How to Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly | 7 Common Signs

Most times a girl wouldn’t tell you if she loves you. She tends to keep it as a secret. But there are subtle signs that show her feelings towards you. You may be asking how to know if a girl loves you secretly. Well, there are some signs that you should watch out for.

How to Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly | 7 Common Signs

  • She makes long eye contact

A girl who loves you will look at your face more often. She tries to maintain eye contact with you. This is a very important hint. A girl who doesn’t feel anything for you will seem so disinterested.

  • She smiles with her eyes

Once a girl falls in love with you, her behaviour changes. She smiles at you often. This is because she feels very happy to be with you. When she smiles, it’s very genuine and her eyes will glitter with joy.

  • She tries to touch you

Here’s how to know if a girl loves you secretly. She will surely try to touch you playfully. Her body will feel so drawn to you. She will reduce the distance between your bodies. Although in a very subtle way, this means a lot to girls because they don’t touch guys unless they like them very much. Read: Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually: Which Sign You See Often?

  • She talks to you

Once a girl enjoys talking to you, you’re likely to be interesting. If she enjoys your company so much, it’s a good thing. A girl in love will crave for the words of her crush even when he says nothing sensible. She just finds his voice satisfying and she will also like to say things to you too.

  • She gets nervous

Sometimes when a girl loves you secretly, she fiddles with her cloth. She may look down or sideways. She might be playing with her hands nervously. This occurs because she’s bothered by your presence especially when you’re looking at her.

How to Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly? | 7 Common Signs

  • She compliments you

It’s quite unusual for a female to compliment a male. While some may do it with no feelings attached, some girls only notice your looks and accessories when they fall in love. They begin to admire you and appreciate that you look good. Read: How to Make a Girl Want You: 8 Ways to Attract Any Female You Know

  • She asks if you have a girlfriend

This is a massive sign for who cares about how to know if a girl loves you secretly. Has she ever asked if you are spending the weekend with your girlfriend? If she ever tries to find out if you’re dating someone, this really shows that she dreams of being your lover.