How to Get Rid of Geese from Your Property | Quick Tips

Geese can be a nuisance for property owners. Destruction of crops, contamination of water are common damages associated with intruding geese. Killing them is not humane and not legal in many places. That does not mean you cannot make your property completely goose-free. Here are a few other alternatives to get rid of geese from your property.

How to Get Rid of Geese from Your Property

  • Habitat

The grass is the staple food of geese. Make sure the grass on your property is taller than 6 inches. They should not have access to your garbage either. Get rid of goose poop. The smell of goose-droppings will attract other geese.

  • Avoid Feeding Birds

Feeding birds attract other birds to the site especially geese. Birds discover their food sources through other birds. Moreover, geese adapt very easily to domestic environments. Feeding one will encourage others to join. Once the food supply is cut-off, they will stop visiting the site. You can even put warning signages for bird-feeders.

  • Geese Repellents

Liquid repellents can be used to stop geese from eating the grass. You can also use sound and visual deterrents. Every time your property is trespassed by the bird, you can use sounds which they associate with threat or danger such as dog barks. Visual deterrents such as lifelike cut-outs of predatory animals (dogs, alligators, foxes) can also be a solution. It is best advised to use liquid deterrent along with either of the two to get maximum results. You can even hire professionals from pest control companies to help you out.

How to Get Rid of Geese from Your Property | Quick Tips

  • Physical Barriers

Netting and fencing your property can do the trick as the birds will not be able to enter it in the first place. Unattractive hedges or 20 inches tall grass are recommended around the perimeter of any water body you might have in your property. It’s not easy to get rid of geese once they are in the water.

  • Prevent Nesting

Geese prefer open grazed ground with water supply nearby for nesting. As previously mentioned, tall grass will make it unattractive for the geese to nest. Clear their previous nesting areas as they tend to breed in the same place. Corn oil on eggs will get rid of the geese and so will remove the eggs. Approach nests cautiously as geese are known to be aggressive birds. However, use all the methods after consulting local laws and regulations.