How to Increase Desire in a Woman | 7 Quick Tips

Sexual desire is a tricky affair. Sometimes you are all in and sometimes it’s just not enough. Especially for females who suffer a whole spectrum of crazy mood swings every single month. Lack of desire can detriment your relationship to a great extent. And if your female partner is standing low on the libido, it is reasonable to research how to increase desire in a woman. Here are a handful of natural ways that can prove to be beneficial.

How to Increase Desire in a Woman 7 Quick Tips

Foods That Turn Female on Sexually

Eating the right foods can be surprisingly beneficial for a woman’s sexual desire. Below are some foods that are rated high in this regard.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon is not only a gorgeous looking and delicious food, but it also is a natural libido booster. It contains an amino acid known as citrulline which turns into another amino acid called arginine on consumption. And arginine works to increase the blood flow to the extremities, hence improving libido. Read: Natural Foods to Help You Last Longer in Bed | 5 Foods & Herbs

  • Chocolate

Wondering how to increase desire in a woman in the most delicious way? Become friends with the mighty chocolate. You heard that right! Chocolate contains a chemical compound known as phenylethylamine which makes you feel in love and quickly improves mood. There’s a reason women drool over chocolate so much.

  • Avocados

This is one of the healthiest foods to increase female sensitivity naturally. Avocados are rich in good fatty acids and vitamin E. And both of these things play a major role in keeping the female sex hormones in good shape. Better sex hormones mean better sex.

Other Ways to Improve Libido

Looking for female Viagra home remedies? Well, you don’t have to go straight to the pills. Here are a few more extremely safe ways to make that libido touch the roof. Read: How Many Inches Do You Need to Please a Woman? Find Out!

Exercise: While this might not sound like a very pleasant thing to do, but it gets your blood flowing. It also releases happy hormones and helps you revive your sexual self.

Sleep: Lack of sleep can kick your libido out the window in no time. So make sure you get a good sleep every night in order to maintain a healthy hormonal balance.

Meditate: No amount of stimulation can arouse you if you have something stressful weighing you down. Learn to meditate to be able to let go of your stress. A calmer mind can better accommodate sex.

Spice it up: Are you not feeling it because your love life has become boring over the years? Years of being with the same partner can do that. One way to get out of this is to spice things up. Try out new things in the bedroom or bring your wildest fantasies to life.

We are living in a stressful era and that, more often than not, harms our sex life. Be it the baggage of workplace responsibilities or the constant desire to keep your kids happy, it can drain the life out of you. Caught yourself wondering how to increase desire in a woman? Check out the above-mentioned tips to get some help.