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How to Increase Size of Penis Using Hand | 5 Stretching Ways

Statistics show that most men across the world do not feel satisfied with the length of their penis. And this results in feelings of low self-confidence and poor relationships. The good news is that you can enlarge your penis by doing some simple stretching exercises. So have you been wondering how to increase size of penis using hand? Below are a few of the most effective exercises that can do wonders for your penis.

How to Increase Size of Penis Using Hand | 5 Stretching Ways:

The Ruler Stretch

This exercise is also known as bone pressed flaccid length health measurement. For this, the first step is to grip the penis below the glans area. Then take a medium-sized ruler and put one end of it at the base of your penis. Slightly press the ruler at this position and stretch your penis outwards without moving the ruler.

Do the stretch no more than 5 times a day and take the measurement of the 5th stretch. This keeps you challenged and gives you a personal best to beat.


Looking for information on how to increase size of penis using hand? Jelqing is the most popular exercise for this purpose. This requires the use of a lubricant and your penis must be considerably erect. In this, you massage your penis starting from the bottom to all the way under the glans area.

This is essentially a hand-over-hand rolling motion which improves the blood flow to the penile tissue. These massages nourish the tissue, hence enhance the growth of the penis. If performed regularly, your jelqing before and after results might just surprise you.

Side-to-Side Stretch

For this exercise to work, you need to have at least a 50% erect penis. Create some space between your legs by standing up and bending your knees outwards. Now grip your penis under the glans and stretch it downwards, just enough to feel a slight resistance. Keeping it stretched, move it close to the left thigh and hold the position for 3-5 seconds. Do the same movement towards the right thigh, and this marks 1 repetition.

Thinking how to increase size of pennis using hand? Do 40-50 such repetitions in a day and see the magic happen.

How to Increase Size of Penis Using Hand 5 Stretching Ways

Bundled Stretching

You can do bundled stretches when you are bored with the other basic stretches and want to do something new. To do this, you grab your penis and twist in 1-3 times to make a bundle. Then establish a grip under the glans and stretch your penis gently. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat it 5-10 times in a day. This is one of the best permanent male enhancement exercises. Read: How to Increase Girth Size Fast | Increase Girth Permanently

The Ultimate Stretch

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to increase size of pennis using hand then this stretch is particularly for you. It is done on the flaccid penis and does not involve any chance of injury to the penis.

In this, you grip your flaccid penis at the bottom of the glans and pull it outwards. Hold each pull for 30 seconds and repeat it 10-20 times to start with. Change the direction of the pull every time you stretch to cover all the shaft muscles.

If you have been researching how to increase size of penis using hand, you have found the answer. The permanent male enhancement exercises mentioned above are sure to produce results since they enhance the tunica, which is the penile connective tissue. As this tissue is stretched and massaged, it accommodates a better flow of blood and hence, enlarges your penis. So, perform these stretches regularly and better your penis size as well as your confidence.