How Soon Is Too Soon to Say I Love You | Quick Tips

Love is magical, we all know. It feels good to let someone know how you really feel about them. In a relationship, you are expected to tell your partner that you love him or her. But that isn’t to say that you should say it before confirming if it’s the truth.

Sometimes it can make no sense if you are quick to say I love you. Most times the person may not be ready to hear it or they don’t really see you in the same light. Love should be reciprocated so a one-sided relationship wouldn’t be bearable.

We can also get it mixed up especially when they make us feel certain emotions. The person may take you out, buy gifts and spend time with you so you tend to associate your happiness and excitement with love. In this case, when the person stops doing all of that, you find out that you no longer feel any sparks. That’s because you love what he or she does for you, not the person in particular.

How soon is too soon to say I love you? It’s best to give it time before you let someone know that they make you feel butterflies. You could just be having a crush that might go away pretty soon. You have to be sure that it’s a concrete feeling that you’re experiencing.

How Soon Is Too Soon to Say I Love You

  • When you just met

Meeting someone for the first time means you probably don’t know anything about the person. Therefore, you need time to discover each other. If you feel some sort of connection, in the beginning, you could mention it. But declaring it as love can make it all twisted. Make sure you know the person and you’re satisfied with their personality before you say something as serious as ‘I love you’.

  • When you are not ready to commit

So many people know fairly well that they aren’t ready to commit but they still go ahead and say the three words. When you tell someone you love them and they sort of love you back, you both are expected to commit to each other. It means the relationship is official and you’re having something serious going on. When determining how soon is too soon to say I love you, you should make sure to be ready for commitment.

  • When it’s just infatuation

Infatuation can get everyone confused. You may just be experiencing the early stages of love and might not get past there. Some feelings grow from infatuation to real love while others just fade away. Never assume that your feelings aren’t going to change over time because they will. You could wake up the next day and notice that their voice or looks done give you thrills anymore. This is why you shouldn’t count the early sparks as love. Read: What Makes a Man Fall in Love and Commit | 4 Quick Tips

How Soon Is Too Soon to Say I Love You Quick Tips

  • When you’re just sexually involved

Some people are sex partners and they like it that way. However, either of them can pick up on some romantic desire. This can be tricky especially when it had started with sexual intercourse. You have to be sure that you’re in love with the person and not mixing things up. It’s likely that you are having a great sex life so you feel he or she is the perfect one. This is another type of affection that is subject to change. Besides, saying I love you puts you at the risk of being rejected because you both have no emotional involvement.

  • When you still love your ex

It’s not appropriate to tell someone you love them when you are aware of the fact that you aren’t over your ex yet. If you constantly feel like calling or texting your ex, it means you still care for them. Sort out your feelings before deciding that you are ready to truly love someone else. Otherwise, you would be doing your partner a disservice.