How to Make a Girl Want You: 8 Ways to Attract Any Female You Know

If you’re interested in someone, you’ll find a way on how to make a girl want you. You need to drive her crazy and make her really want you. A girl considers a guy important if he does a precise combination of actions to turn it into a sequence of events. This then makes her completely and hopelessly infatuated with you. The sequence of events must be done too obvious to be easily noticed. This is the way on how to make the girl fall for you.

How To Make A Girl Want You? 

  1. Be an Idea Man

You must have read the famous quote, “great brains talk about concepts, average brains talk about happenings, and small brains talk about people.” You need to sound great, so you won’t end up hurting your feelings. If you really want to know how to make a girl want you, don’t be afraid to share. You need to be relatable in all aspects. Talking with just one set of ideas may not be worth it, and therefore, it makes you inaccessible. But if you can talk about anything, you have the girl of your dreams desiring and wanting you. Have a great conversation with anyone, and she can draw her attention on you.

How to Make a Girl Want You: 8 Ways to Attract Any Female You Know

  1. Make Your Phone Your Friend

The current technology has provided people to easily communicate with those they love and care about. So, as a guy, you need to know how to make a girl want you over text. You need to take advantage of this technology by getting her mobile number and start letting her know you exist by texting. Try to use the phone to let her know more about you and allure her by sending messages that make her want you. However, you need to be extra careful as you can be oversharing through the device. You definitely need to remain the apple of her eyes. Read: Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually: Which One You See Mostly?

  1. Vocal Charisma

It’s a fact that you want to know how to make a girl want you. The only thing that gets her attention is to offer something extraordinary. Let the girl think you’re so attractive and make her think more than you’re the most attractive guy in the world. If she finds you hilarious, she won’t find someone funnier. Your personality must be unique so that she sticks in your company. How to make her feel special is through your charisma, and she should only see it from you. So, to exude with natural charisma, don’t speak in the same, flat tone. You need to adjust the timing and intensity of how you speak. Your voice must have a varied sound, attracts the girl of your dreams, and makes you irresistible.

  1. Be Adventurous

Another way on how to make a girl interested in you is to do exciting things. Don’t just end up with Netflix and Chill, as she may not hang out with you once again. Why not try more adventurous trips like the amusement park, go-karting or zip lining. These types of escapade will not bore her and may even have her enjoy your company. So, always, always keep her blood pumping, as this is how to make a girl want you. If they’re excited and scared, they find the opposite sex more attractive. So, get wild at least once in your relationship.

  1. Gaze at Her like You Need Her

A girl can feel the weight of your attraction through eye contact. You need to do it, so you don’t hide your feelings and make her realize that you want her. How you look at her will make her notice it and she’ll start to melt. However, you need to ensure that it’s a genuine attraction, and you do it by eye contact. Don’t do anything stupid more than that.

So, how do you know if a girl likes you? Girls are always attracted to men who like them back. They will commit themselves to anything; however, a guy must never come too strong. With the eye contact, you can do a lot of talking, you allow yourself to let the girl do anything she wants and make her want you more. Read: How to Know If a Girl Likes You? 20+ Clear Signs That a Girl Likes You

  1. Fuel Some Fire

You need to know how to get a girl to chase you. And it all starts with attraction and making her feel and ask the question if you do like her. No matter where the relationship goes, the girl will always be curious about your feelings. So, what you need on how to make a girl want you more is to make yourself more intriguing. Let the girl suspect that you have an attraction for her through the things that you do. Maybe you just want to know her better, or perhaps you don’t. Fuel up some fire to get started and let her like you back.

  1. Physical Contact

The relationship may just have started, or it has turned into a deeper one. How to make a girl want you more is offering her some physical touch that will make her fall in love with you fast. So, when you’re dating, initiate a light touch first, and if she likes you back, it’ll make her flirt with you. Always remember that a girl needs emotional and physical connection with their partner.

So, if you’re further on this relationship, you can always give her a good back rub, which makes her feel fantastic. You can also wrap your arms around her, especially when it’s cold. You can give her a warm hug or pull her into your lap. Why not hold your hands while walking! And when the lights go out, you’ll probably end up blasting off. Read more: Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl: Which Flirty Question Would You Choose?

  1. Make Yourself Desirable

Whether the relationship has started, you have a crush on that girl for several years or are celebrating the 20th year of marriage, you need to find ways on how to convince a girl to sleep with you. Many times, you feel you’re in the mood, and the girl of your dreams is horny and ready for sex. However, she builds a sexual tension even if you have been turned on, and this should be the rule to apply. You can be engaging in pleasurable foreplay for some minutes, but never ignore the power of sexual tension. Without it, the girl may only treat you as a regular friend, and you’ll not be doing anything more than that.

How to Tell a Girl You Love Her

How to make a girl want you can be shown in so many ways. You just need to express your feelings of love as you live and breathe each day. Make your feelings known to her by the way you look, speak and listen to her. It’s in the things you want to do with her, all the memories you share with her, and how your presence is felt when you’re near her. Make yourself vulnerable to her and learn to trust her feelings for you. You can hold her hand, touch her gently and let your bodies fit together. Her presence can positively influence your personal growth. So, tell her you love her in so many ways, and you’ll know this is how to make a girl want you more.