How to Get Hard Again After Coming | 5 Best Ways

Male sexual physiology is built in a way that men have to rest for some time after ejaculation. Sometimes the ejaculation happens too quickly and your partner is not satisfied yet. And that can be quite frustrating when you and your partner are in the mood to keep going for long. Having you been experiencing something similar? Are you researching ways to shorten your refractory period and how to get hard again after coming? Well, worry no more because here is some great information that can turn things around for you.

What Is the Refractory Period?

The refractory period is the time period between ejaculation and the next erection. It is the time your body takes to rejuvenate from the recent loss of sperm. And this is the time when your penile muscles temporarily lose the ability to get stimulated.

This happens because the act of coming makes the brain produce oxytocin and prolactin. These two hormones suppress dopamine, the chemical compound that you require for arousal.

So, how long does it take for sperm to refill? The refilling process is dependent on several internal and external factors. But statistics show that for a man in his 20s, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes. The interval increases as you get older.

How to Get Hard Again After Coming?

Now that you know the theory of it all, let’s dive into the action part. Below are a bundle of amazing tips for staying hard after coming.

  • Sunbathe

Vitamin D is the one compound that has the power to make or break your sex life. And that is because it is highly essential for your body to produce adequate levels of testosterone. Increase testosterone levels will enhance your libido as well as your erection quality. The best part is that it is very easy to incorporate it into your diet through the milk and some sun time.

  • Do Cardio

Wondering how to shorten the refractory period in the long run? Cardio is your answer. It is a fact backed by research that cardio exercises can improve erection quality to a great extent. It is not only about the flow of blood, but also the availability of nitric oxide to the penis. Nitric oxide plays a major role in initiating and maintaining an erection, so you want that to reach your organ as easily as it possibly can.

  • Kegels

Kegels is a penis exercise that is meant to increase your sperm holding capacity. If you are thinking about how to go more rounds in bed, this is one potent way to do just that. Training your penis by doing this exercise will help you orgasm without releasing sperm. This means you can experience multiple orgasms and that too without a refractory period to stall the session.

  • Be Rested

Did you know the blood has to be flowing at 6 times its normal speed to be able to fill your penis to erection? That is a lot of muscles acting all at once, meaning that the whole act has a high energy demand. Therefore, you need to be well-rested so your body can invest the required effort. No wonder why morning sex is so popular!

  • Keep Going

Had an unexpected early ejaculation? To stop the sexy fun while waiting for an erection is counterproductive. Keep pleasuring your partner with your fingers or your tongue or any toys if that’s your thing. This keeps you from delving into performance anxiety and ultimately gets the stimulation going. Read: Semen Retention Benefits | 3 Most Impressive Benefits

Are you going crazy thinking how to get hard again after coming? Go ahead and try some of the suggestions given above and rescue your sex life.