the answer can be elusive. But the good news is that there is a lot of room for performance.