How to Get Blood Sugar Down in a Hurry | 7 Quick Tips

Extra ice cream or your favourite desserts is sufficed to raise blood sugar levels. High levels of stress can create havoc in your sugar levels too. When your blood sugar is very high, administering fast-acting insulin can bring it down the fastest. However, there are times when blood sugar is higher than the normal range, and you need a long term plan to set the sugar level right. If you are curious how to get blood sugar down in a hurry, then stay glued we have got you an array of solutions to lower blood sugar immediately.

5 Non-Medical Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Immediately

So, how to get blood sugar down in a hurry? Here are some natural ways to get you in the safe zone.

  • Meditation

Beyond affecting your food choices, stress is one of the significant reasons for multiple health disorders. Stress can also cause sugar spikes and hence its best to strike it while you can — time to go OM and relieve all the tension in your body. Studies revel regular yoga can help reduces glucose levels in your body. Start with simple breathing exercises for 15-20 minutes and try to focus your energy on it. Gradually move to advanced level exercises wherein you can work on your body postures to regulate hormones, metabolism and blood flow in your body. Related: How to Cure Diabetes Naturally at Home | 5 Remedies

  • High Fibre Diet

Including fibre rich food groups in your diet can help you reduce blood sugar levels significantly. High fibre foods slow down the process of digestion, thereby restricting the absorption of sugar hastily from your meals into the bloodstream. It helps break down meals and allows more time for sugar and nutrients to be absorbed properly. Add oats, beans, legumes, avocado, green leafy vegetables and other food groups high in soluble fibre in your everyday diet.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

It’s indeed the golden potion solving multiple problems. Apple cider vinegar is suitable for almost everything right from excellent skin tone, metabolism, cholesterol check and sugar levels too.

  • Keep Cool

Exposure to extreme temperature variations is known to raise sugar levels. To avoid overheating, stay calm and hydrated as much as you can. Spike in sugar levels is also known to create havoc in your electrolytes. If you are urinating more than often, then you are losing the essential salts. It’s critical to keep your replenished your body with fruits high in water content or electrolyte solution.

How to Get Blood Sugar Down in a Hurry | 7 Quick Tips

Everyday Changes For Better Results

  • Have 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Insufficient sleep can trigger acid level spikes in your bloodstream, which in turn makes insulin less effective, causing the blood sugar levels to go up. 
  • Stay active indulge in some activity like walking, jogging, dancing, workout, swimming etc. 
  • The best way to reduce high sugar levels is to stop it from rising in the first place. Your diet plays a primary role and hence consume more of whole foods that are low in sugar and avoid food that raises sugar levels.