How to Be Attractive to Girls Without Saying ANYTHING

There’s no golden rule that states what to do to be attractive to girls. As a guy, you may be asking how to be attractive to girls. It’s quite simple. Females like males who are good looking, nice and fun to be with. Sit back and read some of these qualities that attract girls.

How to Be Attractive to Girls

  • Become fit

While being physically fit is paramount, you don’t need to go to the gym. Simple exercises done frequently can make all the difference. You could jog every morning. Swimming, biking, running and being more active also helps. If you like indoor exercises, sit-ups, push-ups, and press-ups would be great for you.

  • Wear attractive clothes

This is a good place to start if you want to know how to be attractive to girls. You should wear mature clothes that make you look like your age. Opt for chinos and jeans to make you look smarter. Wear fitting shoes that make you feel comfortable. Dressing attractively gives you more confidence. Read: How to Tell If a Woman Likes You | A Few Quick Tips

  • Maintain good hygiene

Bad hygiene is a turn-off. You have to be clean and neat. Your oral hygiene should be on point. It sucks when you use a smelling mouth to talk to a girl. You should bathe twice daily using mild soap products. Perfumes and deodorants make you smell good. You also have to trim your armpits, keep a clean-cut hair and beards.

  • Have good posture

It’s quite easy to understand how to be attractive to girls. How you present yourself is very important. You shouldn’t slouch or tilt your shoulders. Ladies love men with an upright posture. You’re masculine and you need to show it. Straightening your posture changes ladies’ perception of you. They will see you as confident, tall and strong.

How to Be Attractive to Girls Without Saying ANYTHING

  • Be kind and polite

Being nice gives you an edge over women. Every girl loves to be treated like a queen. It’s a rule of thumb to respect a female regardless of her age. Kindness will provide an opportunity to become friends with girls. The polite guy always wins the heart of any girl.

  • Have a good sense of humor

A lady is sure to choose a man who can make her laugh over one who doesn’t. Laughter makes a person feel good and happy. Having a good sense of humor makes you very attractive to women. They love men who live in the moment and are able to take a joke.