How Often Should I Poop? | Bowel Movement Frequency

Pooping is a daily need for humans, like eating or sleeping. When anything comes in medical attention, things itself start to trigger in our mind like, How often should I poop? Well, there is no exact number to answer this question but pooping anywhere between three times a day to three times a week is considered medically normal.

People generally have a routine to this process; also, they poop the same number of times at a similar time of the day. Pooping has its own benefits health-wise as it helps to clear the waste in our body. So if someone asks you about this fact, how often should I poop? You can relate many things from this article.

Pooping A lot In One Day

There is not any fixed number how many times a person should poop, and at which time, it depends on the body to body and person to person. A person may use a bathroom thrice a day or thrice a week it depends; there is not any fixed number how often should you poop. If you are pooping a lot this situation might be serious and you should probably consult a doctor.

Is It Normal To Poop 3 Times A Day?

As discussed above, there is no fixed frequency in pooping, however pooping 3 times a day or 3 times a week is perfectly normal one does not result in illness in this range. Pooping 3 times a day has its own benefits and is perfectly normal as it helps to release excess waste from the body. And, it keeps us a fresh whole day; this could be a valid answer to the question, how often should I poop. Read: Does Yogi Detox Tea Make You Poop? | Let’s Find Out

How Often Should I Poop? | Bowel Movement Frequency

Bowel Movement Frequency

Bowel movement frequency is a process in which a person excretes waste from his/her body; there is no fixed frequency to this. As it varies from person to person a number anywhere between 3 times a week or 3 times a day is considered a normal bowel movement frequency. Most people have a frequency of bowel movement between 5 to 14 times in a week that is normal in every way. Older people have low bowel movement frequency due to their age, medicine, less movement, and constipation.

We hope we answered the question, ‘how often should I poop?’ in the above article. But remember one thing, definitely consult a doctor in case of irregular pooping cycle.