How to Make a Girl Laugh | A Couple Tips to Help You

Are you trying to win a girl’s heart? Or you have a girlfriend who says she gets bored with you? Anyways, you have to know how to make a girl laugh. Females love to be with men who can make them laugh out loud. You may think it’s unnecessary but it’s one thing that will help her let down her guard and be herself around you. Some guys barely smile, laugh or even take and make a joke. If you’re too rigid, she will think her presence isn’t enough to lit your soul with happiness. Here are tips to learn how to make a girl laugh.

How to Make a Girl Laugh

  • Be ready to laugh

What’s the point of trying to make someone else laugh if you are not willing to laugh too? Loosen up, smile and prep yourself for some light-hearted activity. Ever heard that laughter is contagious? Just in case you both meet a clown and she begins to laugh, would you just stay firm? Your sense of humor is extremely important.

  • Be confident

Confidence helps you do many things that fear cannot. If you are confident that you can make her laugh, you will. When you begin to let doubt, fear, and uncertainty into your mind, you will not want to try. You can practice your jokes with your friends or family. But remember, everyone resonates with different things. Learn what she finds amusing and give it a try. Read: How to Tell If a Woman Likes You | A Few Quick Tips

  • Use what’s around you

How to make a girl laugh? It isn’t difficult. Observe your surroundings carefully. There’s bound to be something to laugh at. Either it’s about you, her or just some random person. You could be at a restaurant and some guy does something hilarious. If she doesn’t notice, you should call her attention to it. She will be amazed that you pay attention to little details.

How to Make a Girl Laugh

  • Tell your past experience

Talking about yourself is a sure way to make her laugh. Funny events that occurred in the past can come up. Whether it’s about your friend, a punishment you received, some awkward moment, or an unexpected sound that freaked you out, just be sure that it’s funny. Read: Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend | 6 Common Signs

  • Ask silly open-ended questions

You can also ask her questions. She might have had a similar experience too. Act silly, tease her and encourage her to say all about it. You should keep in mind that talking about your own experiences first will make her feel comfortable and relaxed enough to talk about her life.