How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

When you notice that the regular water filter attached to your main water tap doesn’t address the water impurity issues in the rest of your house, whole house water filter starts to sound appealing to you. Next question on your mind could be – how to install a whole house water filter.

Installing the whole house water filter usually involves lots of dry fitting and plenty of soldering based on your model type. Choosing a location to install the filter is the first important step towards doing it right. You don’t want to set it up at a place that’s too obstructed and not easily accessible.

The function of whole house water filter is to prevent contamination in the main water line before it splits to enter individual plumbing fixtures. So, any position near the main water shutoff valve should be ideal for the installation.

The First Step to Installation

Once you have figured out the perfect place to connect your filter with the water pipeline, you might want to attach a piece of plywood in case you need to mount the bracket to support the pre-filter. Otherwise, you can start cutting the water pipe where you need to fit your whole house water filter.

You must study the template provided with your filtration system to mark the pipe before cutting it, so it can accurately accommodate the water filter and its fittings. Turn off the water supply and drain the water pipe before cutting it.

Assembling and Fitting the Parts

This is where the actual installation begins. The instructions may vary according to your model type, but this step usually involves dry fitting the parts using compression nut, ferrule, and other connecting devices like an adapter. The dry fitting ensures good connections before you start with the soldering process.

  • Place the small end of the compression nuts on each end of the pipe. Use PTFE or Teflon tape to seal the filter port and the fittings. Do not over tighten the fittings.
  • An adapter may be needed on both sides of the filter to connect it with the specific type and size of your pipe.
  • While soldering the adapter fittings, keep the heat away from the filter to prevent it from melting. You may either use sealing tape or threaded connections.
  • Attach the ‘T’ fittings to allow the flow of water in and out of the filter through a shutoff valve acting as the bypass. Two of these valves need to be added, one for water leaving the system and the other for entering.
  • Keep the bypass valve in the closed position and the filter valves open to allow the flow of water from supply to the house. However, in the case of clogging or when service is needed, the bypass valve is opened and the rest are closed.

You can turn on the water supply now and inspect the system for any leakages. If all the connections have been made properly there should be no issue and you can start drinking the purified water from any of the taps in your house. So, the process is not all that complex for those wondering how to install the whole house water filter.