How Small Is Too Small for a Woman | Is 5 Inches Small?

If you have ever kept your penis in perspective and asked yourself how small is too small for a woman, you are not alone. This is a question that many men across the world have wondered and researched. And, why not? Being able to satisfy your partner sexually is a significant part of your relationship with them. So below is a bundle of information that is sure to help you crack this one.

What Is the Average Size

An extended study was done in 2014 during which over 20,000 measurements of flaccid as well as erect penis were taken. The results showed that the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.58 inches and the girth is 3.66 inches. Upon erection, the average length recorded was 5.16 inches and circumference was 4.59 inches. So is 5 inches small? No, absolutely not.

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman

On average, the vagina is around 3.77 inches in depth. Also, the part of the vagina with the most nerve endings aka clitoris is less than an inch in size. And it is conveniently located at the mouth of the vagina.

Research says that if a man is able to achieve a penis size of 3.5-4 inches during erection, he becomes capable of providing satisfying sexual experience to his partner. That makes perfect sense given the size of the vagina.

Furthermore, many studies have been done advocating that it is the girth of the penis and not the length that makes a significant difference.

How Small Is Too Small for a Guy

Statistics reveal that only 1% of all men have what is called a ‘micro penis’. These are men whose penis is less than 2.04 inches in length when flaccid. This means that 99% of men across the globe fall in the category of normal penis length, which cannot be called ‘too small’. So there is an excellent chance that you fall in the normal category.

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman | Is 5 Inches Small?

If you somehow happen to have a penis size below the 5-inch average, the good news is that it does not even matter much. Females are capable of clitoral orgasms. So if you know how to stimulate your partner the right way, you can satisfy them even without penetration. Are you beating yourself up thinking how small is too small for a woman? Turns out, you might be doing just fine when it comes to penis size.