How to Attract a Man Physically | 5 Quick & Simple Tips

Well, it’s pretty normal to have feelings for a man who isn’t yours yet. There’s no rule that says a woman can’t love a man first. If you don’t want to make the first move, you can try to make him like you. Physical attraction is the most important or the main thing that draws a man closer to a woman. So for you to know how to attract a man physically, you should appeal to his senses.

How to Attract a Man Physically | 5 Quick & Simple Tips:

  • Smell great

A man gets drawn to a female’s scent. Some perfumes make you smell irresistible. Your scent is an important part of how to attract a man physically. In a crowded room, the woman with the sweetest fragrance tends to get the most glances and admiration. Read: How to Make a Man Love You More? | 5 Quick and Simple Ways

  • Look fabulous

You should look good in just about anything. Wear clothes that showcase your key features. You shouldn’t bare it all but just draw attention to your lovely hips and boobs. You can look classy and sexy at the same time. A woman’s look is one of the factors that make a man attracted to her.

  • Radiate good energy

Who doesn’t love someone who gives good vibes? A man wants to be with a woman who will make him feel whole and happy. You should show your potential by smiling, laughing and being light-hearted. How to attract a man physically includes that you should be open, positive and outgoing.

  • Have a sexy voice

Men love feminine women. A soft, sweet and charming voice does wonders to a man. If you can get into a conversation with him, you will be able to let him hear how sexy your voice can be. He’ll be mesmerized by it and get attracted to you physically. Read: Do Guys Fall in Love When They Miss You? | 4 Possible Theories

How to Attract a Man Physically 5 Quick Simple Tips

  • Just touch him

This is the most obvious way of showing him how much you want him. Physical touch makes a man curious. He will wonder why you are flirting with him and touching him. If you are already friends with him, getting physical shows that you want to take it to the next level. However, you ought to be sure that you really like him before you begin to touch his body. Men pick touch cues faster and it will be hard to reverse when he’s gotten interested in you. Remember, you just want him to get attracted so you shouldn’t do it in a way that hints sex. Private and sensitive parts of his body should be left out when touching him.