How to Break up With Someone You Live With | Quick Tips

In the world of relationships, breakups are inevitable. At one point you could be head over heels for this person and the next day you’re no longer interested. It’s a normal part of life to fall in love and also fall out of it. Now, what do you do when you think you’ve found the one and already moved in with him or her. It’s quite tricky because everyone else might expect that you both get married. Then, you wake up one day and decide that it isn’t right. You may discover something distasteful or behavior you can’t put up with. How to break up with someone you live with? It’s a tacky situation but certainly possible. You need to be aware that it’s a major decision that would change the course of things for you both.

How to Break up With Someone You Live With

  • Be sure that it’s what you want

As with every other breakup, it has to be well thought out. You won’t be able to get back together so you’ve got to be certain that it’s the best decision for you. Your partner may not take it lightly and may try to talk you out of it. Others may resort to emotional blackmail or even guilt trip you for reasons known to them. Therefore, you have to be determined to get out of it no matter what he or she tries to do.

  • Have an open and honest conversation

You have to decide when to break up then sit your partner down for the crucial conversation. It has to be done regardless of how nervous or scared you are. As much as you don’t want to hurt the other person, you should know that staying in a relationship you longer enjoy causes more harm than good. Sometimes when you need to know how to break up with someone you live with, you just gotta tell them exactly how you feel. Just be as honest as you can and spill all of it.

  • Establish clear boundaries

After the breakup, both of you have to establish some sort of rules for the meantime that you’re still in the same house. This can mean that sex, affection or intimacy isn’t allowed anymore. Both of your rooms could be off-limits and each person might have to prepare his or her own meal. If both of you can handle being in the same house for a long time, then you’d just be roommates. Otherwise, someone has to move out of the house.

  • Get your finances in order

One of the perks of living with your partner is that you get to split the bills or pay each other’s expenses. But when you have a breakup, everything changes and you will have to totally fend for yourself. If your partner helped to pay half the bills, you might have to take full responsibility now. If you have to move out, you have to have enough money to get your own apartment. So if you have bad credit or you’re finances aren’t in the correct order, sort it out because most people don’t care about their ex especially if you’re instigated the separation. Read: How to Tell If Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back | Quick Tips

How to Break up With Someone You Live With Quick Tips

  • Plan how you wish to exit each other’s life

You need to know how to properly exit each other’s lives in order to avoid confusion and bitterness. When one of you moves out, make sure no contact will be made until you’ve both moved on. Time heals every wound so you have to plan how to get out of each other’s minds. You could stop reaching out to your partner’s friends and family. You could move to another city or country. Just anything that will help you both move on easily.