How to Make a Guy Jealous

So there’s this guy you like so much but isn’t paying attention to you. He could be your boyfriend or ex. Either way, you need to get him to be jealous. Sometimes all it takes for him to want you again is to see other guys craving for you and treating you better.

How to Make a Guy Jealous

  • Stop being needy

Men sometimes feel suffocated when a woman is constantly bugging him. As a lady, you require all the love and attention from your man. If he fails to do this, you end up calling and messaging him every time. Probably he’s even ignoring your calls and claims to be busy. If you want to know how to make him jealous, stop being needy. You deserve attention and aren’t supposed to beg for it.

  • Flirt with your male friends

You have male friends who you are close to. Hang out with them. Enjoy every moment. Feel good and happy. Your man should realize that you don’t need him before you can be happy. Take jolly pictures with your male friends. You can post on social media if you wish to.

  • Go on a date with another guy

It doesn’t hurt to go on a friendly date with another guy. You both could go see a movie or visit a restaurant. Since your boyfriend has no time for you, going out with someone else isn’t bad. If he asks, be transparent and excited that you’ve finally gotten somebody who’s willing to take you out.

  • Get a male best friend

Every boyfriend gets scared of his woman getting a male best friend. You have to be ready for this because he won’t like your best friend. The reality is that it will make your man insecure and jealous. He would change his attitude and become more caring if he doesn’t want to lose you.

  • Have fun without him

It could be that your man thinks your whole world revolves around him. He has taken you for granted and sees no reason to chase you any longer. How to make a guy jealous? Having so much fun without him is the answer. Hang out with your female friends, spend the night with them and enjoy yourself. Instead of waiting for him to reply to your texts, chat with other people and laugh aloud. This is sure to catch his attention and make you more desirable.